Hair care empties – Empties #16


If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I’m obsessed with hair care. I share on my Insta stories which products I’m using in hair care routine, how I maintain my hair so long, but perfectly healthy. So I decided to make separate empties post focusing only on hair care, because I have a lot of hair care empties.

Balea Professional Silber Glanz – silver shampoo – REVIEW
I already made full in depth review on this great affordable silver shampoo, check it out here. If you have blonde hair, highlights or balayage then this is a great shampoo to try. I already repurchased it, because it is truly that good. I definitely recommend it!

Nivea Brilliant Blonde shampoo
When I went more blonde with my balayage I got this shampoo to help my highlights to look nice. Let me just say that this one is just nothing special. I didn’t see any difference in my hair. I would not buy it again, because this is so basic. It didn’t even wash my hair well, I had to use a lot of product to make sure it will actually clean my hair. I don’t recommend it, I actually don’t think Nivea hair care is any good. I tried a lot of Nivea hair care products and none of them really impressed me.

Afrodita Cosmetics Hair Serum 10in1 – REVIEW
I did full review on this hair serum, so I won’t talk too much about it. I would probably buy it again as I enjoyed using it and I think it made my hair really nourished and soft to the touch. I liked to use this one mainly before I wash my hair. I would apply a lot of this oil in my hair and leave it for hour or so. It deeply nourishes and makes hair strong and healthy looking. I really enjoy Afrodita hair care products, I currently have a lot of them and I love all of them.

Afrodita Cosmetics Repair Treatement with keratin and argan oil
This is hair cream that is supposed to nourish and repair split ends and make hair soft and smooth. I really like this one actually. I usually use it before washing my hair to make like a repair treatment on my hair. You can use this one after you wash hair, but I always use too much and make my hair oily. So I usually use it before washing my hair and it works amazingly. I already repurchased it because this is an amazing hair treatment especially if you have thick hair.

Avon Naturals Strand Strenght detangling spray
I don’t really enjoy the scent of this product, but I got used to it quickly thankfully. This is great detangling spray and I already bought another one. It makes hair easy to brush out, makes it soft to the touch and smooth. I totally recommend it. Also, I feel like that this one adds a bit of hydration to hair which is always nice. It makes hair really soft which I always appreciate. This might become one of my favorite detangling sprays.


Avon Naturals Conditioning balm (almond and avocado)
This is hair treatment that you use after washing hair, pretty much the same like Afrodita repair treatment. I again used it before washing my hair, because I would always use too much and make my hair greasy. I didn’t really see any impressive results with this one, it is just fine. I probably won’t buy it again, but it is not expensive so I might pick it again in future as it is not bad.

Cameleo EXPRESS Keratin Conditioner
This is hair conditioner for extremely damaged hair. I like to buy products for extremely damaged hair even though mine is not like that at all, because they are usually super moisturizing. It is really important to make you hair nourished, because that way it won’t break easily. I liked this conditioner, it made my hair really soft and smooth. It is also nicely moisturizing and softening on hair which is always good. I would buy it again.

Le Petit Marseiliais conditioner with honey and shea milk
I like this line from Le Petit Marseiliais, it is really good. I have shampoo that I’m currently using from this like and it is amazing. This conditioner was amazing also, will definitely repurchase it. It is super hydrating which is something I always look for in hair conditioners.

Le Petit Marseiliais hair mask with honey and shea milk
As I already said this line is incredible. I like the mask also, it is super nourishing, smells great and it makes hair shiny, easy to manage and hydrated. I will definitely buy it again. It is thicker formula which is really like as it is super easy to apply on areas of hair that need extra hydration and care.

Balea Professional conditioner for strength and hydration
This conditioner was fine, but I didn’t see impressive results with it. I thought it would be super moisturizing, but it wasn’t. it gave just a little bit of moisture and it was just fine. I probably won’t buy it again, I think I would try some other line from Balea hair care section.

Balea dry shampoo Tropical Coconut
First of all this packing is so pretty, I love it. I love these Balea dry shampoos, they work great for my hair. I would totally recommend them, as these are the best dry shampoos I ever used. I already repurchased this one. They have another dry shampoo from this collection that is melon scented and I prefer that one as the scent is not as strong as this one. But I use them both as they are so great and not too expensive.

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That’s all for these hair care empties. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some products that you want to try maybe. What is your favorite hair care product? Do you have any recommendations, I would love to know them all. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

12 thoughts on “Hair care empties – Empties #16

  1. I like to share hair care as it is something I really like talking about. Le Petit Marseiliais is one of my favorite brands when it comes to hair care, unfortunately we have really small selection here, but I loved every single product that I’ve tried from them. xx

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