Products I’ve used up – Empties #13


I recently used up quite a few products so I thought it is time to do another empties post. I did a lot of these in past, so I’ll link them under the post in case you want to check them out.

Body, nail, skin care

Planet Spa Relaxing Provence Spa lavender & jasmine body soufflé
I did review on this one, check it here. I would buy this cream again, I think it is really good.

Johnson’s baby oil
This is such a classic product. It’s amazing to make your skin moisturized, soft and glowy. I would buy it again for sure.

Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with white tea balancing facial cleanser
This is nice morning cleanser, I like it. I would probably buy it again.

Avon Naturals Hydrating aloe & cotton face mask
Nice moisturizing mask, it’s easy and fuss free. I would buy it again maybe.

Avon Clearskin Pore penetrating black mineral mask
I didn’t like this mask, it does nothing for skin. Would not recommend it or buy again.

Balea Fresh Inspiration deodorant
I liked this deodorant, I would buy it again. I reviewed it here.

Deep Fresh nail polish remover – lilac

This is my favorite nail polish remover. It’s really gentle, but it removes nail polish easily. It smells like lilac which is amazing. I would buy it again.

Essence “Wood you love me?” hydrating sheet mask
I think I’m just not a fan of sheet masks, I don’t like the texture because it’s so wet and slimy. This one made my skin really moisturized and soft. I would not buy it again because as I said I don’t like the texture.

La Roche Possay Effaclar Mat sebo-regulating moisturizer sample

This one was good, definitely left my skin mat. But I felt like it wasn’t moisturizing enough. I probably would not buy full size, because I’m sure it’s pretty expensive.

Essence Nail Hardening base with diamond powder
This didn’t make my nails strong as some other Essence nail treatments did. So I won’t repurchase it.

Makeup, lip balms and fragrance

Artdeco Fixing powder
This is my favorite powder ever, it’s so amazing. I already reviewed it, link is here.

Essence Make me brow eye brow gel mascara

My favorite eyebrow gel is this one. I already bought another one. I also reviewed this one, link is here.


Essence All about matt! high covering concealer
This is great affordable concealer. I would totally buy it again, but I think they don’t make it anymore unfortunately.

Avon 3D plumping lip gloss (Nude)
This is really nice lip gloss that has slight tingly sensation. I would probably buy it again.

Pharmamed Melem with calendula
This is my favorite lip balm to have in house. It is really thick, moisturizing and it lasts really long on lips. I will buy it again, because it’s such a great product.

Balea “Born to be lazy” lip balm
I bought this one because of packing, but the lip balm is not moisturizing enough for me. I tried many Balea lip balms but non of them worked for me, so I think I won’t buy them ever again.

Tesori d’Oriente White Musk fragrance
This is beautiful fresh fragrance that I mainly used while I was in house. I don’t know why but I love to wear this one when I’m cozy, because it feels homely to me.

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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post. Did you try any of these products maybe? What is the last beauty item that you bought? What is your latest empty product? Thank you for reading. Have a great day! xx

22 thoughts on “Products I’ve used up – Empties #13

  1. I kinda freaked out when I wore this one it was such a weird experience. But I tried recently another sheet mask and really enjoyed it. I think it was due to texture of Essence one, it was just so slimy and weird. The one from dear Klairs had a nice texture while remaining soft and comfortable. xx

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  2. The Johnson baby oil is a classic product that I have always had at home since I was a baby. My latest empty is Glam Glow oxygen bubble mask. It has been my lifesaver this week. I have been going to shows at Fashion Week then going out later for the last three days. The mask invigorated my skin. xx 💋

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  3. Oh when you are wearing makeup for long period of time, mask is life saver something you just have to do to give your skin a little bit of life back. I heard that Glam Glow is the brand to go for when choosing a face mask. xx

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  4. I love looking at empties and just being like “yes I haven’t wasted anything!”. It’s a shame about that concealer, I hate when you find a makeup or skincare fave, fall in love and it’s discontinued xx

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  5. I used to love the baby oil, it definitely is a classic; haven’t used it in ages so will add it to my shopping list. Shame about Avon’s pore penetrating black mineral mask as I used to quite like their Clearskin range. Great selection of empties! x

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  6. I need to repurchase, but I’m waiting for the winter as I can go with normal body lotion right now. I usually love Avon Clearskin products, but lately I tried few that didn’t impress me too much. I need to re visit my old favorites from Clearskin definitely. xx

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