Staple pieces in my wardrobe – Back To Basics


Today I’m making fashion post, shock? I kinda stick to beauty on this blog mostly, but I’m trying to get more into fashion type of posts, because a lot of you said you would like me to do more fashion content. So, yeah I’ll try to make more fashion posts, especially outfit posts, because those are always fun to do. My style is really simple and easy, I’m really minimal type of person, which basically means that I don’t complicate to much with my style and fashion. I love basic colors, gray is my favorite color to wear. So, let me tell you more about my staple pieces. What I think everyone needs in their wardrobe, doesn’t matter which fashion style you have!

High waisted skinny jeans
This is something that I’m sure everyone has. The style of jeans you choose is related to your body shape, because not every single style looks good on everyone. I can’t wear those “push up” jeans, they make me look like Kim Kardashian (jokes), which is not a good look in my opinion. For my body shape, high waisted jeans are the best. Those are jeans I wear the most and always buy over and over. I usually buy Bershka jeans, because they suit me the best and they are pretty affordable.

Pale Blue Chambray shirt
I love chambray shirts. They look so nice on and they are really comfortable. Chambray shirt looks great with almost any outfit, I love it for casual days. It’s really nice piece to have, because it can easily elevate the outfit. I think that this is piece that never goes out of fashion, so investing in this piece is really good option in my opinion. I have 6 different versions of blue chambray shirt, so yeah it is definitely a staple.

Gray loose T shirt
You need some kind of loose T shirt. Which color you choose is all about you and your style, so I feel like it doesn’t need to be gray. But, I love gray so this type of T shirt is such a staple piece in my wardrobe. I wear gray T shirts almost every single day. I have about 10 of them and they are all different style and look different on. So yeah, this is one of the most important pieces in my wardrobe.


Black flowy trench coat
You need flowy trench coat because you can literally wear it in every single occasion. You have to choose one that goes well with casual outfits, but also can be easily dressed up with maybe heels and dress for a night out or some kind of special occasion. I found perfect one in Zara, I think that Zara is the best place to buy outwear because they have so many chic pieces. Investing in simple trench coat is important because you can really see the difference.

Black high waisted skirt
Again something high waisted, I love high waisted things gotta admit it. But, this type of piece is important because it can be dressed up and down. You can wear it for everyday with simple crop top and slippers maybe. Also, you can wear it for some kind of elegant occasion with heels and maybe nice silk blouse. This is such a staple piece for me and I think I have three different black high waisted skirts.



I hope you loved this post and maybe got some inspiration from it. Do you agree with my list? Do you have anything else to add? What is your number one piece in your wardrobe? Do you own all of these pieces in your wardrobe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


24 thoughts on “Staple pieces in my wardrobe – Back To Basics

  1. Beautiful post! I love high waisted jeans and paints because they give my derrière a lift. I too dress very minimal. Besides a little black dress a pair of cigarette pants are stylish for any occasion with a smart jacket. xx

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  2. I think some fashion staples are black skirt, top and dress. Black shoes too because you can wear it with every color and a nice hand bag that’s black and then you can build up from there. I don’t know how to make myself up but I find having a red lipstick seems to make quite a difference.

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  3. Yeah definitely, black and white as “colors” are always great choice for basics and staples in wardrobe. I like to keep a lot of basic items because they are super easy to style and they always look good. Makeup can definitely change whole look, especially intense lip color red or orange is always a good option. xx


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