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You guys know how much I love Essence makeup, but I actually didn’t talk about their makeup brushes on this blog a lot. So I thought I should make separate blog post where I’m going to share with you my collection of Essence brushes. Unfortunately in Bosnia we don’t have a lot of Essence brushes to choose from, even though Essence has a large collection of brushes to offer. There is literally everything you need for full face of makeup, but as I said in Bosnia most of those aren’t available. Let me tell you more about brushes that I have!

Powder Brush – Blue Aztec Print
I had this brush in my favorites before, so I’ll link post here if you are interested. This brush is really good for traveling, because it is pretty compact and small. Also, you can use it for so many purposes. It is mainly powder brush, but I use it as a bronzer and blush brush usually. It’s really fluffy and soft, so it makes blending products easy and quick. You can never add to much product, because this brush makes it so easy to blend out.


Blush Brush – Light Pink angled brush
I usually use this brush for applying powder. I’m weird like that and I like to apply powder with angled brushes. I just find it a lot easier because I usually just powder my T zone and under eyes, so this shape of brush works the best for me. I use this one for blush of course, but my favorite way is for powder. It is again really soft and fluffy, it blends products so nicely. Also this one gives such a soft application because it doesn’t pick up a lot of product. It’s not as dense as powder brush, so it’s a little bit lighter with application.

Limited Valentine Collection – Hot Pink Powder brush
This one is so pretty, I really like the design of it. This is actually my first Essence brush I got. I usually use this one when I finish with my makeup to blend out my cheek products. I usually wear quite a few different products on my cheeks, so I like to blend all of them, together with this one to achieve that natural effect. This brush is amazing for blending, because it has a lot of hair and it’s super soft. It’s slightly curved which makes it amazing for applying powder under contour to make it sharp. I usually use it for that purpose, but sometimes if I’m lazy I just use sides of this brush to contour my face quickly.


Eye Blender Brush – Light Purple brush
This is my most used Essence brush, in fact I already have 3 of these. This is probably my favorite blending brush I have in my collection. I use it every single day, so that’s why I bought three already and I’ll probably buy more. It’s so cheap, but amazing for blending eye shadow. It’s super fluffy, soft and it has longer hair so it makes blending so easy and quick. I sometimes use this brush to apply highlighter on my cheeks, because it makes it really intense and you can really focus highlighter where you want it. Sometimes I can apply highlighter messily with fan brush, because it is big. If I can recommend one of must have Essence brushes I would say get this one!

Eye shadow Brush – Light Pink Brush
This is probably my least favorite brush from all of them. It’s good brush, just I don’t use it a lot. I don’t really wear eye shadow all the time, that’s probably why I don’t use this brush more. I usually use this one to apply highlighter under eyebrows or in inner corners of my eyes. Also, it’s really good to use to apply eye shadow on lower lash line and I do use it for that when I’m doing smokey eye. It’s also super soft like all of previous ones.

Black Spoolie and Comb Brush
This is also a brush that I use every single day. This spoolie is my favorite and I do own quite a few of them. I might be just used to this one, but I love it. This is really good to have if you have hairy and messy brows. It is an essential really. Sometimes I find spoolie can be really harsh and it can hurt my skin when I use it. With this one I don’t have that problem. This one is really gentle and soft if I can say so.


All of these are good quality brushes especially for super affordable price. These are the most affordable brushes I have and the fact that I use most of these in my makeup routine says that I really like them. If you can buy some of these I would definitely suggest you to try them. They are really affordable and you can’t find something as good for that price. They all wash really well, I didn’t have any problem with that. Some of these can lose some of hair while washing, but it doesn’t happen often. Most of them actually don’t lose any hair which is absolutely insane. I only experience hair falling from light blue powder brush, even thought that really wasn’t a big deal because it wasn’t even noticeable.

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So, that’s everything from me for this quick little review on my Essence brushes. I hope you liked this post. Do you have any Essence brushes in your collection? What do you think about them? What is your favorite brush brand? Mine is definitely Zoeva, but Zoeva is quite expensive so I don’t shop there often. Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day! xx


16 thoughts on “Essence makeup brushes

  1. They just realised new collection that is combination of rose gold, white and grey. It’s super pretty, but I haven’t buy anything from it yet. I also love that these are colorful, they are the only colorful brushes that I own. xx


  2. Gorgeous eye popping colors. I love all brushes except when it comes to cleaning them 😄 I have never tried this brand. I am using Chanel brushes that have lasted for over 3 years. 🙌🏼😍

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