April ’19 Favorites


This month I have quite a few lovely favorites to share with you. There is few really nice makeup products, some skin care and one hair care product. April was really nice month for me actually, I really enjoyed it. We are getting into really lovely weather, which let’s be honest everyone loves warm and sunny weather. You feel happier, you have more energy and just everything seems better and easier to do. So let me tell you a little bit more about my favorites from April.

L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion Dewy Glow foundation
I love this foundation, it is perfect foundation for my makeup preference. I love light weight natural looking foundation that looks like skin. I’m a fan of natural base and whenever I find foundation that looks natural on skin it becomes my favorite. This one wasn’t affordable and it doesn’t last long at all. Also one more bad thing is that you don’t get a lot of product in this compact, it’s only 14.6 g which doesn’t last long at all. Mine is completely used up and I don’t think I used it every day this month, because I don’t wear makeup every day. I won’t repurchase it as it is expensive and maybe you get 2 weeks of use every day which is really bad compared to normal liquid foundation.

Catrice Light Correcting Serum primer (Candlelight) – REVIEW
I already did full review on this primer, check it out here. I really like this primer with L’oreal foundation. It works so well, because foundation is really light and it lets primer to shine through it. It is basically perfect pair for dewy glowy natural looking base. So if you have dry skin, I think that these two would work amazingly for you. I have oily combination skin, but I still love this because I like glowy makeup.


Pupa Luminys baked all over illuminating blush (02)
This illuminating blush is just perfect blush color for daily wear. It is neutral for any makeup look, so you don’t have to worry does it look good with your lipstick or eye shadow look. Also it has a lot of shimmer which gives beautifully glowy cheeks, which is the look I’ve been enjoying so much lately. Also it blends so well that it is super easy to apply and it always looks good.

Catrice Lash//Brow Designer eye brow gel – REVIEW
This one is really great for my brows. It is really light weigh transparent gel that you don’t see in brows but it holds them in place really well. You can also keep it in bag for touch ups, because it doesn’t build up in brows and you can apply it few times a day and brows still look perfect. I would recommend this one to anyone that has messy brows. I did full review on this one, check it out here.

I love this mask. I think I’ll do proper full review on this one where I’m going to share my opinion and experience with this mask, but it’s great one to try if you have problematic skin. I love to use this one when I have a lot of break outs, because it nicely calms down the skin. Also it helps to get rid of spots and redness so well. The only thing is that I don’t like the smell too much, but I can handle it.


Avène Eau Thermale – Thermal Spring water – REVIEW
I did proper full review on this spray, I’ll link it here. I usually keep this one in my bag, because it is easy to carry as this is small bottle. It is so refreshing and it works great to keep makeup looking fresh all day long. I’m all for face sprays, you already know that so this one is really great one. I mean it is basic thermal water and for that this one is quite expensive, but I really like how small this bottle is and it lives in my hand bag so I can refresh during day.

Avon Naturals Strand Strength detangling spray (apricot and shea butter)
I have super long and thick hair, so product like this is a must for me. I do have Wet brush (review) which makes brushing my hair easier, but sometimes I need more help so I need this spray with me. This one definitely helps to brush out hair easier, it also makes hair really soft and smooth. I don’t like the scent a lot, but I kinda got used to it so it doesn’t bother me as much. I like that it helps me to brush out my hair easier, so the scent is not the most important.


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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know some of your favorites from April! Did you try some of my favorites from April maybe? Do you want to get some of these products? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

8 thoughts on “April ’19 Favorites

  1. Very nice post, I love the photos that you took, they look nice!! I am happy because Catrice is now available in Canada [at the drugstore] so I am very excited to finally try the brand!!

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  2. Oh that’s so exciting. They took so long, but glad that they are finally in Canada. I’m sure you’ll like a lot of their products, they are my favorite makeup brand. xx


  3. Heard so many great things about Mario Badescu face spray, but we can’t get it here. I’m waiting to go travelling to buy it. Avene one is pure thermal water, so it’s really nice and good for skin. xx

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  4. I want to try that L’oreal foundation so bad but I can’t find it anywhere and apparently they’re discontinuing it?? I’m so sad?? It seems like the perfect foundation pff. Love your other favorites though! Xx

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  5. It’s really nice, glowy light weight foundation. But I ran out so quickly, I just don’t understand how it is empty after barely 2 weeks of use. They still sell it here thought, they have in full in stock. Maybe they are re packing or something like that. You can try any Korean cushion foundation, they are all pretty much the same in texture and performance. xx

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