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Drugstore makeup VS High end makeup – My opinion


I get a lot of questions about makeup that I use, also why I don’t really buy high end makeup. So I thought to do blog post where I’m going to explain all of that. What’s my opinion on high end makeup? Am I all about drugstore makeup? Let’s find out!

First I need to address that this is just my opinion, some of my thoughts and experiences. As some of you guys know I’m a student, which basically means I don’t have a lot of money. Also I work as a journalist and most of the money that I earn I spend on my studies. Also, in Bosnia makeup is really expensive. It’s of course about Bosnian economic situation, so take it like this. If something is affordable in USA, here it is usually twice or triple the price. So when you convert it like that you do realize that we spend a lot more here and salaries here aren’t impressive either. Bosnian standard of living is not even close to most European countries.


So that explains a little bit why I usually talk about drugstore makeup. But please bare in mind that “drugstore” here isn’t really affordable. The only makeup here that is affordable is Essence and Catrice, which is the reason I often talk about Essence and Catrice products. They are legit my favorite makeup brands, because quality is there and makeup is not that expensive. The prices of Loreal or Bourjois here are so high that we consider them something like high end makeup.

Also, we don’t really have big makeup stores where you can buy Too Faced, NARS, Hourglass etc. If we want those products we need to order online, which is just a pain in the ass. Most sites don’t ship here and also we need to pay additional amount of money if product is more expensive than 26$. I’m sure you understand everything better now. I would love to own more high end products of course, but I don’t mind it too much because I think you can make every makeup work.

I strongly believe that every single makeup products has potential doesn’t matter how “cheap” it is. I do believe that you pay for the name and packing when it comes to high end makeup. Of course sometimes higher end makeup products are more pigmented and formulation is different which is worth the price. But when you think about it there is dupe for everything especially in makeup. When it comes to skin care that’s different story. Expensive skin care does give better results, so if I need to spend more money on something skin care related than I would. I do believe that skin care products are not over priced as much as makeup products.


If you are good with makeup application, creative and smart you can make drugstore makeup look perfect on skin. You can legit make people think that you use expensive products even though it is “drugstore” makeup. So if you don’t have a lot of money, don’t worry you don’t need high end makeup to look good. Of course this is just my opinion, you can have different one.


So that’s everything from me today! I hope you enjoyed this chatty post. Let me know do you own a lot of high end makeup? What is your take on this topic? Is high end makeup really that good or is it about brand and packing most of the time? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

14 thoughts on “Drugstore makeup VS High end makeup – My opinion

  1. This is such an informative post. I have no idea that makeup there is that expensive. Here in Pakistan we also have to pay double & sometimes triple the amount but here we have online websites or pages those deals in authentic makeup. We have also some stores who carry international brands but prices are high. I use to get some of my makeup through relatives abroad.

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  2. That is so annoying, here is pretty much the same thing. We have few stores that sell luxury makeup, but it’s so expensive, I never feel like it’s right to spend so much on single makeup product. Also new realeses almost never come on time here, we get them 6-12 months later haha. I have only few high end makeup products, but maybe later in life I will have more, however I’m happy with drugstore makeup, it seems like quality is improving so much. xx

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  3. Great post! I completely agree with everything you said. It’s all about how you use it! There are some people who have the most expensive makeup products but no skill so if doesn’t look that great🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s interesting learning about what products you can access there, I thought there was more available to you 😲x

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  4. Oh yes, technique is the most important and choosing right products for skin tone and skin type. We don’t have a lot of makeup brands here unfortunately, but I hope that in future they will be available. Until then I buy those brands when I’m travelling, so it’s good. Thank you. xx

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  5. I had the same issue in Lebanon, drugstore makeup there is actually expensive :p and it is not easy to order from brands that you can find at Sephora so I totally feel you. I think drugstore is good and I am happy with the quality you get, I’ve never had a bad experience with drugstore makeup to be honest.

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  6. Usually everything I get from drugstore is pretty good and quality is there. I’m not mad that most of my makeup is from drugstore because it always looks good. I’m looking forward to expanding my collection with some more high end makeup. xx

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  7. Interesting and informative post! I think personally I have found that some products such as eyeshadow tend to be slightly better when they are from high end. However, I buy a mixture of drug store and high end products. I love Mac and revolution so a lot of my products are from those brands xx

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  8. Yes, I have the same opinion pretty much. It’s good to have mixture of different products and brands. I feel like drugstore products are getting better and better lately, I’m totally here for it. xx


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