Catrice ProvoCATRICE collection review/Recenzija ProvoCATRICE kolekcije


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts about new Catrice limited edition collection “ProvoCATRICE”. This collection is inspired by street fashion and luxury laundry. I like the idea of combining laundry and fashion and if I can have makeup products inspired by that I’m more than happy. Let me tell you more about products in this collection!

Pozdrav svima! Danas ću sa vama podijeliti moje mišljenje o novoj Catrice limitiranoj kolekciji koja ima naziv “ProvoCATRICE”. Ova kolekcija je inspirisana spajanjem ulične mode i luksuznog rublja. Svi znamo da Catrice uvijek oduševi sa njihovim limitiranim kolekcijama!

Eye shadow palette/Paleta sjenila za oči
Packing is absolutely lovely and really chic. Formulation of shadows is the same like with every other Catrice eye shadow palette. Pigmentation is nothing amazing, but it is buildable. Now I don’t think this palette is very versatile, but you can create nice day time looks with it. The brown shade is really pigmented, so it’s great to smoke out the look. I’ll do makeup look using this palette so stay tuned for that.

Pakovanje je vrlo lijepo i izgleda luksuzno. Formulacija ovih sjenila je ista kao i sa ostalim Catrice paletama. Pigmentacija nije impresivna, ali je možete nadograditi. Ne mislim da je ova paleta nešto sa čime ćete moći napraviti puno lookova, ali možete napraviti vrlo fine izglede za svaki dan. Tamno smeđa nijansa je vrlo pigmentovana tako da možete napraviti i fin smokey eye look. Napravit ću makeup look sa ovom paletom u nekim od narednih postova.

Gradation Blush/Rumenilo – C01 Raspberry Belle
Catrice blushes are really good and this one is the same. Really nice formula that is easy to blend, also it is really pigmented so you have to be light handed. It looks gorgeous on skin, it adds a little bit of glow and honestly makes makeup look really fresh.

Catrice rumenila su inače vrlo dobra, ovo nije izuzetak. Formula je vrlo fina, lahko se blenda I vrlo je pigmentovano, zato ga trebate lagano nanositi da ne bi pretjerali. Izgleda vrlo lijepo na koži, daje sjaj i čini svaki makeup look vrlo lijepim.



Volume Lash Dust/Puder za volumen trepavica
This is something I never tried, but I heard of these products. So this is supposed to make your eye lashes thicker and voluminized. You apply one layer of mascara, wait for it to dry, apply powder and then go with second layer of mascara. This one really works, you can see difference. The only thing is that this is extra step for me and I’m really lazy with makeup. I feel like you can get the same result with baby powder, so I don’t think this is worth buying.

Ovaj proizvod bi trebao učiniti vaše trepavice debljim i dužim. Nanosi se tako da stavite jedan sloj maskare, sačekate da se osuši, a potom stavite drugi sloj maskare. Ovaj proizvod pravi razliku, vidljiva je i na trepavicama, ali ja sam vrlo lijena kada je u pitanju šminka pa za mene ovo predstavlja dodatni korak, koji mi baš i ne odgovara.

Cushion Powder lips/Puderasti proizvod za usne
Shades/nijanse – C01 Raspberry Belle and C02 Berry Bow
These two I’ll give away in my giveaway, just because I know these won’t work for me. I have really dry lips, so powder mat products just don’t work for me. These cushion products are trending last year or so and it is not calming down. If you love mat lip products then these are great for you. They also leave a stain, my friend got one and they always stain her lips.

Ova 2 proizvoda zajedno sa puderom za trepavice dijelim na mom instagramu (link). Ja imam vrlo suhe usne tako da ovi proizvodi ne bi odgovarali meni. Proizvodi sa spužvicom su vrlo popularni više od godinu dana i popularnost im nije gotova još uvijek. Ovi proizvodi vam matiraju usne i ostavljaju boju dosta dugo na usnama. Ukoliko volite mat završetak na usnama, ovi proizvodi bi mogli biti za vas.

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That’s everything from me for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know how do you like this collection? Is it a hit or miss? Personally for me it is a little bit disappointing, I feel like they could do a lot better. The products are really interesting and Catrice never had some of these in their offer, so this is really cool of them. I do really like eye shadow palette and blush, packing is really chic and stylish. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


31 thoughts on “Catrice ProvoCATRICE collection review/Recenzija ProvoCATRICE kolekcije

  1. I used baby powder on my lashes before, it makes quite a difference. Try it I think you might love it. This one as a product is also good, but it gives the same result like baby powder. xx


  2. Thank you. They are drugstore brand owned by Essence. They are pretty popular in Europe and now they are getting popular in America also. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to try some. xx


  3. I got so many requests from people from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia (our languages are really similar), so I started writing on both so everyone can understand. It is time consuming, but it is worth if more people can read my blog. The language is Bosnian :). xx

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