Avon Planet Spa Fragrance spritz Review – Sweet Sensuality and Sleep Serenity


Hello everyone. Today I’m talking about my recent obsessions, that are part of my daily skin care and getting ready for day routine. Everyone knows already that I love Planet Spa products, so this is not surprise, that I really like these body mists. So to be honest these two are part of my everyday life, they are super easy to use, sometimes I like to use them without fragrance, especially on days that I like to be super simple and fuss free. I’m going to talk about them separately so I can describe scent of both of these. So let’s start with this review.

Sleep Serenity with Camomile and Lavender Pillow Mist

So as you can read this is marketed as a pillow mist, but you can use it as a body spray as well. I think they marketed it as a pillow mist because of the scent, because it is really calming and relaxing. Combination of camomile and lavender is really calming and maybe not for everyone. Most people love energizing and uplifting scents, this one is super relaxing and calming on the other hand. I use it as a pillow and sheet mist if I have hard time falling a sleep. It really helps to relax and get into the zone. Lately I have been using it as a body and clothing spray because I have been really into simple, clean scents. I love lavender note in this one, it is so beautiful and unique. The scent lasts for a really long time on clothes, it’s like a good scent. If you spray it on body it doesn’t lasts as long, but it’s still very beautiful scent. I also like to use it as a hair mist, especially if I didn’t wash my hair and I used a lot of dry shampoo. Sometimes dry shampoo has not so nice scent, so I like to use this spray as a hair mist. I actually got a lot of compliments when I used this one on hair, so I’m sure it leaves hair smell amazing. I also explained how this one works in my “Good night of sleep” post and “15 Beauty hacks I swear by” post. I included this one in my March favorites, which explains how much I love it.


Sweet Sensuality with Jasmine essential oil Fargrance Spritz
So this one is marketed as a fragrance spray, because it contains jasmine essential oil. For me there isn’t a lot of difference between these two sprays. I basically use them the same, just sometimes it’s all about which scent I want to wear. I can use this spray as a pillow mist as well, but it’s not as calming as a Sleep Serenity one. To be honest I expected this one to smell like a pure jasmine scent. I love scent of jasmine, almost all of my favorite fragrances have jasmine in them. But, this spray doesn’t smell like a pure jasmine to me. It’s more like a mixture of scents to be honest. It’s still a nice spray with nice scent, but it’s not as jasmine as I would love it to be. I used this one a lot more than Sleep Serenity one, because it’s so much more wearable for everyday use. Sleep Serenity one is perfect when you want to relax at home or before the bed, to get into that ZEN feeling.

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Over all I’m really happy with these body sprays. They are really good to have in handbag or for those lazy days when you don’t feel like using real fragrance. I would recommend them for people who are always on the run and in hurry, because these are super easy and quick way to add a little bit of scent on your clothes, body or hair. That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Did you try these before or would you like to try them? They are really affordable and the packing is really nice, so they are a good buy in my opinion. Let me know do you use products from Avon Planet Spa line?


25 thoughts on “Avon Planet Spa Fragrance spritz Review – Sweet Sensuality and Sleep Serenity

  1. I feel like I really need that Lavender and Chamomile pillow spray! Cool post 🙂

    Also, I was wondering if I could possibly nominate you for the Liebster Award? I was just recently nominated myself and I’d like to nominate you in turn. Of course, you don’t have to accept, though 🙂


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  2. It’s beautiful, I’m sure you would love it. It would make me really happy if you do, but unfortunately I won’t do a blog post, because I already did it. I have that rule that I do every award just once, to have different content on blog, but thank you, that’s really flattering. xx

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  3. No problem! I had a feeling you had done something like that before, and that’s fine! I still want to nominate you, I’ll just note that you already did a post. Thanks for accepting darling 🙂

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  4. I love body sprays for Summer. I used to buy them a lot at H&M. They’re quite inexpensive and smell so delicious. I still have two that are almost finished. I think one of them smells like mauve and the other one like peach or something similar. They’re super fresh. xx

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  5. We don’t have H&M shops here unfortunately, but I heard amazing things about their makeup and skin care products though. Body sprays are amazing for summer, just because they are light and easy. xx

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  6. They sell online. But I know you have trouble when it comes to shipping things to Bosnia so you might not be able to. Their clothes are really nice and affordable too

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