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Why do some brands think that small bloggers are desperate?


I wanted to make this blog post for quite a while, but it is really sensitive topic to write about. Since starting my blog I had offers from many well known brands to make a blog post about their brand, but you really have to ask yourself is it worth it? If you are a small blogger do you really have to accept every collab that brands offer you? I’m not saying that I’m a big blogger, I mean obviously I’m not. But I had a lot of experience in blogging despite the fact that my blog isn’t big, so I decided to share it with you, who maybe don’t know these things.

When I started my blog I didn’t know anything about brands collaborations or PR. It took me 3 months of blogging to get my first ever collaboration blog post which to this day I remember because I learned a lot. That blog post was such a huge deal for me because I thought it was something amazing, I thought I made something in blogging world. Later I realized that all I did is promote their brand on my blog, gave them a little bit of exposure. What I got from them? Let’s just say I wasted about 6 hours making a blog post and writing a lot of emails. They didn’t do anything for me, I’m not saying they had to, but I mean they could at least share my blog post on their social media. Still, I’m glad that I did that “collab” because I saw the other side of blogging, where brands think that you can’t wait to work with them, just because you are a small blogger.

After that “collab” I really started to value my blog and my time more. If you are a small blogger you don’t have to work for popular brands and give them exposure if they are going to just use your blog. Most popular brands like to advertise on small blogs because they don’t pay for content, small bloggers have followers who read their content and trust their recommendations. When brands want to collaborate with big bloggers they have to pay them and send them products for free. I’m not saying that’s bad, but treat all bloggers the same. If we don’t have thousands of followers doesn’t mean we don’t put up good content and work hard on every single blog post.


I had many emails where brands want “collaboration”, but I know what they want now, because I learned from the experience. Since that first “collab” post I didn’t do any other, because you don’t get anything from it. I’m going to sound really harsh, but why would I waste my time making a blog post if the brand doesn’t do anything for me, or actually value that blog post? I do collaborations now when I get something for my work. We are talking about vouchers, payment or free products. I collaborate only with brands that I want my name to be associated with. If I don’t believe in the brand I don’t want to review their products or promote them on my blog.

I had many experiences where brands ask me for review about product, but they write what I have to say about product and include in a blog post. Let me be clear, I will never lie about something if I don’t like the product, I’m going to say it no matter did I get it for free, or bought it myself. Some brands really think that you are desperate to get product for free and that you’ll do anything they ask you. Let’s be clear, you are the one who makes rules, your blog – your rules. Don’t ever let the brand tell you what you have to write, because it’s not worth it!

Now I only work with brands that I respect and value. Don’t get me wrong I like getting PR, it’s amazing, but I don’t want to feel pressured to write about product if I don’t want to. The only PR that I accept is the one where brands don’t expect anything from me in return. What does that mean? I don’t have to write a review, to share products on my social media and I can do whatever I want with products. I think that whole experience of blogging though me a lot and I definitely know the other side of it! I’m not going to include names of brands that offer me “collaboration” because I don’t want to put anyone in spotlight, but let’s just say that there were many well known brands.



I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you learned something if you are not experienced with collabs and PR. Let me know what do you think about this blog post? Did you have any similar experiences maybe? Share them in comments, so we can all know about them! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

26 thoughts on “Why do some brands think that small bloggers are desperate?

  1. Hell, I’ve been blogging for five years now – and I still haven’t received any PR / collaboration offers. It was disheartening back when I was starting out, but now I’ve learned to capitalize on the fact that any Don Draper wannabe avoids my blog like the plague.

    I’ve become more honest and straightforward with what I write, and I explicitly reject any offers to do so. Standing your ground works wonders. 🙂

    To end this comment of mine: ever wondered why brands have become more brazen in “exploiting” neophyte bloggers? It’s because the market is oversaturated and small bloggers are a dime a dozen, so to speak. For every one sensible blogger that rejects PR offers, there are ten more looking for “exposure.”

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  2. I think this is a great post, I have yet to get involved in any part of this even though it has been a while now that I started my blog but I feel my blogging style has been so laid back and if anything just fun, I have not taken it seriously so far I believe, but great insight.

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  3. yeah, I’ve definitely gotten a LOT of really ridiculous requests from companies. doesn’t really feel like much of a collab when we have to pay for the product & do all the blog things as well! great that you’re talking so openly about an issue a lot of bloggers have! 💖

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  4. Can’t agree more with what you said here. The blogging community is so saturated and there is many bloggers that would do everything just to get free products. It is really important to be honest with readers and tell them how things really are, which is so hard to find these days. Thank you for sharing your opinion, I really appreciate it. xx

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  5. Blogging should be fun and enjoyable, if there is pressure doing it, then it’s not worth it. I feel like everyone should post what they feel like suits them, so it can be any topic or any sort of blog post, there would be someone who can relate and appreciate it. Thank you for checking my blog post. xx


  6. Oh yes, I get those offers on Instagram mostly. Some of those companies are absolutely crazy for thinking bloggers would do all that work for nothing basically. Thank you, it took me few weeks to finally post this blog post as it is really sensitive topic to write about. xx

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  7. Right, that’s what I roll with and once I thought about making it a regular work and it didn’t feel right to publish something just because “I had to”. Your blog is amazing!

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  8. Thank you so much. I understand what you mean, sometimes even most bloggers on wordpress have blog as a hobby, sometimes it’s stressful to upload regularly and make good content all the time. xx

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  9. Gosh, this is so true.

    Even though I’ve had fantastic collaborations opportunities which I’ve loved being a part of. However, on the other hand, I’ve been inundated by a few companies that demand payment for the items being sent (even postage!) which ends up costing more than the time itself in the name of collaborations.. (needless to say I always decline the offer).
    It’s such a fine line and I absolutely agree, collaborations need to be a two way process. Thank you for the insight hun, I’m so glad we’re talking about this issue xx

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  10. Yes, I had so many of those, it’s like are these people insane for thinking I would accept that. I had one company saying we will send you product for free, highlighting that word so many times in e mail. But they were so strict with rules what you have to say about the product, like you already tried it and had positive experience with the product. I think that many brands expect so much from small bloggers because they think we are so desperate for free products or collaborations. xx

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  11. It basically costs so much time, like it’s so hard to arrange decent collaboration sometimes. When good brand approaches, it should be easy, quick and simple to manage. But some brands are just so demanding, it gets too much quickly. xx

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  12. I totally agree with this. I only work with brands which I would actually use or would recommend. I also don’t believe in paying to collaborate (when brands give you 20% off to promote their product – if they want you to advertise they should supply!) fab post x

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  13. I absolutely second you hun, it’s just such a tricky situation to be in. I’m so glad us bloggers are being smart and not falling for such collabs that consume so much of our time and energy for nothing.. thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad we’re in it together ☺️ #bloggertribe xx

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  14. I totally agree! I used to honestly be desperate for any collabs – I mean I always give my honest opinion. Now I realize that it’s only really worth it if it’s a company I truly love so I’m not collaborating anymore unless I get an e-mail from a company I respect and love!

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  15. Thank you. I can’t agree more, it’s crazy when brands ask bloggers to review their product but don’t even want to send it, but offer discount. I just hate those “collab” offers, it seems like everything else but now collab between brand and blogger. xx

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  16. Yes definitely, I feel like every blogger went through that period, just wanting collaboration and attention from brands. But it seems like bloggers now really know which brands they should trust and which ones are just not worth it. I’m the same like you, I work only with brands I want my name associated with and brands that I love and trust in. xx


  17. I’ve actually never had any companies approach me to request a collab with me but I have been approached to blog about events such as the big malarkey festival. I’m glad you are talking about your experience I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise I don’t think xx

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