Some new products in my collection/HAUL


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my some new products I recently got. Some of these are repurchase which right away tells you that those are pretty good and that I like them. So without talking too much in intro, let’s get on with the products. I’ll share my opinion and first impressions on some of these.

Beauty blender dupe
I already got two of these in my previous haul (here). But as they are absolutely amazing, I decided to buy one more just to have it. You guys know that these don’t really last for the long time, so having a back up is a must. Also these are really affordable, so I needed to buy more.

Fresh ‘n’ Soft premium Normal to combination skin makeup removing wipes

I already used up at least two packs of these. I did include them once in my empties before. These are just great, they work pretty well. They aren’t harsh on my skin and they remove first layer of makeup beautifully. If you read my “How I take off my makeup” post then you’ll know that I first remove top layer with makeup wipe and then I wash my face with foam that is meant for babies. So it is really gentle and it works incredible.

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived body lotion – Light to medium
I already have review on two shades of these lotions. They are amazing especially if you fake tan. Even if you don’t really like fake tan these are really nice just to add that sun kissed effect to your skin. These are discontinued I think which is so sad. I haunted this one in so many drugstores but I only found one in light shade, even though I wanted dark one.


Avon SUN+ Maxi Tan Moisturizing pre sun lotion with beta carotene
I already have one product from this Avon line and it is great, it’s my favorite fake tan. So I decided to try another one, this one I didn’t use but I hope it is good. So this is basically lotion that you put before you do sun bathing. It doesn’t contain any SPF so make sure you apply some kind of sun protecting cream before. I’ll keep you updated with how this one works, is it good or not?

DM SUN DANCE tanning spray for face and body
I got this one because I hate when I fake tan my face stays super pale and white. It looks odd and weird to be honest. So I decided to try this one in hope it won’t break me out. It is really easy to use because it is spray. It’s also really refreshing and it doesn’t break me out, but this thing doesn’t have much color to it. You need to spray a lot of this, like 4 – 5 times to get pigment on face, which is really disappointing. I already used up half of bottle even though I had it for a week I think. I’m not super happy about this one.

La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo(+)
I wanted this product for ages and I finally have it. It is pretty expensive here, so I hope it will work. So many people love this one and they swear by it, so I decided to spend money on it. I’ll do review and my experience with this product, so wait for it. I started using it in hope it will clear my skin and it is really nice texture but I didn’t notice big difference, even though I use it for 3 weeks. Did you ever use this one? How long it takes for it to clear out the skin? So many people swear about this one and I’m here still struggling with spots and acne scars.

Duo eyelash Adhesive – Dark tone
This is probably the most popular eye lash glue in whole world. I don’t really wear falsies all the time, but when I do I like to feel confident that they’ll stay in place. So many girls swear by this lash glue, so I needed to try it obviously. I’ll give you my opinion on this one in future, because I didn’t try it. Would you maybe like to read review about it? Let me know!

Avon SUN+ Pure and Sensitive face and body SPF 50
I mean we are in summer now and SPF is just a must. It is a must every day of year, but in summer I like to use high SPF. I heard that this one is great, so I decided to get it. I like the fact that it is suitable for body and face, so it means I’ll use it a lot. The texture is really nice, not thick as some of high SPF can be. So far I really like it, but I need to test it out more. I’ll keep you updated!


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So that’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this post. Let me know did you try some of these products? What is your latest purchase? Also, let me know do you want to read review on any of these products maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

42 thoughts on “Some new products in my collection/HAUL

  1. I always buy SPF 50 because I’m really white and burn very easily. La Roche Posay is very expensive here as well, you pay about 20€ for a very small amount. Can’t wait for the reviews. ❤

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  2. This cream here is about 30 (in Bosnian money) which is really a lot. But I have to say that it feels amazing on skin. I’ll definitely do review on it. I actually got one more La Roche Posay product that will be in next haul post (ooops), that one is just incredible. xx

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  3. Sorry I thought I mentioned it Avon SUN+ Pure and Sensitive face and body SPF 50. Will be patiently waiting for your review😀

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  4. Please tell us about the lash glue after you try it. Would it help fake lashes stay for day and easy to remove?
    I didn’t know about La Roche Posay. If it doesn’t worth the price, it will be disappointing. I want to clear my acne scar too.
    Nice haul post. Make me excited 😉

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  5. What brand of beauty blender dupe is that? I haven’t found any good enough dupes for the beauty blender. I usually get the real techniques sponge as it works well and is way cheaper! Anyways, great haul xx

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  6. I really hope La Roche Posay cream will work, because I have been struggling with acne and scars, I want to have clear skin at least once in ages. It was also really expensive, but so far I didn’t see a lot of difference. I’m definitely going to do review on duo glue, because it is so popular and I want to see what the fuss is about. xx

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  7. Real Techniques is really expensive here, so not for me I guess. This one is Chinesse or Korean brand, it is called MAN FEI, never heard of it but the sponge is amazing. xx

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  8. This Thursday it will be 5th week since I started. People have been saying that they see difference after 2nd week, so that’s the reason I’m worried. Everybody’s skin is different so I suppose, the change will come, so far it is barely noticeable. xx

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  9. Great post, haven’t heard of most of these before which is refreshing to read! Where did you get the copper basket in the photos from? X

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  10. Great post and nice products, Azra 🙂 I need to try a good beauty blender dupe that works! ❤

    -Helene, https://angelspartaness.com/

    p.s. I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. The post is the top and most recent on my site 🙂 I know you have already been nominated for this award and you only do them once, but I still wanted to nominate you and also let you know about it xx 🙂

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