May ’19 Favorites


It’s time for new monthly favorites. Today I have few amazing products to share with you, some makeup and some hair care products. Whenever I make favorites post you can be sure that I do use these products a lot during the month and that they are great quality.

ZIAJA Phyto Aktiv face toner
I really like to use toner in my skin care routine. I feel like it is such an important step in routine, because it can do wonders for skin. I always go for soothing toners that won’t dry out my skin and that will feel calming. This one from ZIAJA is very nice, it is super gentle but hydrating at the same time. It wasn’t expensive at all actually and I would definitely buy it again. I use this in my day and night time skin care routine.


Le Petit Marseiliais Nutrition shampoo
This is my favorite line from Le Petit Marseiliais, it is super hydrating and nourishing. If you have dry hair I would recommend you to try this line, they have shampoo, conditioner and amazing hair mask in this line. I usually wash my hair twice a week, so I like to use nourishing shampoo once a week to give hydration to my hair. I have blonde highlights so I use purple shampoo quite a lot, so it is really important to use hydrating shampoo sometimes as well. I totally recommend this one, it is so good.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Color conditioner
This is really nice hair conditioner that gives hydration and softness to hair. This is the only Dove hair care product that I tried so far and it makes me really want to try more, but unfortunately Dove hair care is not available here. This one is kind of basic conditioner that just gives hydration and makes hair soft to the touch. Still I do enjoy it a lot and I feel like it is staple hair care product to have.


Artdeco eye shadow (30) – REVIEW

This eye shadow is so beautiful, honestly it is my most worn eye shadow that I have in my collection. It works on every possible occasion, it is beautiful, pigmented and easy to wear. I usually use this one all over the lid and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is like rose gold shade that looks beautiful on green eyes, so it’s definitely a favorite. I did separate blog post where I shared few Artdeco products that I got, check it out here.

Essence Camouflage + Healthy Glow concealer – REVIEW
I really like this concealer. It is so easy to blend out, it works with every foundation that I own. Also it is really important to me that this one is not drying or cakey looking. You can make it look very natural on skin if you blend it out with beauty blender or some sort of blending sponge. For me it has really good coverage and I don’t need to layer it. But for people that have really dark under eyes, you might need to wear two layers if one is not enough. I did full review on this concealer, check it out here.

Flormar Cream Caramel lip balm SPF 15
I got this lip balm in hope that would be moisturizing enough for my lips and good enough for daily wear. I was so happy to try this one as it is absolutely amazing. It is super soft and creamy, but pigmentation is so on point that you don’t have to wear lipstick on top of this lip balm. The shade is a bit weird as it is very warm nude with orange under tone. I know that sounds a bit gross, but trust me it looks great on lips. I wore this every single time I wore makeup this month and I really want to get more of these, maybe different shades. Also it smells like caramel which is not bad in my opinion.


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That’s all from me today for this favorites post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what were your beauty favorites of May? Did you try some new products this month maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


21 thoughts on “May ’19 Favorites

  1. Great choices! I did not know Le Petit Marseiliais had a shampoo! My favorites this month is Filorga eye cream, Doctor Rogers cleanser, and healing balm, Derma Doctor vitamin C serum, and MF People, cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, and mask. xx

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  2. They just came out with a new coconut line. I love their hair care, can’t wait to try more of their products. Oh I need to check all of the products you mentioned to see would they work for me. xx

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  3. Aw I hadn’t realised Dove hair stuff isn’t available there, that’s such a shame because I think their shampoos & conditioners are really good. Nice round-up of some interesting products, I love the sound of the caramel scented lip balm, yum! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. I really hope they will be available here, because I like trying different hair products and Dove is one of my all time favorite brands. Caramel lip balm is life changing, scent is just yummy. xx


  5. Amazing favorites!! Never heard of the brand Ziaja but the toner seems very nice and gentle. I think it would be perfect for when I have dry skin

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  6. It is so nice, I will definitely buy it again in winter time. Ziaja is Polish brand so it’s unfortunately only available in Europe I think. Maybe you can find them somewhere online though. Thank you. xx

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  7. I love them as a brand. I don’t like that they don’t have a lot of products here, it’s mainly hair care which is good also. This Moisturizing line is my favorite by them, such a great quality. xx


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