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Wishtrend Black Friday Event – Save while shopping for new products


I made few posts already talking about Wishtrend and some of their products. I have few Dear, Klairs products that you can get on Wishtrend website so I though I’ll make a blog post where I’m going to tell you which products I use and like while they have their Black Friday event which is the best time to shop at

They are having up to 80% discounts and free international shipping at this event, so it’s definitely perfect time to shop if you wanted to try some of their products maybe and you love bargain shopping. Let’s be honest we all love to save while enjoying shopping for new things! This event will be happening from 19 – 28 November, so you still have plenty time to go on to the website and pick some products with discount. You also have chance to get some free gifts, so definitely check out wishtrend website for more information about entire event.

Wishtrend sells cruelty free products that are vegan, if you didn’t know already. Now I’m going to list reviews of some products that I already tried with short description of product in case you need some new skin care.


Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Pure Vitamin C Essence – Serum (REVIEW)
I have full review on this product, you can check it out here. Not only packing of this product is absolutely stunning and easy to use, this is one of the best products to treat acne scars. It calms skin down and help with over all redness on skin. I totally recommend it, I use it in my night time skin care routine and it’s been awesome.

You can get this product HERE. It’s 14.95 USD now (35% off).

Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream – REVIEW

Again packing of this one is on another level, it looks so pretty and expensive. This is incredible cream if you have super sensitive skin that is prone to redness and itching. I use it in my night time skin care routine and I’m almost out, so I’ll have to order another one. This cream goes a long way, you don’t need a lot for one application. It feels great on skin and it is so calming. I have full review on this one, give it a read here.

You can get this product HERE. It’s 15.93 USD (35% off).


Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask – REVIEW
You might know that I’m not a fan of sheet masks, because I think they feel super weird on skin but this one is really nice. I like that it is a sheet made from tencel gauze, so it is really comfortable on skin. This mask is great for adding extra hydration and calming skin, it’s great in winter time especially because it gives boost of hydration and it helps with dryness and skin sensitivity. You have full review on this one, check it out here. Also this one is pretty affordable, considering how high quality it is.

You can get this product HERE. It’s 1.95 USD (35% off).

I’m from MUGWORT mask
This is new product in my skin care routine and I have to say that I love it. I already used it three times and my skin is feeling great from it. It smells earthy, it’s strange scent but I don’t mind it actually. It is gelly texture, you apply it very easy and it actually contains pieces of wood in, which is so strange. This mask is great if you have a lot of acne scaring and your skin is very sensitive to products. It feels so calming on skin, I love to put this all over my face after a long day of wearing makeup. I feel like it deeply cleanses skin without drying out skin or making it feel dry and uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend it, it’s great face mask and I could see it working for every skin type.

You can get this product HERE. It’s 17.50 USD (50% off).

Disclaimer: I’m Wishtrend affiliate which means that links used in this post are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase some products using my links I get small commission out of the sale.



If you are interested what I might buy on this sale check out this wish list that I made far back. I’m still pretty much interested in these products.

Korean skin care wish list blog post

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe found it helpful if you were thinking to buy something from Wishtrend. I do have few of their products and I really enjoy them, I can recommend all of these that I included in blog post. Did you ever try some of these products? Do you usually shop at Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

6 thoughts on “Wishtrend Black Friday Event – Save while shopping for new products

  1. Oh I love that cream so much, especially right now when it is so cold. It helps my skin to fight with cold, polluted air and irritation. I’ll order another one because this one is almost empty. xx

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  2. I should definitely try this brand out, especially that serum cause I still have acne scars/spots and a bit of redness because of acne so I think I might like it!!

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