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Korean skin care wish list


Ever since I got opportunity to try Korean skin care, it’s been a part of my skin care routine. I already shared with you my review on two products from Wishtrend that I got here. Many of you were interested in products because I had such a positive experience. I’m still totally obsessed with products they totally changed my skin. I want to try more products from Wishtrend, so I decided to share my wish list with you guys.

Also I’ll share with you event that they are having. They are celebrating Cruelty Free brands on the website, so you’ll see amazing offers that they have for this week. If you want to check dear Klairs products that I already reviewed they are here:

dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C serum
dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming cream


WISHTREND wish list for summer

1. Illuminating supple blemish balm (BB cream)
I need new BB cream for summer. I have La Roche Posay EFFACLAR UNIFIANT (here) which I love, but I want to have other option so this one seems amazing. They say it doesn’t leave grey cast, it makes your skin glow and it has SPF 40. How amazing is that? Also I have to add, I love the packing. It’s so sleek and pretty. Make sure to watch yt video of girl applying the cream, the finish is just lovely. It’s currently 10% off and with 5% coupon code it will come down to a little bit over 21 USD.
Check out this BB cream HERE

2. dear Klairs Rich moist soothing tencel sheet mask
I didn’t have the best experience with sheet masks so far, so I wanted to try one that claims everything that I need in skin care. Well this mask definitely does it. This is moisturizing and balancing mask. It is supposed to calm skin and balance production of oils. You guys know that I struggle with super oily T zone, so I’m trying to find products that will actually help with that.
Check out this sheet mask HERE

3. SKIN&LAB Gently Vita Exfoliator
I need new gentle face exfoliator. The one that I used before it’s just too harsh, so whenever I use it my skin gets super sensitive and red. It almost hurts after exfoliation which is never a good thing. This one seems amazing because it is gentle, it doesn’t irritate skin and it deeply cleanses the pores. Again I adore the packing, it’s so pretty.
Check out this exfoliant HERE

Now on to the promotion that WISHTREND is having. There is also 5% off whole site coupon code WISH0505. Promotion is open until May 31., so make sure you act fast!


Disclaimer: The links included in post are affiliated which means that if you decide to purchase product using my link I get small commission out of it. If you don’t feel comfortable buying off a affiliate code then you can just go to WISHTREND site (

Great thing is that if you want to try something you’ll get free shipping and so many samples to try out. Who knows maybe you find perfect product that will change your skin like two dear Klairs that I talked about did.


That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know did you try anything from WISHTREND website? What is your current favorite skin care product? Do you have wish list for this summer maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

18 thoughts on “Korean skin care wish list

  1. I want to try Korean skin care products as well 😍 I ‘ve heard that they are amazing and actually can do wonders 💪

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  2. I hear so many good things about Korean products, I would love to try their skincare products, I cannot now cause I am following a treatment for my acne but maybe in the future!! Great post xx

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