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My current everyday base routine


Hello everyone! Today I decided to share with you my current every day base. This doesn’t mean that I wear makeup every single day, but you know every time I wear makeup this is base I go for. It is really unusual for me, but I have been wearing medium to high coverage foundation and I actually really enjoy it. My routine is still really simple, I’m all for bronzed skin and a lot of glow. So I do use quite a lot of bronzer and highlighter. So let me explain how I do my everyday base and which products I use.

So I do all of my base products with my “beauty blender” dupe. I can’t believe how good this sponge is. I talked about it a little bit in my recent haul post, check it here. I’m so impressed with this one, it is super soft and bouncy. It makes my base look amazing all products blend amazingly and look great on skin. I actually go this one for about 2$ and it is just great. So first product that I use is my Valnea BB cream in bronze shade. As I said in my haul post this one doesn’t have a lot of pigment, but it makes great base for makeup. It is moisturizing but it’s not oily. Also it makes my skin super smooth and it makes me pore disappear which is much appreciated. As a foundation I use Loreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation, it is amazing. It has a medium coverage and spf 18. You can definitely feel it on skin, which is not my favorite thing, but I kinda got used to it. I do like to wear really thin layer of this one, so it doesn’t mask my skin. For concealer I finally started to use Essence All about matt concealer. I didn’t use this one in ages, but I do really like how it looks when you blend it with beauty blender. As a powder I use my trusty Artdeco Fixing Powder (review). I apply it with damp beauty sponge and it just melts it into skin. The finish is absolutely amazing, I love it.


For bronzer I use Catrice SUN Glow mat bronzing powder (medium bronze). This is one of my all time favorite bronzers, it’s beautiful. For blush i use beautiful Essence Mosaic Blush in shade Kissed by Sun (review). Finally as a highlighter I use combination of two products. First I apply Catrice High Glow mineral highlighting powder in shade Light Infusion (review). This one is really pigmented and it makes skin beautifully glowy. Because this one can sometimes look icy I like to add this Astor Couture Eye shadow in shade Cappuccino. It makes it more neutral if you will, it gives that beautiful champagne shade. Finally I set all of the makeup with Avon makeup setting spray which is absolutely amazing, especially how affordable it is.

I was super busy one day and this routine stayed on my skin for 16 hours. Don’t wear makeup that long, it is really bad, but it stayed on which is absolutely insane. The only thing that I did that day is spray my rose water spray couple times just to refresh myself.



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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this post. Let me know do you use some of these products? Also did you ever try any of these? What is your must have product for every day wear? What do you think about this makeup? Is it nice? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

26 thoughts on “My current everyday base routine

  1. Believe me I was shocked also, but it looked amazing for that amount of time and what I was through that day. Loreal claims that this foundation is “stay fresh for 24 hrs”, would not try it for that long though haha. xx


  2. Yeah I was also really surprised, I think it is due to foundation and pressing loose powder into skin. Also probably fixing spray, that sets everything. xx

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  3. Oh that’s so bad, because it is really nice. Very pigmented and you get a lot of it. Maybe you can order it on essence page, they don’t ship here but they do in USA. xx

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  4. Love it, thanks for sharing 🙂 I feel like base routines, whether for a really natural look or more dramatic, are so important. I’m with you – especially for summer I love the bronzy glow look. I haven’t heard of trying rosewater spray to refresh during the day, though will have to look into that more!

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  5. I think that using some kind of refreshing spray during day helps makeup to last longer and to look good all day long. I would highly suggest you to try it, I use that hack every single day. xx

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  6. I use Dove soap bar. It works really well for me, it takes a bit to completely wash off the makeup, but it leaves it really clean so I don’t mind it too much. xx


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