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Is blogging fancy and fabulous behind the scenes?


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing new post that a lot of readers will find interesting. I get this question often from my friends or just people who follow me on Instagram. We all love pretty Instagram (follow me) feed, everything is just so perfectly coordinated with some nice and bright filter on, so you must think that everything is fabulous and fancy. Well I hate to break it to you, but no it’s not. Blogging is not even close to fancy, it is pretty much hard work and it takes a lot of time. I had some free time today so why not do this post. Let me know what you think about it, is it relatable? So let’s start with this post!

Let’s start with a fancy thing. Getting gifts and products to try is really nice. It feels great of course and I love every second of it. Also getting invitations for shows and bloggers party is amazing. Those are always fancy have to say it. I wasn’t actually on most of them just because I can’t make it, they are usually in other cities and I hate traveling by bus or train so yeah I miss most of those. Still they are always on point, food is amazing, drinks and yeah it is pretty fancy.


Then we have my room where I usually blog from. To be honest my room ends up in total mess when I’m getting posts ready for the week. My mom once came in my room and she legit freaked out because stuff was everywhere, I think that my floor was complete mess. Yeah taking photos actually makes a lot of mess in room. Cleaning everything and sorting out room takes up to an hour. Honestly if you would see me when I’m taking photos you would totally laugh. I m usually in my pj’s or in my onesie, hair messed up, no makeup having my camera and turning table all over room to find that perfect lighting.

Making makeup look is a tricky one, not gonna lie. You have to apply makeup first then, make sure that it looks great. Then I have to take photos. The worst thing is that my camera is pretty heavy and I have to keep it in one hand. It makes my arms hurt, believe me or not. Also, sometimes lighting just doesn’t work and makeup doesn’t show or it’s hard to make photos that represent colors truly. You may ask why I don’t use phone to take selfies, I just prefer the quality that camera gives. It makes really a true representation of makeup. It makes me look how I look in person and I don’t fool anyone to think that I have perfect skin. When I use my phone, my skin looks blurred and I just don’t like that. Usually after taking photos I take off makeup, so that whole work is pretty much wasted. But hey, I still get some cute photos!


When I’m writing blog post I’m usually in bed, having cup of tea and watching Pewdiepie or some series. When I’m writing blog post I like to multi task so hard that sometimes my post ends up all over the place, so I have to edit my thoughts and make it understandable. I’m not even going to write about stress to make everything ready and look good. That would be too much for this post, I already feel like I complained far too much. I still enjoy blogging so much, it makes me really happy.

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What I tried to show in this post is that people usually think that blogging is fancy, absolutely no work at all and just perfect all the time. Well yeah, I hope this post will help you to understand it better. That’s everything from me today, I hope you liked this post. Do any of you bloggers find this relatable? Do you have some of these struggles? Do your friends and family understand blogging or they have fake idea of it? Thank you for reading! Have a nice day. xx

85 thoughts on “Is blogging fancy and fabulous behind the scenes?

  1. Very true! Blogging is alot more time consuming than most people think, also it’s a lot more than just scribbling something and than publishing. But still I think it’s one of the most beautiful hobbies that exist!
    And I kinda would like to see a post with behind the scenes photos, could be fun 🙂
    love, elena

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  2. I agree with you, it’s so much fun but also really hard work. I like it this way, because when you love something you are working hard on it. Maybe I’ll do post like that, would be a good laugh. xx

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  3. Great post Azra! There are just so many things happening behind the scenes. This is a truly revealing post about the main points about writing a post. And you could even make another post about more details about it because there are so many details one has to take care about before publishing a post. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Exactly, I wanted to put so much more, but then I thought post will be really long and maybe boring to read. Only bloggers know how much work it really is, to make one blog post it takes days literally. xx


  5. Yes,I agree with you.Blogging is really time consuming and demands hard work,patience and creativity.Everytime it brings challenge to write,think differently .Thanks for sharing . ❤

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  6. There is hope, I’m really tired of people saying that it is so easy, everyone can do it. I hope that people will realize that it takes a lot of time and work. xx

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  7. Thanks for posting, Azra 🙂 This is actually a really great post and super relatable. Your process is actually surprisingly similar to mine. My stuff is scattered all over the place while I’m trying to take photos and organize my content. I focus on a lot of other stuff (including youtube videos! lol) when I should be focused on writing, but I like distracting myself sometimes and also helps me get inspiration sometimes when I’m distracted (it sounds crazy but it works!). I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed and like everything isn’t perfect and fancy all the time lol but it does pay off if you truly enjoy the work, even though it isn’t easy, at all! It is worth it 🙂 Thanks for posting 🙂

    -Helene ❤

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  8. I got inspired to do this when someone told me they think that we don’t do anything as a bloggers, just get free stuff. I wish people would realize that we put so much work in single blog post, but it won’t happen ever I think. I agree it is truly enjoyable and nice process. xx

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  9. Great post and so true! People think that blogger just write out whatever comes to mind, post a few pictures and that’s basically it. Even smaller bloggers like myself and others have a hard time keeping up with everything and being organized, consistent and posting great content not just something put together in a few minutes.

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  10. Exactly, it is so much work and it takes a lot of time especially that sometimes life is super busy, but you want to stay consistent on blog also. xx


  11. I missed this post somehow! How do you go about being invited to blog parties? I didn’t know they existed aha. Your makeup looks do always look good on pictures :). I can never get any good shots, so that puts me off doing makeup looks

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  12. Those are parties that makeup brands organize for bloggers, they are not really popular in my country, but they sometimes do them. I think that for makeup looks you need a good camera, because usually phone camera takes away from makeup look and it kinda looks like a mess hehe. xx


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