15 Beauty hacks I swear by!


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my favorite quick and easy hacks that make my life a lot easier. Please let me know do you do some of these as well. Also, share your favorite hacks so we can all know about them! So let’s start with my absolute favorite hacks post!

1. Using baby powder as a dry shampoo
If you don’t have dry shampoo, you can always use baby powder. It adds volume, takes off excess oil and gives hair texture. I usually prefer using baby powder to dry shampoo because it gives better result, doesn’t leave a lot of white residue and it’s super easy to brush out. Also, I find that baby powder is finely mild, so it doesn’t have white residue that a lot of dry shampoos have.

2. Using body spray as a hair freshener
I do this all the time. If you don’t have time to wash your hair a little bit of baby powder and body spray can make so much difference. It helps so much when you are in hurry. Whenever I do this people ask me what I use on my hair, because it smells amazing. You can thank me later!

3. Making fragrance last longer
If you want your fragrance to last for really long time on your skin I would recommend to get shower cream in same scent. If you can get body lotion as well then you are cover for all special occasions. If you do all these steps, your fragrance will last for so long you won’t even believe it. I usually use this hack when I have something special planned out, my fragrance stays on for whole day and obviously smells amazing.

4. Using eyeshadow as highlighter
I do this all the time. I feel like it is so much easier to get amazing eyeshadow than highlighter, especially in drugstore. It is also good for traveling because you don’t need to carry highlighter separately. Usually, in drugstores you can’t find good quality highlighter, but there is a big range of eye shadows, really good ones. Usually girls ask me which highlighter I use, but it’s 99% of time an eye shadow.

5. Using light powder to clean up the contour
If you want your contour to be sharp you can clean it with lighter powder than your skin tone. Usually girls use concealer, but using powder is so much easier than fussing with concealer and it gives the same result.


6. Doing natural face mask
If my skin lacks radiance and glow I like to make my own radiance boosting mask. It is so simple, you need two ingredients. Honey and baking soda, you mix them together and apply to skin, leave it on about 15 minutes. Your skin will glow, literally.

7. Using lip balm as a base for highlighter to pop
If you feel like your highlighter isn’t pigmented enough and you can’t see it on your skin, just add a little bit of lip balm, tap it with fingers to remove stickiness. Then apply your usual highlighter and I promise you it will be intense. Lip balm creates a surface for highlighter to stick to and it’s amazing.

8. Using beauty blender to do my base makeup
There isn’t brush that is good enough to do your base flawlessly as beauty sponges are. I feel like my life changed when I started using sponges for my base. You can use it for liquids or powder, it really doesn’t matter, it makes it look perfect.

9. Multi masking
When you feel like doing mask but you don’t know which one to go for. Why not applying certain mask to parts of your face that need it. As I have combination skin I do pore refining, anti shine mask on center on my face, brightening one under eyes and moisturizing one on cheeks. There is always so many options.

10. Coconut oil
Everyone knows how amazing coconut oil is. I love to use it as a body moisturizer, face moisturizer or even for my hair. But, basically I love to use coconut oil as a makeup remover. It removes everything, even water proof products. Believe me, you have to try it.

11. Using toner as a makeup setting spray
If you don’t have any setting spray in your stash you can simply use a toner that you use on your face as a final touch to the makeup routine. It will give back hydration to your skin and take off powdery residue. Also you should have small container of facial spray in your bag, I explained that in my February favorites, read more here.


12. Making eyes appear bigger
I’m sure you already know about this one, but using white or nude eye pencil in water line will make such a huge difference to the way your eyes look. Also if you apply a little bit of highlighter or eye shadow in inner corners, your eyes will appear bigger and more open.

13. Making fake tan last longer
If you use fake than, then you know the struggle of making it last for a long time. Buy some kind of body moisturizer that gives color to the skin. I use Dove Derma Spa lotions (review). It makes tan look fresh, not patchy and your skin glows. I will have post about my fake tanning routine on blog soon where I’ll explain how I do it and all tricks to make it look amazing.

14. Having healthy hair all year around
This is probably one of my most used hacks. Before I wash my hair I apply generous amount of hair masks in my hair. I usually mix three of them and apply all over my hair. I leave it in my hair about 2 hours and then I wash it using shampoo. My hair is soft, split ends free and my hair dresser always asks me how I manage to keep it so healthy. Believe me, this hack changed my hair care routine!

15. Using Illuminating face pearls as a setting powder
If you love dewy and glowy skin, you have to try this. I always wanted to try Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, but it’s so freaking expensive. I find a „dupe“ for that. I use regular setting powder first and then I apply Avon Illuminating Face pearls (review) all over my face to give that glowy effect. I also explained the effect of this in my review and February favorites, so make sure to check those out to find out more about this hack.

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Thats all from me today. Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know do you have any life saving hack that we need to know about. Thank you for reading !


65 thoughts on “15 Beauty hacks I swear by!

  1. I just did tan yesterday and I just feel so much better haha. I’m glad you like the post. I hope these hacks will work for you as well as they work for me. xx


  2. Never heard of baby powder on the hair, but probably good to try especially for the oily hair like mine 👍🏼. And the perfume is also good to combine with a lotion to make it last longer.

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