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My tanning routine – Natural no streaks TAN


Hello everyone! So many of you asked me to write about my tanning routine, because you guys know that I use some products to achieve that bronzed look. I can’t tan easily on sun light, it’s just so hard for me. Usually I just get sun burns, so I prefer to use fake tanner all year around to give myself that tanned look. I still like to keep my fake tan “natural” looking, just because no one wants to look orange and fake, right? I’m actually going to do this routine today, because my fake tan completely washed off, so make sure to check my INSTA STORIES where I’m going to post some photos of tanning process hopefully! Let me tell you what I do to achieve that “natural” tan with no streaks!

I shower before I fake tan, because all of my tanning products don’t require washing off which is so nice. So I use my normal shower gel with a shower puff, just to make sure that my old tan is completely washed off and also to give a little bit of exfoliation as well. While I’m in shower I do exfoliate using body scrubs. My two favorites are Naturals Sensational body scrub with wild berries and pomegranate and Planet Spa Amazonian treasures creamy body scrub (review). I absolutely love these two, they smell amazing. They do job incredibly and they are not harsh on my skin.

You know how important it is to moisturize your body well before using fake tan. If you want your tan to look really natural and perfect on your body you have to moisturize well before. I usually use my trusty Dove body milk. This one is just great, it is so moisturizing, inexpensive and it sinks in pretty quickly. I do apply quite a generous amount on my body, so I need to wait a little bit to make sure it absorbed completely. It’s really important to wait for your body lotion to absorb because you don’t want your tan to slide of your body.


My absolute favorite fake tan is actually from Avon. I’m pretty sure you didn’t see that coming. It’s SUN MAGIC TAN (review) self tan bronzing mousse with firming complex. There is good reason why I use this one. In my country we don’t have any fake tan products, there is nothing literally. The only product that is close to self tanner is Dove Summer Revived body lotion (review). I like that one but it doesn’t last, first shower that you take makes it go off. Also I have to apply two layers of that one to get desired color which is a little bit annoying. I like to use that one on top of my regular tanner just to add more color and make my tan last longer. So yeah I use fake tan from Avon. This one is amazing guys. It takes 5 hours to develop, it gives beautiful even tan with no strikes at all. It has green under tone, which basically gives you that beautiful bronzed color and it doesn’t look orange at all. It is so easy to apply, I don’t even use tanning mitt I just apply it with my hands. Of course I wash my hands really well after. I love this one, it’s so nice and quite affordable. A lot of you may ask why I don’t order fake tan online, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get things shipped to Bosnia, there is so many rules, that I just can’t be bothered with. Also, I’m really happy with this one, so I don’t feel like changing it!

So as I said this one takes 5 hours to develop and you don’t need to wash it off after which is absolutely amazing. I like to use Dove Summer revived lotion sometimes on top of my tan, to just make it more intense or to just moisturize my skin if it gets dry. Also I like to use Avon Skin So Soft enhance & glow body oil that also gives some color, but nothing too much. This fake tan lasts from 5 to 7 days, which is pretty good in my opinion. I don’t use fake tan on my face, because my skin is really sensitive. But I do use Solutions Truly Radiant moisturizer that gives bronzed color, so it almost matches my body. Also before I apply makeup I use Artdeco Golden Bronze Oil drops (review) as a primer just to make my face super bronzed.

If I’m going to a party or going out clubbing I would apply Dove shimmery body oil (review) on top of my fake tan, just to make my skin super glowy and beautiful. You guys already know that I’m all about that glow!



So that’s my tanning routine guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know do you use fake tan? What is your favorite fake tan ever, please let me know in comments? I feel like I need to try some other tanners, hopefully I’ll. Even though I hate ordering online, but sometimes it’s worth it. Do you have any special tips for fake tanning life? Thank you for reading!

14 thoughts on “My tanning routine – Natural no streaks TAN

  1. I’ve never tried any kind of fake tan. I’m just too white, it would look super fake. Also, I don’t really like to look tan, I don’t think it suits me. But it looks great on most people and I’m sure you look awesome when you go out clubbing with your tan and glow 🙂

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  2. I am very white and do not tan easily either! I sell luxury boats for a living, and I feel like if my skin is super pasty, it just doesn’t give off the vibe of me being credible as a boater (if that even makes sense). I want to look nice and bronzed like I am laying out on a boat all the time! I use a Jergens self-tanning lotion which sets relatively quickly. What I don’t like is that it rubs off relatively easy. Yesterday I wore some capri yoga pants to work and it rubbed my tan off on my knees! I feel like I don’t see many others on the shelves so I use this one a lot because it is OK, and they make a more subtle facial lotion to go with it. I am very intrigued by that Avon one you were talking about, I think I will give it a try if I can track it down! I have a sample bottle of something else on its way that I earned for free with my IPSY reward points, so I am hopeful I love it too.

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  3. I was also really afraid of fake tans, but this one looks really natural on skin. And I have to admit, I love how amazingly healthy and glowy skin looks with a little bit of bronze color. xx

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  4. Here selection of tanners doesn’t exist, like we don’t have anything. I have to say this one from Avon is amazing, it doesn’t rub off easily and it looks really natural. Also it’s so easy to apply, literally no streaks. I hope you can buy it somewhere because I have been loving it lately, it really makes a huge difference to the way skin looks. Your job is absolutely awesome, must be really fun. xx


  5. I’m glad you found something you like. So sorry you don’t have much of a selection where you are. I’ve had the best luck with the Jergens Mousse. I use it before bed, and it doesn’t rub off on the sheets. I use it mostly on my legs. I’m pretty pasty looking otherwise, so I like the idea of the Avon with the green undertones. No one wants to look orange (unless maybe Donald Trump! ha ha).

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  6. I wanted to write that in my post, but was like maybe that’s to harsh. This one is great, because it has that olive undertone that looks really natural. I just wish that it lasts longer, but even 4-5 days is amazing because it is really affordable. xx

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  7. Four to five days is great. When ever I use a self tanner, I don’t scrub the areas I have just tanned. Just essential areas when I shower. It makes it last much longer. A few years ago, I went overboard on the fake tanner before vacation. I didn’t realize it until we were walking on the beach and my legs were bright orange! My teenage son got a big kick out of that! I’m like ‘screw it, I’m on vacation, I don’t care!’ LOL!

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  8. This is probably the first tanner that lasts even days, usually they wash off with first shower which is so annoying. I also don’t scrub when I have tan on, just when I want to apply fresh new layer, so it doesn’t look patchy. xx

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