What people around me think about blogging? – My story


I wanted to do this post for a really long time. Usually people around you won’t understand what you are doing while blogging and that is ok! But making fun of what you do and saying that you are “trying” is not nice at all. When I first started with my blog a lot of girls from my home town made fun of it, you won’t believe it but it happened. I know it because I was legit there when girls made comments about it. I’m one of those people that literally doesn’t give a F. So obviously that didn’t make me stop with blogging and doing my own thing!

I’m going to give you one of many examples I have, just because I don’t want to make this post too long. I was one day with my friend, we were having coffee. Place was super busy so there were a lot of people around our table. I remember that was time when I blogged for about two months or so. Me and my friend were chatting about stuff and there was a group of girls that were sitting next to our table. One of them looked at me and make a statement to her group: “Don’t you hate when people think they are so important that they start writing shit and expect people to read it?”. She looked at me and made that smile that says “You see what I did there?”. I looked at them and they were laughing so I decided to say something, even though I shouldn’t have. I said:”Looks like you really care about my shit so you have to comment about it. I’m glad you are enjoying content, there will be much more to come!”. They were younger, they didn’t know any better. I should just laugh at it, but thinking about it I’m glad I said something because they legit didn’t say anything after that.


I knew I would get comments about blogging and what I do. That’s just the way it goes. People will judge no matter what you do. You can legit find a cure for cancer and at least one person would say “Oh, he is just showing off” or something like that. The point is you can’t satisfy people, it is just impossible. So keep doing your thing and be proud of it. Obviously no one would post something on the internet that they are not proud of. I’m really proud of my blog and how far it came. My parents still don’t understand what I’m doing and what is blog, but that is ok, I don’t really fell pressure to explain everything about my blog to everyone. Most of my family don’t get blog thing also, I feel like they never will which is good on the one hand because it makes things easier for me!

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That’s everything from me today. Let me know does your family know anything about blogging? If you are a blogger what people around you think about it? Did you have any bad experiences with people judging your blog? Thank you for reading. Have a great day! xx

91 thoughts on “What people around me think about blogging? – My story

  1. It really is such a shame that people feel the need to state unwanted opinions, but as you said we can only do our best to keep doing what we love regardless. Well done for standing up for yourself in the face of people who are needlessly judgemental! Xx

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  2. This is a really insightful post, I enjoyed it a lot! It’s a shame that people seem to hate on blogging. I’m glad you didn’t let the mean comments stop you from producing content! Xx

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  3. I can’t beileive how cruel people can. I hope you acheive your dreams and more. You have great content and a lot of involved followers. Those girls are just wanna be’s and are made you’re more successful than them. I’m happy to watch you grow in your journey as a successful Blogger.

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  4. Ahh I love this post so much Azra! I think we can all relate to that so much, blogging is so hard to explain to people who don’t really understand it. I am lucky enough that my family understands by now what exactly I am doing, even my grandma will casually send me an email where she asks me questions about my latest blogpost. But I find it super hard to tell people. Like my friends only knew half a year later about it, and I simply never talk about it because I don’t want to seem like a show off. And by the way, I think it was great that you said something back to those girls, you go girl!
    Lots a love, elena

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  5. Thank you dear, I really appreciate the support. Sometimes people can definitely be cruel and insensitive. I feel like they just wanted to make me feel bad, which definitely didn’t happen because I’m proud of my blog and content that I work hard on. Thank you. xx

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  6. That’s so cool, a lot of bloggers said that their family supports them ans read their content. Mine family is supportive, but they don’t really read my content because they don’t really spend time on internet (they are old fashioned). We need to protect ourselves and our content, because no one else will do it for us. xx

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  7. I have people ask me what I do. I say I am semi retired as when I say I am on disability they say things like Oh and when will you get back to work etc. Or they stop talking to me as if suddenly I have two heads. then they ask what on earth do you do all day. Well I do physio, cook, clean, rest, visit doctors and I blog. Its still “so when will you be at work”…so they look at me with a weird look re the blog. So I mention I blog about my travels and my chronic illness’s….”oh wouldn’t it be lovely to just travel you must be rich”…oh hahahaha yeah I wish.

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  8. Very relatable. My mom found out about me blogging and laughed right to my face with that look she makes when shes trying to make me feel bad about myself. But my sisters like it and wants to be included (sort of).
    You’re a great girl for not letting them step on you like that! 💙

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  9. I can totally relate to this. When I started blogging, there were a lot of people who would be sweet to me on my face but criticise me to the core behind my back, which included some of my friends as well. Even today, there are a lot of people who make a joke about it. But all of these doesnt stop me! People are gonna try pull us down no matter how hard we try in order to achieve something that we really believe in. I am proud of my blog and all the bloggers out there. 💜
    Cudos to you for standing up against those girls! Keep up the good work, girl!💜

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  10. Yes, girl that’s the best way, just don’t care about all the hate and negative comments. People do that because they are insecure and they wish they do something like that, but they are probably scared. Hate will always be there and it’s up to us to decide how we’ll act to it. xx

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  11. I totally agree, I think blogging confuses people. I am lucky in that all my family are incredibly supportive of my blog, but I haven’t really told too many of my friends. Only because they just wouldn’t get it. I don’t tend to Instastory or anything when I am spending time with my friends, I don’t show them on my social media, so I suppose the subject hasn’t really come up! I know people think “oh all that work for what” but I just think if we are enjoying what we do, then we should do it xx

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  12. As long as it’s fun and we are proud of it we should do it. When it becomes too much or we can’t handle it, it’s probably time for nice break. I don’t know why people don’t understand blogging, it’s basically like an online magazine. xx

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  13. I really loved and resonated with every single thing you said on this post. It’s a shame people won’t just mind their business and allow people to live their lives and truths in peace.
    Stay shining 💛

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  14. I don’t give a single f***, honestly. Most people are actually pretty supportive and want to read. Most of them forget about it after a while and only come back occasionally. I love that I’m finally brave enought to put myself out there and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. That kid has no idea how much people enjoy your blog and how much we all love you. I like to think we are very particular and understand each other, our blogger family, even when everyone else around us doesn’t. Keep being awesome. ❤️

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  15. Life gets in the way definitely. Still most people don’t understand anything about blogging which is really sad, so they make all sort of nasty comments. I’m still glad to be part of wordpress family, we all build up such a good community here. It keeps growing so most of us can’t keep up with everyone which is sad, but we have to stay positive and supportive of each other. Thank you dear for all the support. xx


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