Styling white bodycon dress – Outfit post


I’m back with another outfit post. I really enjoy making outfit posts, but as I said in my previous one it is really hard to get it all set up. You have to find good background where is not busy and where people don’t really walk a lot. You don’t want to keep people waiting for you to take photo or just trying to take photos when it’s extremely busy. Me and my fried were visiting local garden in Heidelberg/Germany and decided to take few photos. As the park was super busy with people we took few photos in skate park where we found cool graffiti back ground that goes nicely with my simple outfit.

I have to say I’m really excited for summer because I want to wear more dresses. I’m getting tired of jeans as I basically live in them the rest of the year. I was never girly enough for dresses, I didn’t like them when I was a kid, even now I really need to find perfect one to feel good in it. Now this dress is totally my style and something I love to wear. I like body con dresses as they flatter my body shape so well. This one is white which I really want to wear more white because I think it looks so clean and pretty. But keeping white clothes from getting stains is so hard, you always have to watch where you sit and be careful to keep it as white as possible.


This dress is from Zara and it’s such a nice quality. It is basically very thick knitted dress which does look nice on body. It’s part of Zara Knit line and I have it in size S. Even though it is size S it’s a bit big on me, but it looks fine which is the most important. I paired it with the same denim jacket from previous outfit post (here). Denim jacket is from Stradivarious and it is oversized denim jacket which are super trendy right now. I wore one of my favorite bags ever. When I first bought this bag I wasn’t sure will I wear it enough to justify the price. But it is so worth the money as I wear it all the time. It’s Penelope and Monica Cruz Mini Princess bag in black.

Shoes are also from Zara, leather flats that are in this poping orange color. It’s such a fun color to add something fun to simple outfit. I want to try more of this color especially in clothing, because I find it is so beautiful especially when it’s paired with neutral colors. My jewelry is super minimal, I basically have my every day gold necklace and studs that I wear 90% of time.


Denim Jacket – Stradivarius – SOLD OUT (SIMILAR STYLE)
Dress – Zara Knit – SIMILAR HERE
Shoes – Zara Basics Collection – SIMILAR HERE
Bag – Penelope & Monica Cruz Mini Princess bag – SOLD OUT

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That’s all from me for today. I hope you liked this blog post. What do you think about my outfit? Would you wear something like this? What is your favorite style of dresses? Do you like figure hugging dresses or flowy long dresses? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

18 thoughts on “Styling white bodycon dress – Outfit post

  1. Love your outfit 😍 You look stunning! Pairing the dress with a denim jacket was a good idea. To answer your questions: my favourite type of dresses are skater dresses although I’d be lying if I said I wore them a lot (they’re living it up in my wardrobe 😂). I think I like a bit of both in terms of figure hugging dresses and flowy long dresses. Great post! 💖

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  2. ♥️ you look stunning! Yes, I would wear that dress in a heart beat. I like body con dresses with sneakers and a nice jacket. If I am going somewhere nice I like to pair them with Blahnik nude heels, and an elegant sports jacket, or Chanel looking one. Great post to read. Thanks for sharing. xx

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  3. Thank you so much. I can’t remember the last time I wore skater dress, they are definitely somewhere in my closet. I need to give them a go again, they are so casual and easy to wear especially with nice Converse or any sneakers. You have to be definitely in mood to wear a dress, I don’t have that mood often definitely haha. xx

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  4. I still haven’t wore this one with my favorite sneakers, I’ll definitely do that soon, I feel like it would be such a great outfit. I love your second option as well, nice nude heels are always a good option. Thank you so much. xx

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  5. You’re right about it being tricky getting places for photos but you chose a good spot, and the graffiti wall is interesting. The dress looks fab on you! I hadn’t realised Penelope and Monica Cruz had a range of bags, but it’s good that it turned out to be a worthwhile investment (I have too many bags that I loved at the time but weren’t practical or too useful to get worn much). xx

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  6. Thank you so much. It’s always a bit awkward taking photos in public, especially because people sometimes stare. I’m definitely a bag person, I have so many of them. Some of them I don’t use a lot and I’m sad that they were expensive, but some are such a great piece that works with every outfit. Thank you for reading the post. xx


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