The Autumn tag


Hello everyone ! Today I’m doing the Autumn tag. Autumn is my favorite season. I like cozy jumpers, hot chocolate and reading a book under nice cozy blanket while outside is raining which for me is associated with Autumn. Let’s do this tag !

Disclaimer: I did this post October 13th last year, but I decide to re uploaded it again, just because I want to see more people do this tag. So I nominate all of you, I hope you’ll do it, because this is such an interesting tag! Let me know if you do it, I would love to read your answers!


1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

For me start of September is the time that I start to look forward to Autumn. Of course when leafs start to turn orange and red and start of my obsession with hot chocolate.

2. What is your favorite Autumn scent?

My favorite Autumn scent is vanilla mixed with chocolate. It’s just my perfect combination for cozy, warm feeling. If I need to talk about my favorite fragrance to wear during Autumn it will be Tesori d’Oriente patchouli and ginger, it’s just a perfect combination of spicy scents.

 3. What is your favorite Autumn color?

My favorite Autumn color would be army green or just chocolate brown. Those are my favorites to wear during Autumn. I think this kind of colors go very well together and they make outfit’s pop.

4. What is your favorite Autumn drink?

My favorite Autumn drink would be hot chocolate mixed with cinnamon and vanilla flavor. I also like to drink vanilla cappuccino in case I feel sleepy during rainy days.

5. What TV show, are you looking forward to/ enjoying this Autumn?

I have a plan that I wanna watch all seasons of Gossip girl. I watched that show back in high school and I remember loving it. I saw picture of “Chair” (Chuck and Blair) and felt inspired to watch whole show again. I think that is the best decision I made in while :).

6. What is your favorite Autumn fashion trend?

I’m a big fan of Autumn layering. I love cozy jumpers and Chelsea boots, I wear them all the time during Autumn. I don’t think that I follow trends, for me it’s pretty much all about comfort and what I like.

7.What is your favorite frugal Autumn activity?

I would say call your friends for movie night and beauty night, but I feel like you can do that all year around. My favorite thing to do during Autumn is reading a good book under the blanket and having a big cup of black tea with milk. It’s cheap, fun and awesome.

8.What is your favorite makeup look come Autumnal weather?

I love a bit of brown smokey eye during Autumn. As I’m a fan of nude lips all year around I like to play with my eye makeup during Autumn. I bought perfect eyeshadow pallete to create perfect eye makeup look that I’ll review really soon. So stay tuned for that.

This is my Autumn tag. I hope you enjoyed it. I would like to read your favorite things to do during Autumn. Let me know. Thank you for reading ! xx


59 thoughts on “The Autumn tag

  1. Maybe I’ll grow to love it, like so many other things I tell myself… olives and red wine. Every year I give them a go thinking as I mature… Every year I still can’t stand them hahahahaha xx


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