How does my blogging day looks like? – Everything that I do!


I think that every single blogger no matter how big their blog is can agree with fact that blogging is a lot of work. If you do all yourself then you know how long it takes to do everything, especially if you are a beauty blogger. I feel like as a beauty blogger you have to take a long time to just get photos right and I’m not even talking about writing and finding interesting products to talk about. It takes time definitely, but in my opinion it is worth it!

So how my usual blogging day looks like? I usually take one day in 2 – 3 weeks time to get some blog content ready. It’s usually on weekend that is my kinda chilled day, not really if you get how much work I do. No matter the work, I really enjoy doing all the blogging work, it’s joyful work if you get what I mean. I usually wake up really early so I can start as soon as possible. Of course I’ll have breakfast to get some energy. After breakfast I’ll get myself ready, do my skin care routine and get dressed. I have to be honest I sometimes stay in pj-s all day, don’t judge me!

First thing on to do list are blog photos! It takes a long time, especially if I’m doing more planned blog posts. Whenever I make a setup for blog photos I like to do photos for 5 or more blog posts. That way I can save some time. I actually did blog post where I explained how I take my blog photos, I’ll link it here in case you want to check it out.


I usually listen to music or watch Pewdiepie’s let’s play, just because he entertains me so much. I can watch his horror games let’s play all the time and I’m still entertained. This makes whole process of blogging so much more enjoyable. After I take photos, I take memory card from camera and transfer photos to my laptop. Usually I end up with more than 300 photos, yeah it is that extreme. Then I need to sort out the mess I made with taking photos. That usually takes up to an hour. After that I usually need coffee and some snacks, because that’s like an award to myself.

Then I need to choose the photos for blog posts. I just scroll through photos write which ones I like the best and then between those choose the ones I wanna feature. Then I make separate folders so I can keep organized better. Then it’s time for editing. I don’t really like editing, it is just slow process. It takes up to 2 hours and it’s just boring. If you want your photos to look good you have to edit them, editing makes photos pretty if I might say that. After editing I would usually take a break, to just refresh myself a little bit. I would have a lunch, watch some yt videos or just listen music.


We are now at 6 pm usually, so it’s almost the end of day. Right now I would usually start writing blog posts. This will take probably my whole night. I would be done at 11 with all the work and I would just get ready for bed and have a good night sleep. If I don’t manage to do it, the next day I would usually plan when I want to publish posts. As you might now I publish new post every third day, so I usually post 5 new posts in 2 weeks, which is a lot if you think about it. I would need to upload all the photos and edit posts the next day also because I never manage to do it in one day, it’s just too much work.

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That’s everything from me today. If you are a blogger do you have your blogging days maybe? How long it takes you to get blog posts ready for the week? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

60 thoughts on “How does my blogging day looks like? – Everything that I do!

  1. Thank you so so much for this! I’m new to the blogging world, and it’s really nice to see how much work it actually takes people and makes me realise that blogging is not as simple and quick as I think it is.
    Nevertheless, I’m still going to continue giving a shot and hopefully become better at it overt time!

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  2. Don’t worry about it, you’ll find your routine and it will get easier. It takes time as you let it, if you are perfectionist like me than I gotta tell you, it will be a long work for just one blog post. Looking forward to your blog posts in future. xx

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  3. Lovely post! Blogging takes so much time and I’ve learned that already as a new blogger! Great work ❤️

    xx Byrdie

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