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Today we are doing a TAG, I love doing them because they are always so much fun. I’ll link previous tags that I did in small list, so you can check them out if you fancy. Thanks to the lovely Maha from Thebeyoutifulgal for nominating me. If you don’t know about her blog, you need to get informed and check her out. She is really passionate about blogging and you can definitely see that through her posts. Let’s get on with questions!

1. What do you love about makeup?
Everything. I love the process of putting on makeup, it’s so fun. I love that you can do different looks and change the way you look. Also buying makeup is so much fun.

2. How long does it take for you to do your makeup?
If it’s every day look I do it in 10 minutes. If I need to do something super quick then 5 minutes are enough for me.

3. Do you remember your first makeup item?
It was probably something that I stole from my mum haha. But if we are talking about first product that I bought for myself it would be Miss Sporty lip gloss in browny nude shade. It smelled like vanilla and it was my favorite thing ever.

4. Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yes, of course. I do it a lot actually.

5. Favorite lipstick?
Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick in shade “Cute Nude”.


6. Name a makeup crime that you hate?
There is many, but I’ll say sharp contour without any blending. When I see girls having just a thick dark brown line I’m just like what are you doing, that’s not how you are supposed to contour.

7. What product do you buy mostly?

Highlighting and bronzing products, I have so many.

8. One makeup product that you cannot do without?
Hands down bronzer. There is no makeup product that can change the way you look quite as bronzer.

9. Favorite makeup hack?
Having a small spray bottle of toner in your bag, so you can spray it through day. It makes such a difference to the way your makeup looks through day.

10. Matte lip color or lip gloss?
Glossy lips all the way.

11. Do you wear fake eyelashes?
Yes, they completely change your look. But I wear them for special occasions or night time makeup, I can’t handle them for every day.


12. What is your most cherished beauty makeup product?
Probably my makeup brushes, I don’t actually have makeup item that I cherish.

13. Favorite makeup brand?

Catrice and Essence.

14. What is your skin type?
Combination/oily. My T zone is extremely oily and the rest of my face is normal.

15. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Once, at night. I stopped washing my face in morning, now I just clean it with thermal water and toner.

16. Any Acne story?
I had really clean skin untill I started University. Then I started to get occasional break outs. Now I get hormonal break outs on my chin all the time, I can’t do anything about them.

17. Do you like trying out new skincare products or do you stick to a routine?
I like to try different products, but when I find something that works I only use that. For example I found perfect products for my night time routine and they are all I’m currently using in my night time routine.


18. Do you think you look good even when you have no makeup on?
Yes. I learned to love myself with flaws and everything.



My nominees
Everyone who reads this. If you fancy doing it feel free to. Just let me know if you do it, because I would love to read your answers.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this TAG. Did you do this tag already? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

50 thoughts on “The Beauty TAG

  1. If you do it make sure to tag me so I can see it, or send me the link. Because sometimes posts don’t come up on my readers list. Investing in professional camera is truly worth it, because photos do turn up so much better. xx


  2. I love these kinds of tags, so interesting to read! Also interesting that the Essence lippy is your favourite as it’s more of a bargain brand – will have to try this Sheer & Shine one myself 🙂
    Caz x

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  3. You can still do it, it’s mostly beauty tag so it includes all spheres (hair, nails, skin care and makeup). It’s fun to answer so I think you’ll enjoy it. If you decide to do it tag me, or leave me a comment so I can read your answers :). xx


  4. I have many Essence favorites, they are legit one of my most used brands on daily basis. I’m sure you would enjoy Sheer & Shine lipsticks, they are soo good. xx


  5. I feel like we share alot in common when it comes to makeup haha-especially when you mentioned your first makeup being taken from your mom (same girl hehe) and I also love just everything about makeup. Applying, wearing, and shopping for it is all such fun. xoxo

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  6. Amazing answers. I did this tag too, and had nominated Maha, and I am loving how this Beauty Tag is circulating. Such great answers and pictures. Loved it! ❤ Have a nice day!❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I don’t think there is a photo for this tag to be honest. I just used some of my photos from blog. You can use whichever you like, it’s totally your decision. xx


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