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How to find unique style that represents you?


Today I’m going to talk about personal style, what is it and how to find it? When I was younger I was obsessed with fact that I need to have my own personal fashion style that people will recognize me for. To be honest finding your personal style might be one of those hard things to achieve, but when you get there it feels really good. I think if you have your own signature style that represents you in the best way, it looks like you have your life together and know how to get things done. So, let me share with you my tips how to get super comfortable with your style and how to actually find it!

First, I’m going to tell you how I found my style. I think when you get to your 20’s life starts to make more sense. Decisions are a lot easier to make and confidence just comes. When you realize that you don’t own people around you any sort of explanation for things that you do or wear you find it a lot easier to wear whatever you like. I was always one of those super minimal and simple people. I was never that into colors when it comes to fashion. I love gray, that’s just my color. It’s not that fun, but I like it and to be honest solid 30% of my wardrobe is gray. I like to mix casual and formal, so you can see me wearing black tailored trousers with super simple cotton cami or T shirt. I usually pair it with slippers. For some people that looks bad, but that’s something that I like. I love mixing casual and smart clothing, I find it super chic.


Big part of my style are bags. I’m sure most of you already know that I’m such a bag person. When I buy bag I try to choose super chic one that can elevate my outfit easily. As I said I wear a lot of basic and simple things, so my bag needs to have that “pop” effect. Also, I like to buy stuff that can easily be dressed up and down, so I can wear them for any occasion. I don’t buy a lot of stuff, I try to buy basic, staple pieces with good quality. So that’s quick explanation of my style. I describe it as “CASUAL CHIC” and to be honest everyone agrees with that term.

1. Don’t follow trends!
I was always that girl that didn’t like trends. I don’t know why, but I can’t wear something that everyone has. So my first advice will be to don’t follow trends. You can wear trends, but don’t try to recreate them all the time. It’s just impossible, you can’t wear them all. Fashion is constantly improving, trends come and go. What you need to do is to make trend work for you and your style.


2. Form wardrobe with basic and staple pieces!
When you start building your wardrobe start with basics. They might be boring, but you need them, you know what I’m talking about. Basics are part of every single outfit, so make sure you invest in good quality basics that look good and are super comfortable. If you want separate blog post about these, let me know and I’ll do it.

3. Make your style work for your lifestyle!
You won’t wear heels everyday if you spend 70% of your day walking right? Make sure your style represents you, but also work for your lifestyle. Sometimes we all need comfort, so doesn’t matter if you need to have business style, you can still make it comfortable. There is so many options for comfortable trousers that can be casual and smart at the same time. It takes a little bit of time, but you can find those pieces.


4. There is no such thing as a rule in fashion!
Fashion is evolving all the time. Before we had so many rules in fashion, but today fashion is all about you and your personality. Who said that navy blue and black don’t work together, seriously? That’s like my favorite combination of colors since I was kid. I never understood those rules, never will. I still think that some things don’t work together, but if they don’t work for me and my style doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them. Life is too short to don’t do what you want and how you want it.

5. Wear it, own it, make it fabulous!
I always say you can wear the ugliest thing in whole world, but if you are confident it just works. Clothes doesn’t make who you are, you make clothes look good. It’s all about being confident in what you wear and owning it. Don’t care what people say about your style just own it.

6. Make sure your style is consistent
I don’t understand how some people one day wear super chilled outfit and other day are super glammed up. I mean you can totally do it, but you still need to keep it recognizable. You still have to keep your own personal touch for every occasion. For example when I go for glammed up outfit with heels, I still choose the dress that is super simple and if I can say casual.

Party outfit – Kind of!
Casual and feminine!
January sales clothing haul
Another haul!



That’s everything from me today. I hope this post was helpful and enjoyable. Of course this is just what I think, it’s not a rule or anything like that. So, you can disagree with me and my list, it’s totally normal.  If you want me to do a series on fashion and style let me know and I can do it. What is your signature style? Did you find it or you are still figuring it out? Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day! xx

24 thoughts on “How to find unique style that represents you?

  1. Great advice! I agree, I can’t get into trends just because it’s the “in” thing. I have to actually love it and it has to reflect me! 👍🏼

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  2. I have such an odd style, I like to wear blazers and jeans and tee (and cowgirl boots), but some days I want to dress fancier. I do know that I love dark colors, and hats, so I guess I like casual/business steampunk vintage (because I love vintage and steampunk and can’t choose)! Great post!

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  3. I think you are still experimenting, which is great. Also can say that you dress with your mood, I love that. Dark colors are the best, they go with everything and look good in any occasion. xx

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  4. GIRL GIRL GIRL I love this so much! My personal style is eclectic; I like to dress for my mood or how I feel and sometimes that’s “fuck yeah, doc martens and ripped jeans” and sometimes it’s a nice floaty dress for a picnic 🙂 I love your style, it’s really classy xx

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  5. A lot of people dress because of their mood, I love that. It’s like you are different person one day and other day you look so different. Thank you, I appreciate it. xx


  6. I always hated trends growing up!! I try to incorporate them sometimes now when I really like one, but overall, so boring to look like everyone else! I definitely like to throw together some ‘ugly’ outfits, but I rock them confidently so it’s all good lolol 🙂 loved this!

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  7. My thoughts exactly. What’s the point in looking like everyone else. I sometimes love trends, but don’t wanna wear them just because everyone else wears. Thank you lovely. xx

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