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Bronzed for days! – Long lasting fake tan combination


Hello everyone! I did talk a little bit on my fake tanning routine on blog. I’ll include links to blog posts at the end of post, so if you are interested you can check them out. You guys know that I love bronzed skin. I personally love that “sun kissed” look. I think it makes you look beautiful, glowy, healthy and also slim. I’m new to the whole “fake tan” world, but I found combination that makes me tan last for whole week. If you are careful with shower and which shower gels you use, this fake tan combo can last even longer than that.

So my usual fake tan is from Avon (review). This one is just amazing, it is so easy to use and it looks amazing on skin. If you need new fake tan check out my review, I think it is really helpful. So this one alone lasts about 4 days, which is alright, but if I can make it last longer I’ll do it. So I found out that if I apply Dove Summer Revived lotion (review) on top of this tan, it makes it last a lot longer. It is like Dove lotion sticks to Avon tan and it makes it more intense and just better.

I think that they discontinued these Dove body lotions, which is so sad. These are really nice products. In fact I used up 2 bronzed ones and one lighter one. I have back ups of both shades, but knowing that I can’t buy it again makes me really sad. Matter fact it looks like whole “Derma Spa” line is discontinued, which really sucks. Back to this fake tan combination, it is a little bit hard to remove when you want to apply new layer of tan. But to be honest that doesn’t bother me a lot, because you can always do it with exfoliation gloves or body scrub.


My fake tanning routine
Obsession of the moment – My favorite fake tan

Good body scrubs to try out
Avon Naturals creamy body scrub review
Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures creamy body scrub review


So that’s my quick little post for today. I hope you all “fake tan” girls will try this hack, it really helped me. Do you use fake tan? Do you have any hacks for fake tan life? Do you know is Dove’s Derma Spa range discontinued? Let me know if you have some informations! I hope you liked this post. Thank you so much for reading.


36 thoughts on “Bronzed for days! – Long lasting fake tan combination

  1. They were 60% off here and I asked why, girl told me that they are discontinued. Maybe they are going to bring the same formula but different packing, who knows. It’s a shame because it is really amazing product. xx

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  2. I can’t tan easy, it takes so much work so I stick to fake tan haha. Thank you so much dear. Have a great day. xx


  3. Lucky you, I would love to have darker skin, it is so beautiful. When I fake tan I feel so much better and the skin just glows beautifully. xx

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  4. Yeah all my friends say they wish they had my skin tone because it literally takes me ten minutes to do my makeup and still look fabulous!

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  5. Thank you! It is winter in this part of the world and I was well in need of some suggestions for getting a summer glow back. Going to definitely try the Avon products out!

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