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If you have big makeup collection then you know that every now and then you have to declutter some things. To me getting rid of makeup is really hard, so for me declutters aren’t easy. But this time I decided I need to get rid of few things that I don’t use any more and that I probably won’t use in next few months.

Essence Correct to Perfect cc concealer palette – REVIEW
I did full review on this palette, I’ll link it here. There is nothing wrong with this palette, I like the formula and the way it works but I never color correct. I feel like it is just unnecessary step that I’m just too lazy to do. I got this in PR when color correcting was a huge trend and I used it few times, but I know I won’t reach for it a lot.

Catrice Re touch anti red and anti dark circle concealers – REVIEW
Again, products for color correcting. I did full review on these, check it out here if you are interested. Again, I just never use these. I forgot that I have them and never really reach for them, so they are wasted in my collection.

Alverde Concealer (Naturelle)
I bought this concealer for those “no makeup” days and I thought that more natural brand would be perfect for that. But the formula of this concealer is just bad. It doesn’t blend nicely, it is super sticky and tacky and just gross. I basically wasted my money buying this one when I could buy Catrice camouflage concealer (review) for the same amount of money I bought Alverde one. I regret this purchase so much!


Essence Metal CHROME blush (My name is gold rosé gold) – REVIEW
I did full review on this blush, I’ll link it here. I usually used this as a blush topper and it worked well that way, because this blush is not pigmented enough and it has so much gold shimmer in it. But one time I wore it without any base blush, so I suppose I added too much without paying attention. My boyfriend told me that my cheeks look silvery and not nice. He usually compliments my makeup, but that day he said it wasn’t good. I used it again just to see if he was right and boy, my cheeks were definitely glittery and silvery. I don’t want this in my collection anymore, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake of having bad cheeks. I suppose this is just a blush topper, but I don’t have time to use two blushes every time I do my makeup.

Avon Eye dimensions eye shadow (Neutral haze)
I had this in my collection for far to long. The formula totally changed, so it is just too old. I liked pinky shade in this palette and I’m really mad I didn’t use it more as it is so pretty. But that’s problem when you have too much makeup, you forget about good things you already have.

Essence eye shadow (Rosy happiness)
I like this eye shadow, but I just never use it. Packing broke which makes me not use it at all and it’s just time to let it go. It’s pretty shade, I just wish it is a bit more pigmented and more shimmery, so I could use it all over the lid.

L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Top Coat (Glitter) – REVIEW
Again, product that is not bad, I just never use it. This is something fun to use, but for me it just seems pointless. I got it from friend and actually it is one of my first reviews on the blog, check it out here. Since getting it I might used this about five times, so it’s time to let it go.


Essence “Wood you love me?” eye shadow & highlighter palette
It’s so hard for me to let go of limited edition products and this one is just so pretty. Packing as always with every Essence limited edition is fun and interesting, so it makes me want to keep it even though I never use it. I did makeup look with this palette once, check it here. It’s not bad quality wise, but I just never reach for it, so I need to give it away.

Essence liquid lipstick (Make a statement)
I had this for so long, I even forgot it was in my collection. I thought I threw it away long time ago, but somehow it’s still in my collection. I liked this formula, it’s basically very pigmented lip gloss, so it worked for me, but I’m throwing it away as it is old.

Essence I want candy scented lip gloss palette – REVIEW

This was in first PR Package I got from Essence actually, so it was really hard to say bye to this one. I actually might keep it just for sentimental values, but seriously is that even normal? I like this product, it smells nice, formula is good, but I just never reach for it. So it’s basically wasted in my collection as I never really use it. When I first got it I used it a lot, but now I have so many other lip glosses that this palette doesn’t excite me anymore. I have full review on this palette, check it out here.

Essence Ultra last instant color lipstick (SO UN – GREY – TFULL) – REVIEW
I did full review on this lipstick, check it out here. I mean this is cool shade, some people really love these type of shades and can rock them, but me, not at all. This makes me look sick, I tried to make it work few times, but it’s not working out. I think I’ll give this away to my friend, as she loves these type of shades. Formula is fine, there is nothing wrong about it. It works fine, it’s nice non drying lipstick, but this shade is just not for me.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you declutter your makeup collection often? I definitely should do it more often, but it is just so hard! This time, I feel like I got rid of enough products, but next time I definitely want to get rid of more. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


16 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter

  1. I should definitely start decluttering cause I have too many expired and empty makeup products 😛 That essence highlighting palette looks so cute!!

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  2. that liquid lipstick is such a pretty shade ❤️ i totally feel ya on having a hard time decluttering makeup! but i always love posts like these & it was cool to hear all your thoughts 🙌🏻

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  3. Declutter is always needed. When you constantly buy and try new makeup, old makeup that you don’t use needs to go to make room for new products. I’ll definitely declutter again in fall time, because by then I’ll have so much new makeup. xx


  4. It’s definitely something that we should do twice a year, especially because of old makeup that we keep. I try to do it often, but sometimes it’s so hard to throw makeup away. xx

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  5. I get addicted to these videos on yt, when I see how much makeup some girls have. I was definitely inspired by yt videos to declutter some makeup from my collection. Thank you for reading. xx

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  6. I actually did a little mini declutter today! I keep a lot of products which I don’t like just to use up which I don’t end up doing so today I did get rid off some things which is hard because you spent quite some money on them but you won’t get it back from letting them lay around.
    I really liked that you talked about the products you got rid off and share the products you don’t love so I don’t have to test them out first 😉 xx

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  7. Oh I know the struggle of trying to use up products which you don’t like just to get money worth out of them. I hate when I buy expensive product and it doesn’t work for me, because that is such a waste of money. But declutter every now and then is more than needed, it totally refreshes life. xx

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  8. Even though its really hard, I love decluttering. It just feels so good to let go of things you don’t use, like such an achievement. I didn’t like the Wood You Love Me eyeshadow palette or the color correcting palette. I do however LOVE the liquid lippy (even though its glossy) and I’m so sad they discontinued it. I’m on my last bit of a nude brown shade that is my absolute fav. It’s not in stores anymore so I can’t get it again. So bummed. The formula is so nice!

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  9. I see why you didn’t like Wood you love me palette, I mainly used highlight shade as it worked for my skin tones. Eye shadows in palette are just ok, a bit tricky to work with, I think I only used light brown shade and highlighter from palette. I’m also sad about these glosses/liquid lipsticks. The formula is so nice and it lasts really well on lips. xx

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