Ask me anything! – Q&A preparation


I think that this festive time is perfect time to do an Q&A post. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas I always get excited for this time of year because it is truly the best. I’m actually born on Christmas day, so maybe that’s why. But wanted to come here quickly to ask do you have any questions for me maybe. I’m planning to do Q&A post because I haven’t done one in long time. So If you have something to ask me, please do, nothing is off topic, you can literally ask anything. Also, if you have some blog post ideas, definitely let me know, because I need some Inspo! Thank you. xoxo

16 thoughts on “Ask me anything! – Q&A preparation

  1. Oooo I like Q&As! Are you posting the answers before Christmas/your birthday?
    I’d go for…
    – Do you have any gifts on your wish list this year?
    – Will you be doing New Year’s resolutions?
    – Did you like school when you were growing up?
    – What’s your favourite cartoon character?
    – If you had to change your name to anything you like, what would you choose?

    Caz xx

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  2. What is the best and worst thing about having your birthday on Christmas day?
    What are your ultimate goals for 2019 – blogging wise and in general life?
    What are your favourite festive posts to read or write?

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