Trying Wallet on chain trend – Outfit post


I finally got around to do outfit post. I know you guys want to see more fashion content on the blog and I enjoy doing it, but sometimes it’s so hard to prepare outfit posts. I bought professional camera for outfit posts mainly, but that one is so heavy to carry around, so I never want to carry it with me when I go out. Also, it’s a bit awkward to ask someone to take photos of you, especially if they aren’t familiar with professional cameras and how they work.

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My best friend is always there for me and she doesn’t mind taking time of her schedule to take some photos of me and help me make outfit post. So, I visited her in Germany and we decided to do outfit post in one lovely small street with beautiful background. That is also one of annoying things about doing outfit post, you need to find nice background that goes nicely with outfit, but it’s not too intense. So this lovely small street was perfect, because it’s all in pastel colors and it wasn’t busy at all so it was easy to take photos.

Now let’s talk a little bit about outfit. This is something I feel super comfortable in, it’s simple, but I really like this outfit. I’m all for body con skirts, they flatter my figure so well, so it’s definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe. I got this one in thrift store and it was such a good find. It was basically new, amazing condition and it is such a good quality. The brand name is Lisa Campione, I never heard of it or tried their clothes, but it’s really good quality. I paired it with soft pink crop top that I got from New Yorker last summer. These type of T shirts are must have in every wardrobe, because they are easy to pair with high wasited things, that I have many of.


The shoes that I’m wearing are vintage. I got them so long ago, I don’t remember brand name but these are such an amazing quality. I think I had them for eight years now, which is crazy as I wear them every summer and they still look amazing. I really hope to find shoes like these again, because they are so easy to style and they are super comfortable. Denim jacket is from Stradivarious, current collection, I’ll link it in case you want to check it out.

Wallet on chain trend is something I wanted to try for really long time, but I could never find perfect one. I found this one in Carpisa which is literally my favorite store ever, I always shop there. I love that this one is in wearable nude/beige color that literally goes with everything. This is such an easy way to accesorisse your outfit without doing too much. I’ll link some options of wallet on chain in case you want to get something similar to this one as this one is not available any more.


Denim Jacket – Stradivarious – HERE
Top – New Yorker/FB Sister – SIMILAR HERE
Skirt – Lisa Campione – SIMILAR HERE
Bag – Carpisa (Wallet on chain) – SIMILAR HERE + HERE



That’s all from me today. I hope you liked this outfit and post! Let me know what is your go to outfit when you want to be comfortable, but still stylish. I’m definitely all for high waisted body con skirts paired with simple crop top. Let me know would you wear outfit like this maybe? Do you like to wear skirts? What is your fashion style? Mine is definitely simple chic, I like simple clothing but I always add chic accessory! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

26 thoughts on “Trying Wallet on chain trend – Outfit post

  1. Hi there,

    Your outfit and your personality seem fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful girl in beautiful outfits. You have a pretty good fashion sense. What would it be your look with Pewter charms on your outfit?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. Accessories and jewelry always adds special pop to every outfit. I like simple colors and looks, so I always make outfit nice and special with accessories. xx


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