February ’19 Favorites


February passed by so quickly, I can’t even believe it. We are already in March and it’s time to talk about my beauty favorites from February. This month I have quite a random mix of beauty products, but these are things that I’ve been using a lot and I really enjoy them, so I had to share these things with you guys. I don’t have any skin care stuff, only one body cream, some makeup and some hair care products. I hope you enjoy this little beauty chat!

L’oreal NUDE MAGIQUE Cushion dewy glow foundation
I know I’m super late with this foundation, but I got it in September because I always wanted to try it but it was honestly too expensive in Bosnia. It went on pretty good sale so I took advantage of it and finally got it. I really like this foundation, but I have to admit price tag was just too much because in this foundation you only get 14.6 ml and usually foundation come in 30 ml bottles. So yes, this is really nice foundation I enjoy the finish of it, it’s very natural, glowy and light on skin. I’ve been using it so much past two months and I really enjoy it, but I feel like I’m going to ran out super quickly.

Essence Insta care lipstick (Daily maybe)
I love this lipstick so much. I don’t know if I can call this lipstick though because it feels like lip balm on lips. It is so easy to wear every day, it feels great on lips, it is super nourishing and protecting. Also this shade is really pretty, it’s a bit darker nude, but it works so well with my daily makeup looks. If you struggle with dry lips, I recommend you to try this lipstick, it’s so moisturizing.


Essence Glitter on Glitter off peel off nail polish – REVIEW
I already did review on this nail polish, check it out here. I like glitter nail polishes but I didn’t wear them a lot before because they are so hard to take off. Well if you are like that, then check out this new Essence glitter nail polishes because they are amazing. They last about week on nails, they look so pretty and after wear you can just peel the off. It is so easy and quick, I never thought that glitter nail polish can be so easy.

Tesori d’Oriente White Musk body cream
This is one of the best body creams that I ever tried and that is definitely a bold claim. I love the formula, scent and performance of this cream. It is so nice and smoothing on body, it’s quite thick but it absorbs really nicely into skin and moisturizes it so well. I love to use this one when I have night out or if I’m going to have outfit that will expose a bit of skin, because this cream makes skin super soft and smooth. Also the smell of cream lasts really well on skin, so it’s great one to use for special occasions. I have to say that I also love packing, I mean how cool it is that it comes in aluminium tub?

Balea spray in hair conditioner
Did you ever have hair conditioner in aerosol bottle? Well it’s my first one and even though I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one, it is actually a nice product. It is so easy and quick to use which I’m all about right now. I like the smell of this one, it makes hair really soft and glowy. You need to be careful not to overdo it, because it can definitely make hair oily. I always spray it into dry hair because that way I can control the amount of product that I feel like my hair needs. I feel like this one is formulated with some sort of oil, because it makes hair super silky and smooth. It is actually formulated with argan oil and you can definitely feel like there is oil that makes hair really smooth. They recommend to use this one after using dry shampoo to give hair nice glow and it definitely works like that, it makes hair so glowy and beautiful, it looks like you just washed it even though you have dry shampoo in hair.


Delia Cosmetics Cameleo Silver Shampoo
I’ve been looking for perfect purple shampoo for really long time. They are usually quite expensive in Bosnia and most of them don’t do anything for blonde hair. But this one even though it is affordable it works nicely. I usually apply this shampoo on my hair before I wet it in shower, I leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash of my hair and it nicely tones my blonde highlights. It takes away yellow tones and makes hair ashy. I do this every three weeks or so because if you use purple shampoo a lot it can damage and dry out your hair.

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? What are your favorites from February? Do you have anything nice to recommend me? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

18 thoughts on “February ’19 Favorites

  1. Thats a superb post. Just wanted to know that do cushion foundations suit combination skin ? I have a very oily T-Zone plus summers are almost on the way, how long does it usually last? Would you recommend one to me based on your own experience ?

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  2. Always enjoy reading your favorites because I get to read about different brands that I have not seen. Too many favorites to count for February, but my recent ♥️ is True Organic of Sweden “All You Need is Me balm” and “Sea Me Mask.” I posted a review for tomorrow. The balm has many uses, so its quite a savings. xx

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  3. I have combination skin with super oily T zone and chin area and it works for me. Obviously it is really important to use good mattifying setting powder on top to make it last longer. I do get a bit shiny after 6 hours or so, but I just add a little bit powder on top and it looks awesome. I would recommend cushion foundations because they are definitely unique to cream foundations. xx


  4. Very nice post! that essence nail polish looks nice, I like the color your have. I never tried any of Essence’s nail polishes, would you recommend them? besides this glittery one.

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  5. I had few of them, mostly the ones for strength of nails. Also I tried few base and top coats and all of them were great, I would definitely recommend you to try some of their nail polishes, they are really good. xx

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  6. They are still selling it here, but looks like it’s going to be discontinued as it is on sale right now. I’m mad because I already used it up, there is not enough product in cushion unfortunately. xxx

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