My Tinder experience! – Is Tinder a place to find a good date?


I posted blog post where I was talking about how it is like being single in 2018 (here). I talked about dating scene and the whole experience of dating. But I haven’t really talked about how it is to find a date. I feel like it’s really hard to meet guys in coffee shops or bars, I basically never really meet people there. I don’t know is it me, or guys are shy nowadays but no one comes to talk to me literally. So finding someone new at those places is almost impossible. I do get guys looking at me while I’m with friend drinking coffee, but they never come over to talk to me. So I’m not really sure what is that about. I do get guys coming to talk to me in clubs, but that is mainly guys who want fun for night and I’m just not that type of a girl. I feel like this modern world made such a bad impact on meeting new people because you see people using their phone all the time. So when they are out drinking coffee with friends they are on their phone. Like seriously let that thing alone for an hour and chat to your friends.


So when I decided that I want to start dating again, I didn’t know where to actually meet guys. Some of my friends recommended dating apps, but I didn’t know many. I basically knew about Tinder because some Youtubers talked about it and how it is good for finding dates. If you didn’t know Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there and basically you can find someone to go on date with. I don’t know what I expected, but my experience with Tinder is really strange. Now is it me, or guys that are on Tinder but I had so many weird experiences. I have to say, I’m not impressed with Tinder, I basically had three dates from Tinder and all of them were terrible.

So I basically made a profile on Tinder, added few photos of me, all of them were selfies. I didn’t want to show my body on photos because I thought that would help me in finding someone decent. It will sound weird but my body attracts guys who only have one thing on their mind. I wanted to find someone for dating, not sex basically. I left my profile for few days, I didn’t search for anyone. Then after few days passed I went on Tinder and matched with few people. I had a lot of matches, like I was blown away. Most people after match don’t really reach out, which is fine, because I don’t do that also. But a lot of people reached out, so I had plenty guys to talk to.


Obviously I had so many sex messages, those are the most popular I suppose. I would say that most people on Tinder are looking for sex, it’s just like that. I was surprised with how many weird messages I got, people were offering me money for sex, offering threesomes, offering gifts, anything you wish for just to have sex with them. I also had few girls messaging me asking would I be interested in sex with a girl and things like that. Honestly I didn’t expect it would be like that, I legit thought that Tinder is “dating app”.

I meet one guy that was literally perfect. He was everything I looked for, I literally thought I find perfect guy. I had that weird “female” feeling that it is too good to be true, but I decided to ignore it. We chatted for two days and I wanted to meet him. So I said I’ll come to meet you, but he said he is busy with work. Long story short he turned out to be a complete psychopath. You already can imagine how it went, he basically send me a message saying that he was playing and blocked me. Honestly I don’t know what he got from that, he wasted time the same as I did. I wasn’t really hurt which is a good thing, I moved on just after I realize that he blocked me.


Other guys that I meet were pretty much basic. Most of them were looking for sex, I didn’t really find anyone that was date worthy. I did ended up scheduling some dates off Tinder, just to get something out of my time there. I scheduled dates with three guys and they were complete fail. Every single one of them was “overly excited” to meet me, so I basically spend my dates trying to protect myself from guys touching and kissing me.  So Tinder didn’t come through for me, not at all. I suppose it’s not a “dating site” for me. I wouldn’t call Tinder dating site honestly, I feel like it’s everything but not dating site. Isn’t a date going for drinks or dinner, not straight into bedroom? I don’t know, maybe I’m not familiar with trends or dating world in general. I did however meet a lot of foreign people and had pretty good chat with them though. So my time on Tinder wasn’t a complete waste. I did also meet some people that I could be great friends with, but most of them didn’t really want friendship. I feel like most people on Tinder know what they want and they go for it, which is fair enough I guess.

I did however find some good guys that I chat with regularly. I’m looking forward to meet them in future and hang around and talk. But I didn’t find a potential boyfriend material haha, not at all. But that’s fine, maybe Tinder was just not for me. Still I learned a lot from Tinder, I weirdly got to know myself better. I realized that I will never be “fun” girl that most of guys are looking for nowadays. I’m not going to delete my Tinder profile for a little bit, I’ll leave it, maybe I’ll find someone who deserves a date, who knows?



I wrote this blog post before I had successful date from Tinder, so I guess Tinder came through for me after all. It’s pretty similar to life I guess, you have to search for the right one, you’ll go through many weird people to come to the right one. So I meet a guy from Tinder that is really similar to me, we agree on so many levels, which is so strange. Just after you give up the search you find what you are looking for, that’s life I guess. So for all ladies out there that are dating, keep your spirit up, you never know when you are going to find perfect one! It could be on Tinder even, as crazy as that sounds! The whole process of dating is really challenging and hard, but you have to keep your spirit up and hope for the best! I’m in relationship with guy that I meet on Tinder now, so you really never know when you can meet someone great and where. Even though I had such a weird experience with Tinder it was worth at the end of day, I found a boyfriend that is really amazing and we enjoy each other company.


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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know it’s different, but I’m trying to include more lifestyle into this blog and share my opinion on some topics more. Also I’m trying to share some stories with you guys, because I really enjoy reading them on other blogs. Let me know did you ever use Tinder maybe? Are you familiar with dating apps? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

20 thoughts on “My Tinder experience! – Is Tinder a place to find a good date?

  1. Great post girl! Tinder can be a very soul destroying place with people who are only after one thing plus tinder dates are scary! Tinder helped me start messaging a guy I used to know from school and know we have been together a year and a half! Tinder is your 2018 version of a tea dance Xx

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  2. Oh yes definitely, I had only one great date from Tinder and it helped me find a guy that is great. So even though I had 3 weird dates, 4th one was worth all of these bad ones. Tinder is definitely a weird dating site, they should just change it to “casual sex” app haha. xx

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  3. Glad you found someone girl! I personally don’t like dating apps since you don’t know the person and its pretty random. It’s hard to find out their true intentions but it does click for some people. Happy it’s working out for you ❤️

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  4. It’s the same as if you would meet someone new in pub or coffee shop to me, only dating apps are kinda easier. Sometimes we have to do something new to find what we are looking for I suppose. Thank you girl. xx

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  5. Tinder is a no go for me. I tried it once and it was all about sex with a stranger and I was not comfortable with it. I reactivated my profile orecently and had the same encounter, needless to say, I deactivated my profile then….. Officially giving up.

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  6. Yeah, unfortunately it is like that. Most messages I got were also all sexual, many weird ones definitely. I deleted my profile also, because being on Tinder is definitely not a good idea haha. xx


  7. It worked out for me at the end actually, because I found great guy on Tinder. It took long to find him but I did. So couldn’t wait to actually delete Tinder, because I don’t want it in my life anymore ahah. xx

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  8. Oh yes, it was such a strange experience. But I’m glad I tried it, because now I can laugh at it, it is so weird. But totally worth at the end of day, because I found great guy. xx


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