May ’17 non beauty favorites


Hello everyone! Today I decided to do blog post about my favorites this month, but it’s not going to be my usual beauty favorites, I’m going to talk about everything besides beauty. I usually do beauty favorites every month, because those posts are one of my favorite to read and do. This month I have been using literally the same products every day, same makeup look (Earth Tones Makeup look), so I didn’t really experiment a lot. So I decided to do a blog post where I’m going to talk about stuff I loved to listen, watch, some inspiration this month and of course food. So let’s start!

1. Music
Music is always there to help me with my emotions. Sometimes we all need that bad ass song to help us with our mood or feeling about our self. So, the songs that helped me this month with all of stuff that were happening are:
Beyoncé – Diva (I mean this is such a confidence boosting song, I love it)
Lana del Rey ft The Weeknd – Lust for Life (I just love this song, it makes me feel good)
Lana del Rey in general – I can’t believe that I didn’t listen to her in ages, but I’m back on track and love all of her songs, especially Summertime sadness, West Coast and High by the Beach.
NAV – Lonely (It’s one more of those “bad ass” songs, I love to listen to it while working out)
One Republic – No Vacancy (This song just makes me happy, I don’t know what to say more about it, I feel like it’s perfect Summer song)
The Weeknd – False Alarm (One more song that makes me feel good, I listen to it while working out)

2. Movies
So obviously I need to include Fast and Furious 8. I love Fast and Furious saga, all of the movies are amazing and this one didn’t disappoint me. The day when I watched this movie I was in really bad mood, but this movie helped me to lift my mood and feel better. Then when that time of the month comes my hormones go crazy literally, I almost feel depressed. I watched movie “The Age of Adeline”, it’s beautiful. I watched it I think three times already and it’s just so beautifully done. Probably one of my all time favorite movies, I recommend it. I cried watching this movie, which is crazy but it did make me feel better after, so I can’t complain a lot.

3. Makeup and Style Inspiration
Mandy Grace Capristo is one of famous women I always find inspirational. She is so classy and beautiful. Most of time she has really simple and minimal makeup which I’m all about. I found some photos of her wearing super simple makeup, but still looking absolutely beautiful. I love first styling so much, I would love to have that shirt, it’s so beautiful. I need to find something similar to it. Second photo is kinda “bad ass” fierce look, which I actually really love. I’ll try to recreate it my way. Actually that hairstyle is something I have been wearing almost all month, I like that type of bun, it looks so cool.

4. FOOD!
Alright, this is probably one of my favorite topics, haha. I went back to super simple poached eggs on toast, this is literally my favorite dinner. Roasted potatoes with chicken and a lot of chilly paper, I had this at least once a week, I just love super hot and spicy potatoes, soo good. As weather got warmer I switched my regular coffee to iced coffee. Honestly I don’t really know why I get tired easily, so coffee is something I need during day just to help me with things I have to do. For a hot drink I love cocoa with banana flavor. OMG it’s so good, like seriously if you didn’t try it you have to. It’s a kids drink (at least the one I buy), but I don’t care, it’s super yummy.

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That’s everything from me for this post. I hope you like it. I’m sure that next month I’ll get back with my regular beauty favorites, so don’t worry about that. Let me know what are your favorites this month? Is there anything new that you try and that you are obsessed with? Thank you for reading!

35 thoughts on “May ’17 non beauty favorites

  1. Yoour food choices are making my mouth water! :p LOVE Age of Adeline its an amazing movie and I watched it a ton of times when I first discovered it too lol! Nice post 🙂

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  2. Your food choices are great! That cocoa with banana powder sounds amazing! Its funny that it’s a kids drink, cause I have bought kids drinks before XD They have some great flavour choices 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stuff for kids is super sweet and tasty, so choosing one is always a good option. It’s so good, I literally have it every single day with warm milk. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t listen to them a lot, I do like “Closer” song. I definitely need to give them a try, because it seems like I always listen to the same singers. xx

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  5. Who doesn’t love food?! Spicy potatoes sound amazing!
    Diva is definitely a song to get you feeling confident lol beyonce has a lot of songs like that. I also love The Weeknd, and summer time sadness and west coast lol. I wrote a cover to summertime sadness I forgot all about omg I need to find it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh you should definitely post it on blog if you find it, I’m sure a lot of people would love to read it. Beyonce is amazing for those confidence boosting, that’s why I love it. xx

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  7. I have been listening other artists, not just The Weeknd which I’m really proud of. I feel like I’m the same with music every single month. Iced coffee is just the best. xx

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  8. I like your non-beauty faves)
    No Vacancy is also on my playlist! (if you’re interested check some other favorite music of mine in my blog, you might like it!)
    “The Age of Adeline” is one of my favorites! I just love everything about this movie, the idea itself, the cast, their act, the ending, just love love love))

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  9. No vacancy gets me in summer spirit, I have to say. The Age of Adaline is just breath taking, I agree with everything you said. It’s perfection. xx


  10. Oh you definitely should, it’s funny, really interesting and honestly it’s great to learn something new. Can’t agree more for Diva, amazing song. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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