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What’s in my everyday makeup bag?


Hello everyone! Today I though to share with you makeup products that I currently have in my makeup bag. I don’t use all of these every day of course, but these are the products that I’m currently using in my routine, doesn’t matter is it day time or night time look. This makeup bag is from Carpisa and it is absolutely beautiful. Even though I have so many makeup bags, I decided to get this one just because it is gold and classy. Also it is huge, you can fit a lot of stuff here. It will be great for traveling, because I can fit all my skin care and makeup for traveling here. It’s currently on sale, so I’ll link it here in case you want to get it too. Now, let me tell you which makeup products I have in this bag!

Artdeco Golden Bronze Oil drops (REVIEW)
Garnier toner for normal/combination skin in spray bottle (Makeup setting spray)
La Roche Posay EFFACLAR DUO(+) UNIFIANT – Medium
Garnier BB cream – Light
Essence Pure NUDE foundation – Pure Beige
Essence All about matt concealer – Matt Ivory
Avon Color Trend pressed powder – Translucent
Artdeco fixing powder (REVIEW)
Loreal Glam Bronze bronzer – Taormina Intenso
Catrice SUN GLOW mat bronzer – Medium Bronze
Rimmel Soft Color Blush – Santa Rose
Avon Illuminating Face Pearls (REVIEW)
Catrice high glow Mineral Highlighting Powder – Light Infusion (REVIEW)


Astor Couture eye shadow – Cappuccino
Essence I love Nude eye shadow – Vanilla Sugar
Essence Me & My Icecream eye shadow – Icylicious
Essence Gel eye pencil – Cloudy White
Essence Multi Action Mascara – Black
Pupa Vamp! Extreme Mascara (REVIEW)
Astor eye brow pencil – Brown
Essence Make me brow – Browny Brows

Chap Stick classic
Avon Ultra Glazewear lip gloss – Nude
Catrice OMBRE Two Tone lipstick – Not ExploRED Yet (REVIEW)

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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this post. Let me know what is your favorite makeup product right now? Do you keep your daily makeup essentials in makeup bag or you have other way of organizing? Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day! xx

65 thoughts on “What’s in my everyday makeup bag?

  1. Sorry for a late response! It is not one of them but I know what you are talking about. My sister has one.
    I have a black case that when you open it up, it has different sides or compartments. I like it, but if I were to invest in any more cosmetics, I would worry how it would all fit. A basket however as you said, it is easier to find everything and there is space. xx

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  2. Dear Azra, I haven’t read your blog for so long, so bear with my hundreds of comments while I read all of them. Your makeup bag is so beautiful. I have a few but they’re not that great. I haven’t bought a new one in years. Do you keep it in your purse? When I was working and was out of the house for more than 12 hours I would carry my whole makeup bag with me (You know I don’t have that much). Now I’ve learned my lesson because it’s too heavy so I just throw some mascara, the lipstick I’m wearing and some powder on my bag and I’m good. xx

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  3. This one is too big to carry everywhere, the photo doesn’t do its justice. I got this one for traveling, because it can fit a lot of stuff. I usually carry bare essentials like lip balm, lip gloss, powder and rose water spray. My friend used to carry all of her makeup and once she realized that it is making her bag so heavy, so she gave it up hehe. xx

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