June ’19 Favorites


New favorites post is here. I like doing these posts, it’s great way to recommend great products every month and really see what kind of products you like to use on daily basis. I buy a lot of makeup and beauty products in general, so this is great way to actually see what kind of products work for my skin and my lifestyle in general. I have few makeup products to recommend and some skin care bits.

Essence Mosaic Blush – REVIEW

I had this blush for some time and I always use it in summer time just because it is really shimmery. The shade of this one is “Kissed by the Sun” and it definitely gives that effect on skin. It is super glowy so if you don’t like those type of blushes, then this one is not a good option. I personally don’t mind them especially in summer. I like really minimal and glowy makeup in summer time so this blush is perfect for that look. I did full review on this blush, so if you are interested in that check it out here.

Rimmel The Only one lipstick (Peachy Beachy)

I got this lipstick in spring time and I couldn’t wait for summer so I can wear this one every day. It is beautiful bright coral shade that looks stunning on lips. I like to do really minimal makeup with just pop of color on the lips during summer time and this lipstick is perfect for that. It does have quite a strong scent, but I personally don’t mind it. Lipstick is creamy, but if you pat it with finger it looks mat on lips. I really enjoy Rimmel lipsticks (review), I have four of them by now and love them all.


Catrice eye shadow STIX (Satinfaction)
I love this for inner corners and brow bone highlight. It is perfect shade that brightens eyes and make them appear bigger. Also I like to use this one on cupid bow as highlight as it is super long lasting. Usually normal highlighters don’t last there, but this one as it is water proof it lasts really long. If you are looking for a good long lasting eye shadow this one is definitely a great option.

Balea Pool Party water spray – REVIEW
I got few of these water sprays by Balea last year because I thought that they were discontinued. This is basically water spray in aerosol bottle so it is super refreshing, fine mist on skin. I use these on my face, body, hair literally everywhere when I feel hot and need refreshment. This one smells so good, it’s definitely summer appropriate scent as it reminds me of summer cocktails. Also the packing is super pretty, I love it. They still sell just regular water spray so if you want to buy it you can, it is super affordable. I really recommend these, I hope they will come out with new scents. I reviewed Balea Aqua spray, so if you want to read it click here. If you don’t like products that have fragrance in them then don’t buy these, get just regular water spray.


Green Line Clear Active cleansing foam for all skin types
As it is super hot right now I need good cleansing product so it takes off makeup well and cleanses skin deeply. This one is good, I like to use it. Honestly it’s nothing special, but I do use it twice a day and it gets job done. It works fine in removing makeup which is really important to me. Also it is gentle on skin, so it doesn’t give that tight feeling after you use it. Even though I don’t see visible results with this one it is still a good product and works well for my skin.

Balea hand cream
I needed a new light hand cream, because no matter which season my hands can get dry so having a nice hand cream is a must for me. I got this one in DM as it was affordable and looked interesting. It works great, it doesn’t leave sticky feeling after you use it, it is light and it absorbs instantly. Great hand cream for summer time as it is not heavy and sticky. Also it smells really nice which is always a plus.


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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know which products you used the most during June? Did you try some new beauty products this month? Did you try some of products that I talked about today? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


6 thoughts on “June ’19 Favorites

  1. Catrice eye shadow STIX is going on my list to buy as I really like those highlights to make eyes appear bigger and less tired. I used m/f people super face scrub to keep dark spots at bay for summer. Great list!! ♥️ xx

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