Loreal Glam Bronze Bronzer Review


Hello everyone! Today I have new review for you all and it’s about this beautiful bronzer from Loreal. This is old packing, they have new one that comes with mirror and little brush so if you are trying to find this one I suppose you can’t really find it. Maybe in some outlet stores, I had this one for a year now, so yeah packing is new, but the formula is still same in my opinion. So let me tell you my opinion on this one!

So the packing is super shiny and orange. So as you can see this compact is huge, you actually get 18 g of product which is really a lot. In new packing you get I think 10 g, so yeah I suppose they changed it just because this was great value for money. This bronzer is suitable for face and body and I only use it during summer or on nights out, because this one is pretty dark. I have it in shade 04 – Taormina Intenso. It is really dark for me and my skin tone, but during summer it looks good and it gives me that super bronzed feel!

This is shimmery bronzer as you can see. It has some gold shimmer running through it and it looks really pretty especially if you use it on body. It is super creamy formula, super easy to blend and it looks beautiful on skin. I love to use it on nights out, because I like to bronze up my whole body with it, it makes me look tanned which I love. Also because this compact is huge, you can use big powder brush which makes application so easy.


This shade is really unique, because it is really hard to find red toned bronzers. They are usually orange, but this one isn’t. This is probably the only bronzer in drugstore that had that red under tone, which is basically the reason I got it. When you use this bronzer you don’t need blush, because it looks like 2in1. As I said it is really soft and creamy, easy to blend and as you can see on swatch it is super pigmented. Because it is super pigmented when I apply it on my face I have to be really light handed but I got used to it. They have a lot of shades to choose from so I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself. I’m sure I’m going to use this one a lot during my summer holiday all over my body, because that is literally my favorite thing. I love summer tanned skin with some bronzer on top just to make it super intense and bronzed.

Finally I would really recommend this bronzer. It is absolutely amazing, creamy and smooth. Also it doesn’t have any powder kick off, formula is truly amazing. I think this is formula of high end bronzer, because any other bronzer from drugstore that I have isn’t even close to this one.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this review. Let me know did you try this bronzer before? What is your ultimate favorite product from Loreal? Also let me know what is your favorite bronzer, I would love to know because bronzer is my favorite makeup product. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

56 thoughts on “Loreal Glam Bronze Bronzer Review

  1. I love the L’Oreal True Match foundation and I’m currently using the Miss Baby Roll Mascara as one of my everyday mascaras. I use the Bourjois Bronzing Powder and I think it’s gorgeous, especially for paler skin tones! Xx

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  2. I use Loreal Lumi Magique, it’s my favorite foundation. My favorite mascara from Loreal is Miss Manga, but I didn’t use it in ages. Didn’t try Bourjois bronzer, but definitely would love to. Seems like everyone loves it. xx

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