I stopped wearing makeup for one week! – What happened?


Everyone knows how much I love makeup. Even though I have quite a big makeup collection I don’t wear makeup every day. If I’m going out I would usually put some makeup on, just to make myself look presentable. Even though I don’t mind my bare face I do like to enhance my features with a bit of makeup. I love getting full glammed up for night out, I really like the process of doing my makeup for night out. But I decided to give up my makeup for whole week just because my skin is not in the best condition, so I thought to give it a rest and see what will happen.

I do have really problematic skin. I get those annoying hormonal blemishes on my chin all the time. Doesn’t matter which day it is, is it that time of month or not blemishes on my chin are always popping up. Basically I can’t do anything about that, no matter which products I use or what diet I have those hormonal blemishes will always be there. My skin will definitely always show what is going on inside of my body, so if I’m stressed my forehead will be super spotty. But I decided to give my skin more love for one week and really take care of it. Did it make any changes?


I really went heavy with skin care routine, I pampered my skin for whole week. I tried to do one face mask a day, to have that pamper time. I don’t know did I expect miracle or what, but it definitely didn’t happen. My skin did feel better, like really moisturized and soft. I was still getting new spots, especially on my chin so for all of those people who say that you have bad skin because of makeup it is not true. Of course I’m not saying go to sleep with makeup, or don’t prep your skin before you put on makeup. But makeup products definitely improved during time and they are not as heavy as they were before. So having bad skin is not about makeup or products that you are using it is just your skin.

We all have different skin and it behaves differently. So you have people who legit don’t have any skin care routine and they have super clear skin. You have people who really take care of their skin and still have spotty oily skin. What I’m trying to say is that you need to accept your skin the way it is, that way you’ll feel comfortable with it. Of course I’ll still continue to take care of my skin and try to clear it out but I won’t give up on makeup, no never!


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this a little different post. Let me know do you go makeup free for couple of days sometimes? What do you think that is the most important for good skin? Thank you for reading. Have a great day! xx

57 thoughts on “I stopped wearing makeup for one week! – What happened?

  1. You are so right! I am a skincare therapist in my day job, and I am amazed at the amount of people that abuse their skin and have still have gorgeous skin! When my skin plays up, I go right back to basics using only mineral make up as my base and having lots of serums. Thanks for sharing this, its interesting. x

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  2. Oh yes, I wish that more people would know that. People often judge someone who has blemishes that they “don’t take care” of their skin. We all need to understand each other better. xx


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