Perfect copper eye shadow ? – Catrice Art Couleurs eye shadow review/recenzija


I have been on hunt for perfect copper eye shadow for a long time. I didn’t want rose gold shade, but copper shade with orange under tone. That shade is perfect for green eyes because it really makes them stand out, so I just needed it in my life. I found perfect shade on Catrice counter so I’m going to share it with you all today!

Već duže vrijeme tražim idealnu bakrenu nijansu sjene za oči. Već imam nekoliko „rose gold“ nijansi, ali nemam ni jednu pravu bakrenu sjenu sa narandžastim podtonom. Bakrene nijanse su idealne za zelene oči, jer ih dodatno ističu. Nakon duge potrage našla sam idealnu bakrenu nijansu na Catrice stalku i danas ću vam reći nešto više o njoj!

Packing is really simple see through plastic. The cool thing is that you can click out the shade and put it in Catrice empty palette. You know that Essence is doing this concept already, so Catrice decided to do it also. I think that’s a great decision. You get 2 g of product or 0.07 oz.


Pakovanje je vrlo jednostavna prozirna plastika. Sjenu za oči možete izvaditi, jer Catrice sada u ponudi ima posebne palete. Isti je princip kao što Essence ima još od prošle kolekcije. Mislim da su to super napravili, jer je mnogo lakše za putovanja i čuvanje sjenila. Dobijete 2 g proizvoda.

This shadow is in shade 070 – Ashton Copper. Honestly this is perfect copper shade in my opinion. It is so intense and just perfect. It has a lot of orange undertone, so I would definitely say that they did amazing job whith formulation of this shade. It is also really glowy and it almost looks like pressed pigment. I think that this new range of eye shadows from Catrice is so much better than last one. These are more pigmented and they last longer. I like to apply this shade with finger because that way I truly get that pigment look. This shade has a lot of gold shimmer in it which makes it so much better. I definitely recommend these new Catrice eye shadows because formula is really amazing, really easy to work with.


Ova sjena je u nijansi 070 – Ashton Copper. Ovo je savršena bakrena nijansa po mom mišljenju. Vrlo je pigmentovana i apsolutno savršena. Ima dosta narandžastog podtona, zbog toga nijansa i jeste prava bakrena nijansa. Mislim da su apsolutno pogodili kada se radi o formuli. Nijansa je vrlo pigmentovana i izgleda kao presovani pigment. Također ima mnogo zlatnog sjaja zbog čega izgleda kao perfekta nijansa za čitav kapak. Najčešće je nanosim sa prstom jer tako dobijem isti efekat kao da nanosim presovani pigment. Definitivno vam preporučujem ove nove sjene od Catrice-a, jer mislim da je formula mnogo bolja od prethodnih koje su imali u ponudi.



That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Thank you for reading! Did you try these new eye shadows from Catrice? Do you ever wear copper shades on the eyes? If you have your favorite copper eye shadow let me know which one it is! Have a nice day! xx

To je sve od mene za danas. Nadam se da vam se svidjela ova kratka recenzija! Hvala vam na čitanju. da li ste probali nove Catrice sjene za oči? Da li ikada nosite bakrene nijanse na očima? Ako imate omiljenu sjenu u bakrenoj boji podijelite je u komentarima! Želim vam lijep dan! xx

24 thoughts on “Perfect copper eye shadow ? – Catrice Art Couleurs eye shadow review/recenzija

  1. What a gorgeous shade. I actually wear a bronze/coppery shade far to rarely. So thanks for reminding me to do that more often. Also, I really like your flat lay photos: marble, makeup and succulents – I mean what’s not to like? ❤ xx Have a wonderful week

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  2. It’s definitely a bit out there, because it draws a lot of attention to the eyes which can be a bit intense. But for those days when you want your eyes to pop, copper eye shadow is perfect. Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them. I try to make them simple, but pretty to look at. xx

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  3. I normally don’t wear copper eyeshadows because I feel like colours like that make me look tired. However, this one looks gorgeous! I haven’t seen this range of Catrice eyeshadows in my local drugstore yet, so I’m hoping it will come soon. I have to try this bad boy! xx

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  4. I have to be in right mood to wear copper shades because they are quite intense and make my eyes stand out a lot. But they are so pretty, so I have been trying few of them and this one is the best one I’ve tried. I hope you’ll be able to try it soon. Formulation of these is much better than their last eye shadow formula. xx

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  5. They definitely make a statement. I have to be in special mood to wear this one because it makes eyes so intense and dramatic. But it’s so easy add some bronzer in crease and this all over the lid and intense eye look is there. xx


  6. Great review as always, and omg that shade looks so stunning, I love the color copper, it’s one of the reasons why I love the Naked Heat palette but I’ll definitely check that shade out by Catrice and I’ll see what other shades they have from this formula!

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  7. I have to be in mood to wear it because it’s a bit intense on my skin tone, but when I wear it it is just so stunning that it makes me feel myself completely. They have so many shades, I have two currently and I’ll be picking more definitely because I like the formula. Thank you. xx

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  8. What a stunning shade! I’m learning so much about makeup because of your reviews, girl!! 💓I really want to try this out. I have dark brown eyes, but I love copper eyeshadows especially for fall! x

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  9. Right, it’s so beautiful. I’m glad you like my reviews, I’m here to recommend some affordable products and test out something that is a bit more expensive, to see is it worth the money. Copper shades are definitely great for fall time, especially when you combine them with dark browns. xx

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