UPDATE – What’s going on in my life?


Today I’ll update you about my life a little bit. I promised to do this type of post every few months, so I can talk about my life and how is blog doing! We are in summer now and honestly the weather has been so on and off. One day it’s super warm and sunny and the other is raining and it’s cold like in fall time. Even though the weather has been so strange, I’m trying to enjoy my days and just living my life the best way possible.

First I’ll give you few updates about blog. I’m managing to keep my schedule of posting two times a week. I like it this way, because blog is active and it gets traffic. The views dropped a little bit, but that happens in summer time, because people focus more on their life and enjoying weather, then checking what’s up with online world. I’m still getting a lot of traffic from search engines, so blog is doing really well. I’m thinking to upgrade soon, buy a domain and have blog all for myself, but it’s definitely a big step, so I’m still thinking about it. I’m just scared if something goes wrong.


I’ve been doing project pan and I have really enjoyed it for the past 6 months. But I’m a bit tired of it, so I came up with new concept that I’m enjoying more. Every month I pick makeup that I’m going to use for that month and put it in basket that I keep on top of my vanity. I pick full face of makeup, sometimes I’ll have multiply blushes, highlighters or any other products, but the idea is to use all of those products in rotation for the full month. This way I’m actually rotating products in my collection and I’m getting the use out of every product. When you have big collection of makeup, things get forgotten easily and you are not getting the use out of them. This is great way to actually get the use of your makeup and you are not tired of using the same products over and over again.

I’ve visited my friend in Germany in May. Me and my friend Edina had such a great time visiting Germany and having good girly time. I never been to Germany before so for me it was such a fun experience. I did two outfit posts while I was in Germany. One of them was “Trying wallet on chain trend” and “Styling white body con dress”. I have few more posts that we did when I was in Germany, I’ll post them after this update post. I enjoyed travelling so much, but I was so tired when I came home, it took me few days to get back to my usual self. We literally wanted to visit as many places as possible, so we didn’t have any chill time at all. So I suppose we got tired after so much walking and not getting proper rest.


I’m single again. I broke up relationship when I got back from Germany, it was just not healthy relationship anymore. It got to the point that I was miserable because I couldn’t help him and thinking about it now, he didn’t want my help. He deals with a mood changes all the time and it got to the point that it was hurting my own mental health. I’m sad that we didn’t work out because we were great couple, we never argued or fight, because we think alike and have the same plans for future and life. I really thought that he will be the first guy that I’ll truly love and be in love with, but it didn’t happen. Good thing is that I’m not dealing with a lot of emotions, relationship never got to the point that I fell in love, which would make this whole thing of “getting over ex” a lot harder. I don’t want to bring all the issues of relationship here, it just didn’t work out and I’m moving forward with my life.

As I’m single for about 2 months now, I went on few dates already. I’m not looking for relationship at this point, it’s just too soon. But I want to hang out with new guys and maybe I’ll meet someone great, you never know. I actually went on few dates with one guy, he’s something special. I definitely think that we could have great relationship, but we are taking things slow. He knows that I’m “fresh” out of one relationship, so he respects my idea of needing more time. However, he’s really hot and I definitely fancy him, so we’ll see how long I’ll actually be single haha. I’ll definitely give you an update about my “love” life in next update post, so you’ll know did me and this guy worked out.


As I travelled to Germany recently, I’m not really eager to go anywhere else this summer. I might take a quick trip to sea side in Bosnia, or travel to Croatia as it is close. I love summer time next to a sea, chilling, relaxing and having a great time you know. I love swimming, it brings me so much joy, so I definitely wanna go for few days and just do a lot of swimming.

I’ve been struggling with my mood swings lately, it obviously has to do with break up a little bit. It’s nothing serious, it’s not as bad as I experienced in my teen years. It can be also because of my hormones, they’ve been at high lately. I’m keeping myself busy and really trying to keep positive. I re watched “90 day fiancée – before the 90 days” show and it’s really fun and entertaining. It really helped me to think positive and just get to my usual self. Also Beyoncé – Lemonade, do I need to say anything more? It’s perfect album to get over someone and forgive him. I don’t want to be mad at anyone in my life because that just drives negativity to me and I don’t want that. I love myself far too much to hurt myself with negative thoughts and emotions.


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That would be everything for today. I hope you enjoyed this update post. I try to keep these posts short, but sometimes my chatty self takes over and post gets a bit long. But I hope you enjoyed and had fun while reading. Let me know what is happening in your life? How are you doing? Are you enjoying summer so far? Do you have any travel plans for this summer? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

18 thoughts on “UPDATE – What’s going on in my life?

  1. It’s amazing that your blog is doing well, I really love what you post, you definitely deserve it!! I get less views in the summer time as well. I am very sorry about your relationship 😦 I hope it works out with that new hot guy you fancy :p

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  2. Love your update posts, it’s always so nice to get a lil glimpse under the hood of your blog 🙂 Sorry to hear about your relationship; although it sounds like it was for the best, it’s never easy when you have to say goodbye to people….although the new hot guy sounds good 😉 I also find my blog views decrease over summer – glad your search engine views are doing well! xxx

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  3. Great update. Sorry to hear about your relationship, if it’s not working out it is for the best to take a break form things. But being single can be really fun, you can find you again x

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  4. Love update posts! So sorry to hear about your breakup 😦 Glad you’re taking it positively and moving on by focusing on yourself. Glad you got to explore Germany as it is such a beautiful place to visit esp in the summer. Croatia sounds exciting, nothing to beat a relaxing time in the summer at the beach. Hope things get much better for you girl ❤️

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  5. I love the rotating makeup idea, and I probably need to try it because my makeup collection is pretty huge and it’s constantly growing due to my multiple makeup subscriptions lol. When it comes to the relationship though, it’s for the best that you broke it off when you did. The longer you wait to end a toxic relationship, the more difficult and toxic it becomes. You WILL find the right guy for you a lot easier if you don’t waste your time and emotions on unhealthy relationships, so good for you. You did the right thing for the both of you.

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  6. Yay, happy to hear the blog is doing well! 😍 Thats a good idea to rotate products in your collection, so you get use of every product. I am sorry to hear about your break up. However, you seem to have a healthy outlook, which is good. xx

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  7. Thank you so much. Summer time is definitely not the best time for blogging, but still it’s pretty good. Sometimes relationships don’t work out, but who knows for what that’s good. We are going on another date, so I hope it will work out perfectly :). xx

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  8. We never know what the ending of one relationship can be good for. Maybe this new guy will change my life completely, who knows haha. Summer time is not the best for blogging definitely, I think that a lot of people don’t have free time to check blogs. Thank you so much for the support. xx


  9. Thank you. I definitely agree, if it’s not working, it’s better to end it. I love being single, it’s great when you do things you want and you don’t have to worry about what you bf wants. xx

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  10. Thank you. Break ups happen, I always say you never know where life takes you, so if break up had to happen, it’s for the better things. Loved Germany, it was such a great time. I always go to Croatia in summer time, just because I need vitamin sea every summer haha. Thank you. xx

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  11. Oh, it’s great idea if you have big makeup collection. It really helps with using products more often and I also discovered some old favorites that I completely forgot about. I love buying makeup so every month I have new products in my collection, but this way I get enough use of all of my collection. About relationship, my thoughts exactly. I thought about waiting, but it definitely didn’t look like a good option. When relationship gets toxic, there is no point in making it better, because it’s a waste of time and energy. Thank you so much for the support. xx


  12. Thank you so much. This rotating idea of makeup is so good, I’m so happy I started doing it. I always feel bad how much makeup I have, but this way I feel like I’m using every single product in my collection. About relationship, it was right thing to do and I’m happy I did it. It would probably be harder to do if I waited few more months. xx

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  13. Okay first of all I’m glad your blog is doing so well! It’s exciting that you are thinking of upgrading it as well 😊 glad you enjoyed Germany! Travelling is the best even if it makes you tired sometimes. Sorry about your relationship. I hope it works out with the hot new guy you like 🤗 xx

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  14. I’m definitely super happy about blog right now, even though summer is not the best time for blogging. Germany was such a joy and I hope I’ll go back to it soon. Sometimes relationships don’t work out, but we have to think positive and move on. Thank you. xx


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