Blogging community on wordpress is not as supportive as before?


I read some blog posts over few weeks time where bloggers were talking about support in blogging world mainly focusing on wordpress. I have an opinion on this topic and I wanted to share it with you all as I’m also a part of this community. Some bloggers said that it is really annoying and disappointing that some bloggers only support you if you support them. Also there was thought of many that most bloggers don’t show any support etc. I’m gonna give opinion on this topic, so if you want to know it keep on reading.

I definitely noticed this change as well. It mainly shows on my likes per post. I used to get around 150 likes per post and now it’s not even close to that. I don’t mind it too much because everyone has their way of showing support and no one is obligated to give a like if they don’t want to. Also the views dropped which makes me a bit sad, because I’m putting even more work into my blog posts than before but everyone has a busy life and you can’t always read all of the posts. What makes me mostly sad is that some bloggers will leave comments without reading and sometimes it is really clear that they didn’t read post because the comment doesn’t go well with content or they would assume that I liked the product, even though I wrote I didn’t.

All of us are trying to promote our blog and we know that great way to promote blog is to leave comments on other blogs. I said that in most of my blogging tips and tricks posts that were extremely popular. If I’m going to leave comment I make sure that I read blog post so I don’t end up like a fool or insult other blogger with leaving comment that doesn’t go well with content of a blog post.


I used to spend more than 2 hours every day reading blog posts, commenting and showing my support to bloggers. Some bloggers did appreciate it, but some didn’t even care. I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable commenting on a blog where blogger never replies to any comments. Like how rude is that? Spending so much of my free time doing all of that thought me to respect bloggers who do the same for my blog and show them even more support. So I will read blog posts from bloggers who support me first and then if I have some time left I’ll go over on blogs that never support me. Let’s say it like this “If I can spend my free time on you, why you can’t do the same for me”?

Now I don’t have that much free time and honestly sometimes I can’t be bothered to read blog posts and leave comments. So I see that it reflects on my blog and I don’t mind it. Like how can I expect that someone will use their valuable free time to read my content and leave me comments if I don’t do that for them. My mom always told me that I have to be nice to people if I want them to do the same for me. When you do good, it comes back to you right? If you are treating someone right, it is basic human instinct to do the same for you! That’s my opinion, you can definitely disagree.

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That’s everything from me today. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, it is not my intention. I just wanted to share my opinion on this topic, as I find this topic really interesting. Let me know did you notice this on your blog? What is your opinion on this topic? Let me know in comments and let the discussion going! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

131 thoughts on “Blogging community on wordpress is not as supportive as before?

  1. I totally agree with you and it has become a common problem here . Without reading the contents, readers just hit like or they start following you bcoz you have bunch of good followers . I know that it take atleast 1 hour to read contents of bloggers and I’m glad to see that you r a genuine reader. I’m not pointing anyone but this is true fact.

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  2. But once in a while, you get such a sweet and full of positivity comment which revives you! 🙂🙂💗💗
    Altough I agree with your point that blogging has become a give and take relationship.

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  3. I totally agree on everything you said, we need more support in this community, I to spend about an hour each evening reading blog posts… where’s that eyeshadow palette from it’s beautiful? x

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  4. I like your view on this Azra. I have been having a little ‘break’ from blogging (I can’t stay away completely though!), so maybe others are doing this as well? My stats have been down a bit from doing this, but it’s to be expected as you get what you put in. Just keep going, you’re doing great! 🙂

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  5. It is really tough to build a following because it entails logging in every day and really taking the time to read posts and add meaningful comments! Just remember why you started blogging 🙂 it’s not for the likes. it’s because we love to blog.

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  6. I completely agree with you 100%! I feel like with so many updates and modifications that the platform makes a random basis, doesn’t really give bloggers, or those actively using the platform, a better chance of changing or to re strategize a new approach to growing their websites. I’m finding this hardship too as I’m trying to grow my Instagram account to compliment my blog. Great post! It definitely brought out something that I’ve been noticing for a while now!

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  7. Algorithms change all the time and it’s so hard to keep up with all changes. Honestly right now trying to grow social media accounts and blog feels like real full time job, because you put in so much work, but get really little back. I was trying to grow my instagram for months but I gave up, because it didn’t make any changes. xx


  8. I can definitely relate. I believe that many mainstream bloggers or the ones that get booked to attend major industry events, probably have whole teams to work with them to promote their likeness. but one just never truly knows whats the straight path to climb the ladder lol i just checked out your instagram, you’ve officially got one new follower 😃! xx

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  9. Oh yes definitely. Many famous bloggers had the whole team and it was easier before to build a following. Right now it is so saturated that is so hard to get noticed. I followed you back lovely. xx


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