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Get Ready With Me for Busy Day – Quick and Easy Every day Look


Hello everyone! This morning I had a little bit of free time so I thought to let you get ready with me. Also I don’t have any posts ready so this seems like a perfect blog post to do, because it won’t take too long. I have really busy day ahead, so I wanted to create simple but manageable look that will last all day and look good. I think this makeup look is perfect for any kind of occasion really. I did use a little bit more bronzer than usual, just because I didn’t do my fake tan and I look really pale. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like to be pale when it’s spring/summer time. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Are you guys like that also? Let me explain what I used to create this simple makeup look!

I prepared my skin with a mix that I have been using so much recently and that is Solutions radiance skin perfector and Artdeco Golden Bronze Oil Drops (read more about these in my March Favorites). This works so good if you want super glowy, bronzed base for makeup. For foundation I used a mix of two Essence foundations. First I used Essence Pure NUDE makeup, you can check my opinion on it here. Then I used a little bit of Essence camouflage 2in1 foundation. I did a review on this foundation, you can read it here. Then I used a little bit of under eye concealer and it is Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. I used just a tiny bit of powder (Artdeco fixing powder) on my T zone and cheeks. Then I used Avon face pearls (review) all over my skin, to give amazing healthy glow. I used Artdeco bronzer (review) to add that bronzed feel to this makeup look. I think it looks so pretty and I just look a lot healthier and fresh.


I used a bit of blush and that is Essence Silky touch blush in shade Kissable (check it here). For highlighter I used mixture of two eye shadows from Essence. First one is from Me and MY ice cream collection – Icylicious (check it here), and then I used one from their original line in shade The Grammy Goes Glammy (here). For eyes I went super simple as always. I used mixture of bronzer and blusher I used on cheeks. For over the lid color I used Essence single eye shadow in shade Rosy Happiness (check it here). Mascara that I used is Avon super extend winged out mascara. Finally, I just added a little bit of lip gloss. I used Essence XXXL Shine lip gloss in shade Big night out (review). I did set my makeup with Avon makeup setting spray, just to make it last as long as possible.

I’m rocking bed hair look today. Honestly I just couldn’t be bothered to style it or anything like that. But I’m a huge fan of that simple messy hair look anyways so this works perfectly for me. I did use a little bit of dry shampoo just to add more texture to the hair and a little bit of hair spray to make it last longer. I feel like I have to cut my hair soon, it’s just getting really long (at least for my standards) and I really don’t like long hair.


Get Ready With Me for New Year’s Eve POST
Get Ready With Me for Lunch Date POST
Get Ready With Me for Night Out POST
Get Ready With Me for Special Occasion POST


That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like this makeup look? Is it too simple and basic for you, or you are like me and love more simple, beauty enhancing makeup? Also how does my hair look? I think it looks alright, maybe I just needed to do something with my baby hairs, they are out of control literally. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day! xx

40 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me for Busy Day – Quick and Easy Every day Look

  1. I don’t usually wear blush, but I feel like I should because it does look a lot nicer that way. It isn’t actually, my first language is Bosnian. xx

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  2. Love the simple, pretty look. Do u find the avon setting spray extends your makeup? Does it make ur skin feel oily/tight?

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  3. Thank you. I find it to tighten the skin a little bit, it’s like a lift effect. It does make my makeup last longer and it doesn’t transfer on clothes. xx

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  4. Okay, thank you! I’m definitely going to order it soon. I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t transfer on clothes, because I wear Niqaab, so I wouldn’t want that 😬

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  5. I wanted everyone to be able to understand I suppose, everyone speaks at least a little bit of English I thing, so it’s easier to understand. xx

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