Essence long lasting lip liners Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a review on two Essence lip liners which I’m very excited to share with you, because I love Essence lip liners, they are awesome for their affordable price. So let’s start with this review.

Packing is really nice and sleek. The color of packing is same like color of lip liners, which I think is really nice. I have two shades that were the prettiest in my opinion. These don’t need sharpening because they are retractable.

So both of these are beautiful colors and formula. I really like the fact that these are retractable, because we can all be a little bit lazy when it comes to lip liners. These are soft and creamy, but not as creamy as their regular lip liners. Those ones are super creamy and don’t dry out your lips. These ones can be a little bit drying, but if you want to wear them as lipsticks just add a little bit of lip balm or gloss on top. These ones last for a long time on lips, but if you eat a lot or drink, they will come off. They leave like a stain on lips, so if you had lunch you can easily make them look good again. I think these are great for their price, really good quality, nice and easy to work with. They have a lot of shades to choose from, but I went with more neutral ones. I would recommend you guys to try these, because for this price you can’t go wrong. Let’s talk a little bit of shades I picked up.


05 – Lovely Frappuccino
This one is darker pinky nude shade. It works amazingly with nude lipsticks. Sometimes it can be a lot darker than a nude lipstick, but I love to do like a ombre effect with this one. It can sometimes look purple which is really strange, but I feel like it does have like a purple under tone. It’s pretty wearable color for every day.

08 – Girl Next Door
This one is a lot lighter than previous one and a lot more nude. When I swatch this one on my hand it looks like a perfect browny nude shade, but on my lips it can look a little bit more purple. I feel like they made it quite a cool tone, that’s why it can look purple. Sometimes it can be a little bit annoying, but it’s really unique shade. These kind of shades are really popular at the moment. So if you want something affordable in that dusty mauve shade, I feel like this one would be amazing.

Here are swatches, First one is shade “Girl Next Door” and second one is “Lovely frappuccino”. As you can see they have purple undertone, but it’s not noticeable on lips actually. I’ll include lip swatches in some of my next makeup looks probably, so stay tuned for that.

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Finally as I said I really like these. I mean when it comes to Essence it’s not like you can beat the price. Super affordable, almost all the time amazing quality products. So, I recommend these ones  for you guys, you should definitely try them if you didn’t do that before. Thank you so much for reading.

40 thoughts on “Essence long lasting lip liners Review

  1. I own like 20 Essence Lip Liners. My fav shade is Teddy, but I see they didn’t make it into the new formula. Teddy is the old, pencil ones you have to sharpen.

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  2. We didn’t have that one here, only few shades unfortunately. I found that they changed the formula of old pencils, they are not soft and smooth any more which makes me really sad. I just got replacement for my “Satin Mauve” pencil and it’s not the same. xx

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  3. Me too, I’m so mad because they were amazing. The new ones are much dryer and it’s so hard to sharpen them. xx


  4. I have only one lip liner and it’s nude, i can wear it with whatever lipstick or lip gloss. I don’t wear it that much, though. It’s retractable as well, which is amazing. I hate having to sharpen makeup pencils of any kind, it’s just so messy. The names are super cute too 🙂 ❤

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  5. I have so many and I don’t even wear them every day. I think I need to start to use them every day, just because I’m probably just keeping them in my stash. Essence always has the best name for the products. xx


  6. Hi I’ve come from Emma’s blog party! Love this post – been looking for some lip liners lately too so very helpful! New follower here xxx

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  7. Thank you dear. I want to follow you back, but it says that your blog is not available. I don’t know how I can fix it. I ll go to Emma’s post and click link that you left. xx

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  8. Oh dear I have no idea why!! Hopefully you can find it through Emma 🙂 if not it’s just in google! Xx

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  9. Me too, my ultimate favorite drugstore makeup brand. Not only their prices are really affordable, their products are so much better than most other drugstore brands. xx

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  10. When ever I wear lipstick or or anything on my lips, it ends up looks flakey like my skin is damaged but without it, my lips look just fine. Do you know any products to help stop this?

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  11. Oh I had that problem also, it just means that your lips are damaged and super dry. Try to find some sort of balm with calendula extract. If it’s natural then even better. I use one but it’s from Bosnian brand, so I’m sure you can’t find it, but there is so many brands that do calendula products. I hope I helped. xx

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  12. They are both really wearable and nice, also it’s great that you don’t have to sharpen them. They are really affordable, so they won’t hurt the budget. xx

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