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How I take my blog photos? – BLOGGING SERIES!


Hello everyone! I get this question a lot on my social media sites, especially on my instagram, so I decided to include this post as second part of my blogging tips series. I literally wrote this post as quickly as possible, because I wanted to get it up! I hope it’s good and you’ll like it. How you take photos for blog is all about your preference and style that you like. For me it’s all about my mood or inspiration I have. But usually I like to take photos from a “bird” perspective so all of the products and props lay down. I just prefer these kind of photos because they make products stand out. But as I said it’s all about my feeling and inspiration, so I like all types of photos haha. Also I’m usually all about messy photos, where you can see a lot going on. I feel like those photos have movement and  character to them. Let me tell you more about my “photography” skills if I can say so and some tips how to make your blog photos nice and unique!

1. Background
I mean obviously one of the most important things about photos is background. I prefer to have white background just because it looks clean and neat. I usually use a white table if I want products to stand out. But if I want to have more texture and a little bit more interesting background with movement then I use my white fluffy rug that so many of you love. I’m kinda getting tired of it, because I use it so much, but I can’t help it, it always looks nice and interesting. If you want to add more texture to the photos then use pillows or throw that is different color, so you add more details and textures to photos.


2. Props
Props are really important for an interesting and nice photo. At beginning I used to just use products that I’m writing about, but lately I have been including more props because they do make quite a difference. I like to use makeup brushes or some nicely packed makeup products as a prop sometimes. Obviously fresh or fake flowers make a lot of difference. Also, bags if they are small and cute. The way you lay out products is up on you and your preference, sometimes minimal photos look really nice. But if I’m being honest I prefer busy photos, where you can find a lot of products, props and movement.


3. Baskets an bowls
These are some sort of props for photos, but I like to use them as a pop of different material on photo. Obviously my copper basket is part of a lot of my photos, just because I love it. Also it just adds different texture and pop of color and obviously matalic glow. These kind of things can add different element to a photo and also can show case products better.


4. Editing
Blurred background, color pop and brightness is something you can add to the photo in many editing apps. I personally like to use FOTOR as my editing program, it’s not fancy or anything like that. It’s actually super simple and easy to use. I don’t really edit my photos a lot. I just like to make the background whiter or brighter and make colors of products more saturated. Also I like to make shadows less or more intense, it’s all about my feeling how I actually want the final photo to look like. I’m not the biggest fan of editing photos of people too much, because that way you lose personality in photos. Skin smoothing, re touching eye color, making lips bigger and etc is just not my thing. I like to keep my photos natural and I like to show you guys how makeup really looks on skin, because I don’t want you to get fake idea of me. I used to believe that girls on yt videos are flawless and thought that I don’t know how to apply makeup because it could never look as good as theirs. It’s all about lighting and camera set up guys, don’t believe everything you see on social media sites!


5. Camera
Having professional camera is not the only key for a good photo. Obviously a good quality camera is important but today a lot of phones have really good cameras, so you can create amazing photo just by using your phone. My phone is really old, so the camera on it is not that good, but I did take some really nice flatlays with it.


But I did need an upgrade so I saved up for professional camera that I’m really happy with. A lot of you asked which camera I use and it’s Canon EOS 1200D or popularly called REBEL T5. It’s a great camera really, I got used to it so quickly even though I never owned professional camera before. Which camera options I use for taking photos? I like portrait option, because it is auto focused so your photos look sharp and neat. Also, I like “close ups” option because it makes writing on product visible and it’s sharp so you can read it. And of course simple auto focus option that helps to take more photos in small amount of time. Usually for a photos where I’m showing my makeup I like to use flash, so it makes makeup show up nicely, so you can actually see colors nicely.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn’t add obvious things like natural lighting, because everyone knows about that already. So tell me in comments are you serious about your blog photos? Does it take you ages to take a perfect photo? Are you into making your photos as neat as possible? Thank you for reading!

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