Essence Stay All Day 16 hrs long lasting concealer Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing one more Essence product. You guys know that Essence is my favorite drugstore brand, I just love how affordable it is and to be honest most of my every day makeup products are from Essence. This brand is really underrated in my opinion. So I wanted to try this concealer for ages literally because it is one of their most popular products. I heard a lot of good things about this one, so I was really excited to try it. Let’s start with this review!

So as you can see packing is really simple and quite cute. It’s plastic container and you get 7 ml of product which is 0.23 fl. oz. You get standard doe foot applicator which makes this concealer super easy to use. Packing is pretty durable and it feels like it won’t break easily. They have only two shades available, one is yellow tone and other one is pinky toned. I have this one in shade 02 – soft beige which is pinky toned shade. I took this one because pinky toned concealers work really good at brightening under eyes and in canceling out darkness under the eyes.

Essence claims that this concealer is long lasting which is true in my opinion. Is it 16 hrs wear? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I wore this concealer for that long. I don’t think that any makeup product drugstore or high end can look good after 16 hrs wear, so I think that claim is a bit crazy! Then, they say that this is cream fluid concealer that covers under eye shadows and skin imperfections. It is really nice coverage concealer, but I wouldn’t say that it is amazing. I read so many reviews for this one and people saying it is amazing coverage, personally I don’t see that. I mean it is good coverage but it’s more like light to medium coverage. You can build it up, but you won’t get better coverage than medium with this one. Essence says that this formula is with light reflecting pigments for a naturally radiant complexion which I can agree with. This concealer is amazing for those “no makeup” makeup days. It looks really natural on skin and it gives a nice coverage where you can still see your skin, but it is perfected if that makes any sense.


I really love the way this concealer looks on skin. It never looks heavy or cakey. It is really light and you can’t really feel it on skin. Also, something that is really important for me is that this one is not drying. I usually struggle with concealers drying my under eye area, this one doesn’t do that. This one can work for covering blemishes as well, but as I already said it won’t give you that perfect flawless look. I don’t really use it for blemishes, because I prefer to use high coverage concealer for that, because I want my blemishes to be completely covered.

Is this concealer a good buy? Well, to be honest I really expected more from this one. That is mainly for coverage aspect, I expected really good coverage from this one just because most of girls said that it is high coverage concealer. I still think it is a good every day concealer for under eyes, just it won’t give that flawless coverage. Would I buy it again? I don’t think so, I feel like there is so many better concealers in drugstore. This one is good, but it’s nothing amazing.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try this concealer before? What do you think about it? What is your ultimate favorite concealer? Thank you so much for reading!


45 thoughts on “Essence Stay All Day 16 hrs long lasting concealer Review

  1. It’s a shame this concealer was a bit disappointing. I’ve never tried it myself. It sounds like it would be good for no makeup makeup days as you said. Great review! Xx

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  2. The cushion I use has enough coverage for me so I skip concealer. I really don’t understand what it is for if concealer can’t conceal. Use it as foundation is too less. Other concealer can last good amount of time and cover everything. I am bit disappointed too.

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  3. This one kinda feels like extra step for me. I need to apply two layers if I want coverage, which is just waste of time. There is so many better concealers at the drugstore. xx

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  4. I have never actually used a concealer before because I can’t find one pale enough. I find it crazy when brands claim a product will stay on hours….it’s like, who would keep their makeup on that long?!

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  5. Me too, like what is the point. Do they think that someone will test it? Also, 16h, I don’t think that girls wear makeup for that long, maybe just occasionally. xx

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  6. I use l’oreal and NYX for their concealers. Haven’t tried essence but I have heard they don’t have shades for darker skin tone. I actually really like Nyx though. It works just perfectly.

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  7. Yeah Essence is really bad with shade range, they really don’t have a lot to offer, this one comes in two shades only which is really bad. The formula of their concealers is really nice, but they definitely need to work on shade range. xx

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  8. I think it is great for summer, just because it is so light on skin and it looks very natural. I think it is a good buy for this season. xx

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  9. Giirl, how do I always leave your posts with a new Essence product on my wishlist! haha, this sounds amazing for me because I really don’t like that much coverage for concealer, so it sounds great otherwise! Loved reading this x

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  10. I love this one for summer, because it is so light. I think it is great for this super hot weather. I hope you’ll try it. xx


  11. I really love pink-tinted concealer for under the eye and highlighting areas of your face! 😊 It’s so flattering and pretty on everyone! 👍🏼 I love Essence too, for the price and the quality! Definitely have to check out this awesome product~ thanks for the review, Azra ❤️ xx

    -Helene |

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  12. Me too, I prefer pink toned ones to yellow, just because it gives softest effect and looks more natural which is always a plus. Thank you for reading. xx

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