Did my life change since I started blogging?


I got this question from a girl that follows me on Instagram and I thought this is really good blog post to make. Now I don’t find myself being a big blogger, but still my life did change a lot since I started blogging and I kinda wanted to talk about it. Sometimes I feel like it changed to better and sometimes I think blog makes me do some bad decisions and I don’t know how to stop it. It is still work in progress and I’m still learning how to manage everything!

I definitely can say that my life changed. Now I’m not talking about my lifestyle, it is still pretty much the same. Sometimes of course if there is a blogger party that I’m invited to my lifestyle isn’t like it was before blog. If I never started blog I wouldn’t be invited to promotions of new products, blogger parties, fashion shows etc. I like that side of blogging world, it is so fun. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of blogging events in Bosnia, but still there is far amount of parties and events for bloggers.

I don’t have much free time now. Usually all of my free time goes on making blog posts and taking photos for blog. I don’t really have my down time now, because I take every free minute to do something blog related because I have my life and I can’t really do anything blog related while I’m working or studying. But I learned to multi task so whenever I’m doing something blog related I usually watch a movie or some yt videos. So even if I’m doing things for blog I still have my “free” time.


I actually started to enjoy taking photos of myself. I used to hate it, it was one of the worst things in my opinion. Now when I’m doing outfit post I’m not as awkward as I used to be in front of camera. I actually appreciate that so much because having “fear” of camera is not that nice. Also I improved so much my photography, still it’s nothing impressive but it is so much better than it used to be. Now whenever I take photo of someone it just looks so much better, I kinda know how to make it the best way possible.

I improved my English a lot. I used to get a lot of questions on blog on how I learned English. I had lessons in high school, but I never really learned anything amazing in school. I actually learned English by listening to music and watching movies without subtitles. My grammar is still not good, that is something I’m looking forward to improve. When it comes to spelling I just have some weird feeling how it should look like and it is most time right!

Getting gifts and free products is one of those nice things that bloggers have. I love it, it honestly makes me feel really special. I always loved gifts, I know it sounds weird but come on everyone loves gifts! Since I started blogging I’m definitely buying more products also, which is not as amazing because I spend a lot of money. But still the whole experience of buying new products, testing and writing about them is really enjoyable. It feels amazing when I can recommend you something nice.


I kinda got addicted to blogging at one point in my life. I just loved putting new content all the time, I also got so much support from it, that I kinda slacked in my real life, especially with Uni work which is so bad. I’m not the biggest fan of my Uni, it is just annoying to be honest, so running away from it was something I did a lot especially while blogging. That is not good, I realized that so now I know what are my priorities.

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Finally it is amazing to have a place on the internet where I can share my love and passion for beauty with people who have the same interests. Also I met so many wonderful people that I talk on daily basis through comments  and it kinda makes me feel like I have new friends. I know it sounds really stupid, but that’s how I feel. That’s everything from me today. Let me know did your life changed since you published your first blog post? Do you feel like your life changed to better since you started blogging? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

52 thoughts on “Did my life change since I started blogging?

  1. I think my life also changed when I started blogging… I’m still myself, but there are things I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t blogging. Now I enjoy taking pictures and I love creating content and attending bloggers’ meet ups and events.
    It’s nice… ♥️

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