Catrice Cosmetics High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder Review


Hello everyone. Today I’m going to review the product that I didn’t want to buy when it first came out. It was like a big thing, drugstore brand like Catrice did a mineral highlighting powder. Why I didn’t want to get it at first? A lot of bloggers didn’t have nice things to say about this one. Most of them said that it doesn’t look good on skin, it’s too shimmery and a lot of other not so nice things. But, my friend and I were one day at drugstore, she bought this highlighter. We came to my house to have cup of coffee and of course we tried highlighter. I felt in love with how intense of a glow it is. I couldn’t stop looking at my makeup in mirror because it was such an intense glow. I’m sometimes into super glowy highlighter, so I needed this one in my life obviously. I got it the exact same day, yeap a little bit crazy, but I just wanted to try it and share my opinion with you guys.

So this highlighter is huge. You get 8g of product or 0.28 oz. It comes in transparent plastic packing with silver rim around highlighter’s pot. Writing on packing is silver also. On the back you have peachy sticker that has ingredients and just some information about highlighter. They only have one shade available and it is 010 – Light Infusion. So Catrice says that this is baked highlighting powder infused with minerals and fine light reflecting pearls for luminous look. You get sheer and buildable coverage for subtle glow all over. So, let’s start with my opinion on this product.


My opinion about this product is all over the place guys. I’m just not sure how I feel about it to be honest. I do like it, but for certain makeup look and certain occasion. It is intense and very glowy, but also very cool toned which sometimes just doesn’t go with my makeup. I love warm tones, I’m all about them with my makeup so this one doesn’t fit my specifications. I love to use it on night out, because as I said it is quite intense and you can build it up easily. As you can see on photos it is pinky shade with silver shimmer. What I’m going to say is that it can look really shimmery especially on sun light. It’s not that fine, to just give you glow without shimmer. To be honest I don’t mind shimmery highlighters on night out, because they really look pretty. But for day to day use, I’m not the biggest fan of them. Also, the formula is not buttery soft that I like when it comes to highlighters. This one is that not so smooth and soft formula, but the good thing is that it is really pigmented. It is really easy to blend and it doesn’t look patchy which is really important for me.

Over all this is really nice highlighter from drugstore. It is really affordable and over all good quality product. I would love it to be a little bit more warm toned and not straight up icy silver shimmer. But it is nice for people who love intense shine and glow. I still use it, not on day to day basis, but for a night out it is a must product and I use it for night time makeup almost every single time. But last couple of days I decided to wear this one every day, you’ll see how it looks on skin in next post. So stay tuned for that! You can see the swatch and pigmentation of this one in post here.



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That’s everything from me today. Did you try this highlighter before, what do you think about it? Would you love to try it, or is it a pass for you? Thank you for reading.

38 thoughts on “Catrice Cosmetics High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder Review

  1. It looks really pretty! I know most people are generally starting to gravitate away from the more intense shimmer or the icy silver shimmers and going more towards the subtle glow, but I like intense highlighters! Especially ones that are buildable and not patchy 🙂 Thanks for the review, Azra!

    -Helene ❤

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  2. I’m also really into intense highlighters especially for the night out, it’s a must for sure. During day I just use some kind of eye shadow that gives pretty glow, but for night out I like it intense, just because it makes look more glam. Thank you for reading. xx


  3. OMG I’ve been wanting to try makeup products from Catrice.

    This highlighter looks lovely, although this might work well for a night makeup than a day makeup. Nonetheless, it is still so pretty! 💕

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  4. It is indeed very pretty, it looks great on skin, just the fact that it is so intense for day time can be a little bit too much. I hope you’ll try some of Catrice products, they are really good. xx

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  5. I do not like glitter particles in it. I swatched it and I was not suprised very well. I just can’t handle glitter on my high ends of face eventhough it looked like good one. But not my cup of tea for sure ✔️. Love your opinion ✔️👏🏻

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  6. I was also like that when I swatch it, but it performs different on face, it’s not that glittery. But under the flash light you can definitely see some particles of glitter. xx

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  7. My absolute favorite drugstore highlighter is by Catrice. Its from the Lumination Limited Edition. I absolutely adore it.

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  8. I didn’t see that collection, but the name sounds just up my street. I love their limited editions, the only bad thing is that you can get it just when it comes to the stores, because they always have small amount of products. xx


  9. It’s so hard to find nice peachy or golden highlighter especially in drugstore, that’s why I usually use eye shadows for highlighter. xx


  10. Yeah me too, but it is so hard to find them in drugstore. I wanted to try Essence Pure Nude highlighter, but we don’t have it here unfortunately. xx


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