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Do you need expensive makeup to look good?


I used to think that makeup can look good only if it’s expensive. Well I was really wrong. Right now I think that drugstore makeup came a long way. Today you can create amazing makeup look using only drugstore products. Pigmentation is a lot better and formulas in general. If you look at influence that drugstore brands have in makeup industry now, you’ll understand how great drugstore makeup is in general. Of course there are more expensive drugstore brands like L’oreal that have all the latest trends in makeup industry. They own so many higher end brands and usually L’oreal makeup is amazing quality.

I usually buy drugstore makeup. Makeup in Bosnia in general is really expensive, so even drugstore makeup can get really expensive. My ultimate favorite affordable makeup brand is Essence. I also like Catrice, because they have some amazing products. Essence is really affordable, but some of their stuff is just great and part of my daily makeup routine. When you look at their packing it’s not really breath taking, but makeup inside is usually great quality. I feel like some other drugstore brands are a lot more expensive and the quality is just not there. If product from Essence doesn’t work, it’s not like you are losing a lot of money. But if I buy something from Bourjois or L’oreal, I do get pissed off, because those brands are really expensive here.


Sometimes higher end products are a lot better and you can definitely see why you’re paying more money. Usually I see that in mascara formula or eye shadows. I feel like drugstore brands don’t really do great eye shadows. It’s usually about pigmentation or blendability of shadows. So I feel like investing in high end eye shadows or palettes is good and it’s worth the extra money. Of course you can still make drugstore eye shadows work, there is a lot of tricks that help with that. I don’t really have a lot of higher end shadows, just a few of them. But if you check some of my makeup looks you’ll see that you can create amazing looks with just drugstore eye shadows.

Finally, makeup is all about preference. I would love to have more money so I can buy higher end makeup, but would I really spend a lot. Not really, again as I said I think that drugstore makeup came a long way. I feel like quality of some drugstore products is just insane and you don’t really need extra money for it. I will keep this blog with variety of course, but most of products that I feature on my blog are affordable and I like it that way.



That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which makeup you prefer? Do you spend a lot of money on high end makeup or makeup in general? Also what are your favorite high end and drugstore brands? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

66 thoughts on “Do you need expensive makeup to look good?

  1. I’m usually affraid to spend money on an expensive make up because if it won’t be that great, then I’d be so angry at myself! So I usually stick to drugstore brands like Rimmel and Maybelline, I think are quite affordable (and I liked most of the products that I’ve tested). Sometimes I’m tempted to buy something more expensive (like Benefit mascara at the moment), but I think literally for weeks before I make my mind! By the way, I’d love to try Catrice make up, but I’ve never seen it in the UK. I wonder is it available in Poland, I hope so! 🙂

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  2. I’m the same definitely. I think about purchase for weeks just to make sure that I’ll love the product before I actually spend money on it. When you are buying drugstore there isn’t too much pressure because if product doesn’t work, it’s not too expensive. I think I saw UK bloggers talking about Catrice, but I don’t know where they buy it. I hope you’ll get a chance to try them, they are amazing. xx

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  3. I totally agree !
    I don’t think that looking good is necessarily a function of expensive makeup.
    I can make do with drugstore makeup and still look as good 🙂

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  4. I like and use a variety of make up, both high end and drugstore. I have favourites from both. I do like a lot of The Body Shop make up too, its always good quality and a great range. I should probably try more drugstore brands. x

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  5. We all have our preferences and favorites. Some people are all about high end and some like to save up some money so they are using drugstore. I mainly have drugstore with few high end products. xx

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  6. As others have said, price isn’t always an indicator of quality. I’ve found lots of gems at the drugstore. Most higher end brands is about the image: the brand name (people like to pull out a Chanel compact vs a Maybelline compact) and for the nice packaging. I do find that I fall into a trap where I buy drugstore items just to try out or play with – but drugstore prices are climbing and they do add up when I buy a lot. I’m more likely to think a little longer if I’m going to splurge on something higher end and buy fewer of them.

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  7. Make up in Bulgaria is also really expensive, even the cheap brands are that affordable. Drugstore make up is quite good recently, but they are also pumping their prices..

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  8. I totally agree, I think it’s for effect most of time. Obviously everyone would love to have gorgeous Chanel or Hourglass packing instead of Maybelline or Essence. I also noticed that prices in drugstore higher, for example I was so surprised seeing prices of new Catrice collection, everything is much more expensive than before. xx


  9. I know the struggle, here L’oreal is prices like high end brands, also Artdeco and Max Factor. I noticed that prices definitely gone up, I got preview of new Catrice collection and I was so surprised to see that everything is much more expensive. xx


  10. I love both high end and drugstore. For the though, it’s hard to find my shade in a drugstore and even harder to “guess” online so for my complexion products I go straight to Sephora. I love drugstore lippies. Recently I tried the new Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage foundation and I not only found my shade but it was amazing! Have you had a chance to try that? Also Wet & Wild has some amazing highlighters and I replaced my 24$ mascara with theirs that cost 4$. The drugstore definitely has some gems!

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  11. Wet n’ Wild just came to Bosnia and I definitely want to try their highlighter, it looks beautiful. I can imagine how you struggle with shades, drugstore brands need to be more inclusive, they usually have only few shades. I can never find shade with actual neutral under tone. But they definitely know how to do good lip products which is a plus. xx

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