Pupa Vamp! Extreme Mascara Review


Hello everyone! So this is probably the only mascara that completely blew me away after first use. I was so impressed with it that I thought this will become my ultimate favorite mascara, my holy grail. I kinda still feel the same way, but I’m more calm about it haha. So if you didn’t know Pupa is high end Italian brand that is pretty popular in Europe.

This mascara is sample size, even though you get 8 ml of product. My usual mascara is like 7 ml or 10, this is pretty nice sample then. I’m not sure how much you get in full size mascara, but whatever it’s not that important. Packing is super shiny silver, it looks really nice. It’s plastic and pretty light, but it feels heavier than my usual drugstore mascaras from Essence and Loreal.

So this mascara is meant to give you loads of volume, which is my preference when it comes to mascaras. When I used this mascara for the first time I was shocked how amazing it made my lashes look with just one coat. It makes them thick without being clumpy. Also it separates them really nicely and gives a little bit length, but nothing too much. As you can see the wand is really big, but it’s not hard to work with. It is not messy as some mascara wands can be, I usually mess up my eye look trying to build up mascara. With this one it just doesn’t happen. It is super easy and quick which makes me really happy. I always mess up my mascara doesn’t matter how hard I try to have clean application. This one is just so easy, it saves my time and I can do eye shadow look without messing it up.


The wand is plastic and it is soft on eyes if I can say that. What I’m trying to say is that it is not harsh on eye lashes as some plastic wands can be. As I already said this mascara is really easy to build up, it doesn’t go clumpy as many cheap mascaras do. This one is more expensive, so I suppose that’s why it works great. I never tried any higher end mascaras before, so I’m really impressed with this one.

One thing that is annoying about this one is that it can budge a little bit. It’s not too much, it’s really easy to fix. That happens after 3 – 5 hour wear, which is really not a big deal. This mascara doesn’t smudge, which is absolutely amazing, because my eyes are pretty watery. Over all I think that this mascara is great. It works amazingly, holds curl and last for a long time. One day I wore makeup about 16 hrs (don’t ask me why, it was hectic day) and it was still on my lashes, looking amazing, no smudging and if I’m being completely honest my lashes were on fleek if that’s the right term haha. I’m definitely buying a full size mascara even though I’m not the one for expensive makeup, but I think it is worth it.

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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this review. Let me know did you try this mascara before? Did you try anything from Pupa before? What is your all time favorite mascara? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

23 thoughts on “Pupa Vamp! Extreme Mascara Review

  1. It is really nice brand, but unfortunately they are not really known in makeup world. I think they are only popular in Europe. xx


  2. Sadly i always have problem with mascara, i can only use the loreal waterproof ones as they can actually hold my lashes in the curly shape and won’t do anything to my undereye ( i hate it when mascara make my undereye very dark after an hour…..) xx

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  3. I had that problem with most of mascaras too, just because my eyes are really watery. This one stays put really well, it can budge a little bit, but it is really easy to fix. Thank God it doesn’t smudge, because I hate that panda eyes look haha. xx

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  4. My mom always used Pupa lipsticks, I tried them and they are really good. They do have really nice products and this mascara is definitely one of them. xx

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  5. I have this theory that sample size mascaras are such a better investment than full size? Something about the fact that the formula gets weird after a while, like it’s just much better getting the small size and avoid it getting clunky and weird.

    I’ve never heard of this brand though! Gonna have to look it up. Lovely post as always 🙂

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  6. I can totally agree with you, mascara dries up super fast no matter is it a full size or sample, it dries in months time. I think that samples are also better way to completely used up the product and are also travel friendly. Thank you for sweet comment. xx

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