Update – whats been going on?


I wanted to make an update post for quite some time now. I have been really busy, but the time is now and I’m finally doing it. A lot of changes happen, so I feel like I need to do these posts every couple of months, because I do have lifestyle aspect on this blog also and I owe it to my followers here. So yeah without further ado let’s chat, grab cup of tea or hot chocolate and relax!

First Bosnia made a progress with events for bloggers. There has been a lot of events that were for bloggers, I couldn’t be at all of them, but I did go to couple. Usually they are happening in other city, so I need to travel by train and I just can’t do it sometimes. I’m really happy that there is things happening in blogging world because brands in Bosnia need to catch up with world. I usually share atmosphere from events on my insta stories, so make sure you follow me on Instagram to see next even I go on!

I have been trying a lot of new products in my skin care and makeup, I’m trying to experiment more and really take care of my skin and try different makeup looks. So there has been a lot of reviews on blog lately, I hope you don’t mind it too much. Let me know how are you enjoying blog content? Let me know do you want to read about something particularly? I’m still trying to have different content, but I feel like there is a lot of reviews just because I want to share with you some amazing products I have been using.

I want to get back into working out, because I’m so bad with my schedule. I didn’t really gain weight, but I have some excess on my stomach, bum and hips just because of my body shape. Still it looks good, I got some serious compliments because it looks good in jeans, but still I need to get back into working out. I think I’m going into my program next week, I still work out from home because I prefer it to gym. I already made my work out plan and my playlist, because music helps when it comes to work out.


Big change happen in my life with my studies. I failed in major exam that I needed to pass. I was really stressed out, you didn’t see that because I had a lot of pre scheduled posts that were all nice and pretty. I have been really bad, honestly my mood was just crazy. I looked fine because I don’t really like to express that I was in crap mood. But basically this means that I’ll have a year off where I’m going to go through exams again. Now the blame is totally on me, I think I didn’t study enough and I just lost my motivation. In Bosnia most people are forced to choose University that will give them opportunity for work, because most people in Bosnia are unemployed. I chose chemical engineering because it gives me a lot of work well paid opportunities, but I was never a fan of chemistry.

I need to find my motivation again, because I can’t finish University without motivation. I have one more year left, like I’m so freaking close to the end. I used to be really motivated, hard working and goal digger, like I still am but in other aspects. I need to get back into my studies, because this is not good. Like I really don’t like chemistry, it’s really hard and it basically takes your whole life because it is so time consuming. Wow, I’m starting to be really negative, what I’m trying to say is that I learned my lesson definitely, I’ll get back to my studies, just because I have to and I want to finish it because it is right thing to do.


I cleared out most of my closet, I gave away a lot of my clothes that I don’t wear any more, also I’m going to sell some things that are still pretty much new. Also I went through my makeup and nail polishes collection. Oh man did I have a lot to do. For me it’s always hard to give away makeup, I like to collect makeup, but I had to make my collection at least reasonable. I have so many products that I felt stressed out by just looking at it. So I actually went through it and gave away a lot of products that I didn’t use in long time. I gave away about 20 nail polishes, all of them the colors that I don’t actually ever wear. So it feels amazing to give away products and make someone happy!

On the brighter side my blog has really taken off. I’m getting a lot of opportunities and I’m really grateful for that. I used to get ZERO PR, but now I get it a lot. It’s not all about PR honestly, because I can buy things but it’s nice that brands are recognizing me and my blog. It means that I’m doing something right and I’m actually proud of it. I’m thinking to go self hosted because it really is time for my blog to become professional and to be fully mine, I’m just worried how to keep my followers and content on my blog. Because I don’t have posts on computer, I deleted them long time ago. If you know anything about this please e – mail me at: I would really appreciate it!



Finally I’m done. I hope I wasn’t boring or just annoying. I just feel like I needed to share what’s up with my life. Let me know if you have some blog posts that you want to read, because I have time to do them now. Also let me know did you enjoy this post, so I can make life update every couple of months? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day everyone! xx

40 thoughts on “Update – whats been going on?

  1. I’m so sorry about your exam! That really sucks, but it looks like youre coming to terms with it. As for going selfhosted I say go for it! Do lots of research on different hosting domains. I recommend Siteground. Your posts should all be saved on your site, even if you’ve deleted them on youe computer, wordpress would back it up on their site. As for transferring over, some hosting domains offer to do the move for you. You can try it yourself but ive heard it’s tricky 🙂

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  2. Sorry about your exam girl! I think it takes huge motivation to commit to a really challenging degree like chemistry. All I can suggest is to keep focus on the bigger picture. Remind yourself on why you started to study it and really write down what plans you have for after.
    Again on the plus – a year left and then it is done. Hopefully when you do the exam the second time, you will have a head start because you are more prepared in a way.
    Congrats on your blog success! I am new to self hosting but I am happy to answer any questions if you want to ask me anything.
    And on a random note, I much prefer home workouts as well. xx

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  3. You should write more chatty content, I really loved earing about everything that is going on in your life right now! I feel very sorry for your exam, but now you def have the right mindset, so I’m sure you’ll smash all your exams from now on!! I’m still a big fan of your blog, and I’m glad that this is an exciting blogger time for you right now. Can I ask you, how this whole PR thing works for you? I don’t really know a lot about getting in touch with brands and that kinda stuff, so i hope you don’t mind me asking. If you do thouhg, don’t worry about answering. 🙂 Great post, Azra!!
    love, elena

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  4. Sry to hear about ur exam and I’ve taken Chem before so I can totally relate but you’ve got this and don’t give up, keep working hard! Nice to see a post like this and am glad you’re rocking your blog girl!

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  5. Loved reading this update post! I’m sorry about your exam and I really hope you find the motivation to finish university 😊 just think about that finish line! I’m also so glad you have been getting recognition from PR companies and Bosnia is having more blogger events!

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  6. That’s life, sometimes things just don’t go as we would like them to go. I’m feeling better now, thanks. I definitely need to take my time with research because this is a huge move, everything needs to be perfect. Thank you for information, it really helps. xx

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  7. Yeah it definitely gets intense especially motivation vise and energy level just gets you down sometimes. I think that as I’m so close to the end that I’m pushing myself even harder as I can’t wait to be done with it. Thank you, I really need to research well self hosting because it is such a big move and I have to admit it scares me a little bit because I want everything to be perfect. Home workouts are amazing, but I sometimes forget about them just because I have many things to do and then I just don’t do it. Getting back into routine is so annoying, but I have to do it. xx

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  8. Thank you Elena. I’m definitely at the right mindset now and I’m ready for new Uni year. Honestly I don’t have much information to tell you about PR, because I was contacted by every brand from their side. I’m also really curious by how bloggers get in touch with brands for collaboration, because that would be really amazing for blog content. The only advice I can give is to have special e mail for your collaboration and to put it in description on your instagram because that’s the place that most brands see you and your content. Still for small bloggers like we are it is really hard to get noticed, but we have to keep going. xx

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  9. I love these little updates and seeing how life is in Bosnia. (I’m writing from the United States!) Everything will get better, I promise. Just make sure you’re following your passion in life. That s what will get your furthest, and know that we’re all here for you! xx.

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  10. Great update, you have been a busy bee! It’s pretty cool you got to go to some blog events in your country :). It sucks about your exam, I’m sure you’ll smash it next time and get your motivation back 🙂

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  11. I am so proud of you. I understand how stressful it is (exam, grade, last yr, etc). I also got my computer engineer degree just for more jobs opportunities although I end up not working in related field. Whenever I feel down or want to give up, I just remind myself that how much sweat blood tears I have put into my work and projects, and I should be proud of what I have done. In terms of motivation, may be try a new way/place/time to study? I heard that it improves exam performance if you study in an exam kind of surrounding. It is why it is better to study in library with minimum noise.
    I am trying to finish all my makeup and start replacing with cruelty-free and maybe vegan makeup. It just so hard to finish them. I only have two eyes. They are small too so it looks like I need 3 more years to finish a palette.
    I am so happy for the PR. Hard works pay off. You deserve the best! I am not too sure if you get self-host on other place. I know if you move to, they have service to help you transfers your followers. For posts, you will need to export your blog data on your WordPress admin. Just make sure compare multiple places before choosing a host.
    I like life update. My life is boring and nothing exciting recently so I love reading(stalking?) life updates.

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  12. It’s really great learning more about you, Azra, as you are one of my favorite bloggers to read and just a really awesome person with a great blog 💕 I’m glad to hear that your blog is going so well and you are being recognized for your great work! It really is a great feeling and you deserve it! I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t do great on the exam, but at least you realize that you have to buckle down and study a bit harder, and you have the determination and smarts to really excel. I just hope that you get fulfillment out of whatever job that brings you to or that you choose, because that’s really what life is all about. I’d love to read more reviews, life updates every month or other month or however often you can, or just any content you want to put out because it’s all been wonderful so far! 💋 I wish you the best in everything ✨


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  13. Thank you so much for this genuine comment. I’m trying different ways to study and I’m getting back on track finally. I understand that we must choose a good degree so we can work, in Bosnia situation is really bad, so I had to choose something difficult, but I know I’ll be proud when I finish it. I gave away most of my makeup, because I just can’t use it up, I have so much and it feels good, at least someone will appreciate it more than I do. We don’t have many cruelty free brands here, that’s why I use Catrice and Essence so much (they are cruelty free). For going self hosted I’m so worried about everything, I need to consult someone who understands how everything goes and who’ll help me to do it right. I have more than 150 posts on the blog, so losing them is definitely not an option :). xx


  14. Oh thank you so much dear. I’m glad you are enjoying the content, I’m trying to do something different, but reviews can be a little bit much, but it seems that most people read only them. I definitely realized that I have to study harder because I definitely slacked a lot last year. Thank you once more for your support, it means a lot to me. xx

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  15. It’s very important to finish your uni and then you literally can do what you want with your life, but in this society it’s so important to have this done, so focus on this, it can be your motivation, the fact that you can do everything you want after you finish it.
    I really like your posts and I’m glad that you have such a success. You deserve it.
    Have a wonderful day! xx

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  16. Thank you, I agree with you it’s really important that’s why I started Uni. I’m close to the end, so yes I’m definitely going to put in work and finish it. I’m glad you like my blog, that means a lot. xx

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  17. Sorry to hear about losing interesting and motivation about university. I studied something in undergrad and completed it but I didn’t love it in the end (I started having doubts after my 2nd year of a 4 yr program). I worked in the field for a couple of years and changed my focus in my masters instead. I understand what you mean about finishing it just because it’s the right thing to do especially since you’re committed so much time and effort already. It’s really difficult for young people coming out of high school to commit to a career for the rest of their lives. But, do know that you can make a change later down the road if you choose – don’t be discouraged!

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  18. Thank you. I also had my first doubts after my 2nd year of Uni, but I just thought I was tired and that I needed some rest. But now I realized that it wasn’t really for me, but as I’m person that doesn’t give up easily I would never stop it even though I’m not sure about it. I can’t wait to finish it, just to see what life has for me. Maybe I would love my job, as the only part of my Uni that I love is lab work, so we’ll see. Thank you for support, it means a lot. xx


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