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How to get glowing summer skin? – Body care


Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite products to give my skin that beautiful summer glow that everyone wants. I love glowy skin, it just looks amazing when light catches you. I’m sure that a lot of people would love to get some recommendations for glow enhancing products, so that’s why I’m writing about my favorite products to use to give my skin a lot of glow. So let me tell you more about my absolute favorite products to give skin that GLOW.

Naturals Body Care Sensational Wild berries & Pomegranate creamy body scrub
To make sure your skin has a natural glow you have to exfoliate regularly. That’s why I decided to include scrub in this post. I did review on this one already so if you wanna read my full opinion click here. This one is super creamy and gentle on skin, but still a great scrub that does the job. Also, the smell is absolutely amazing, it is such a joy to use it in shower. I use this once, sometimes twice a week, because it is gentle so it doesn’t irritate the skin.


Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body lotion – Medium to Dark skin tone
I have review about this body lotion already. Also, I talked about two different shades of this one, so you can read my review here.

Avon Skin So Soft Enhance & Glow for medium skin airbrush spray
So this is basically a body oil that works as a soft tanner for skin as well. I love to use this one because not only it works as an amazing moisturizer, it gives color to skin as well. As an oil it makes skin super soft and smooth, also it dries super quickly and it’s not sticky which is really important for me. In summer usually I get a little bit of tan so this product works amazing at enhancing that natural skin color I get.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Silky Body oil
As also the first Dove product, I already did review of this one, so if you wanna know more about it, you can read full review here.

Planet Spa Caribbean Escape with crushed pearls and Sea Algae Illuminating Body Butter
This is one of my favorite body moisturizers during summer. As it is body butter it is really thick and creamy, but it’s still easy to blend into skin. This one has a lot of tiny gold shimmer in it, so it makes skin amazingly glowy and soft, because it is also super moisturizing. It is amazing to use it before some special occasion party or something like that, because this body butter smells really nice, it’s almost like an expensive fragrance scent.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know did you use any of these products before and what do you think about them? What is your ultimate favorite product to give your skin glow during summer? Thank you for reading.

56 thoughts on “How to get glowing summer skin? – Body care

  1. This is a really good selection of products. I used to use the Naturals body scrub and it does have an amazing smell. It also has a good consistency. Bronzer is my go-to haha. I rely on that for everything! xx

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  2. This is the first one I tried from them, but I really like it. This one is almost empty, so I’ll have to order new one soon. Bronzer always saves the day in my opinion, doesn’t matter how makeup turns up bronzer can easily fix it haha. xx

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  3. Great post lovely! I remember reading a post you did AGES ago about a dove moisturiser than had a bit of colour to it and i actually went and bought a tanning moisturiser from dove afterwards… Great for my skin AND gives an extra colour boost. Your recommendations are as always on point xx

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  4. I love glowy skin! It looks great in summer–but in winter, too, because not everyone keeps up on skin care in the winter, but you stand out if you keep up the regimen 🙂 I need to invest in some good glowy skin products, so thanks for your post and recommendations. xx


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  5. I agree with you, glowy and healthy looking skin is always a must. I really try to put effort in my skin and body care all year around, just because it is so important. Thank you for reading. xx

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  6. Planet spa body butter sounds really nice. I love moisturising body butters as my skin is really dry. It has illuminating particles too! Perfect to make your body glow instantly! Dreamy product💖💖

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  7. Lovely post as always :D. My skin hasn’t been glowing or sunkissed since I went to Ibiza, it hasn’t like summer at all in the UK :(…at least there are products to help us along! P.S. massive congratulations on 1000 followers 😀

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  8. I hardly ever get that beautiful sun kissed skin, because I can’t tan easily, but luckily there are some great products to help achieve that beautiful look. Thank you so much lovely. xx


  9. I will deffo have to try these as my skin is not one that gets a natutal tan no matter how hard i try! Great post the scrub sounds amazing x

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  10. Obviously I’m probably not going to use any of these products, but it’s still really interesting to read about the different varieties. Maybe if my summer skin had more than two colours: ghost white and lobster red, I could use some!

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  11. Ohhh I haven’t tried any of these products! Though I’m pretty sure I have the Naturals Body Care Sensational Wild berries & Pomegranate creamy body scrub sitting around somewhere so ill have to give it a go! I really like the sound of that naturally enhancing oil!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  12. The scrub is perfect for summer, because it’s not harsh but it does the job. Oil is great if you have a bit of tan, to just intensify it. Also it gives color if you use it everyday. xx


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