Styling dress and top in one outfit – Outfit post


Did you ever combined dress and top in one outfit. I actually do this a lot. I think it makes dresses more wearable and it’s so good, because you can wear one dress plenty times but still have different outfit. I especially like to do this with longer dresses where I just put loose crop top on top and it looks like I have longer body con skirt with simple crop top on. If you never tried this definitely give it a go because it can make your outfit so much better. Dress that I’m wearing in this outfit post is actually really simple and casual, but this top makes it much more interesting.

When I was in Germany visiting my friend we went to few different cities to see more places and feel the atmosphere. One of those cities is Frankfurt. These photos are from Frankfurt and I decided to make these next to river Main where you can see beautiful buildings and just scenery is so nice. When we were in Frankfurt it was so sunny and hot, so a lot of photos didn’t turned out well because of the intense Sun light. I definitely needed sun glasses, but I didn’t bring any (story of my life). Obviously we visited many places in Frankfurt but those photos you’ll see on my Instagram feed (here), so make sure to check it out.


Let’s talk a little bit about this outfit. I decided to wear this casual and super comfortable Tally Weijl dress that I got years ago. It is simple every day cotton dress in beautiful and wearable grey color. When we traveled to Frankfurt it was pretty gloomy and cold, so I needed to put something on top of this dress so I have more layers. When we got there it was already sunny and warm, so I definitely didn’t need this top on, but hey it works as a cool outfit. Dress has thicker straps and it’s low on front, so it shows more skin. This way you can be more covered so it works for more occasions.

Top that I have on is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I actually already included this top in one of my outfit posts already, check it out here. I got this one from Zara and it’s probably my favorite Zara piece ever. It is so cool and different and you can style it so many ways. It is just one of those pieces that works and it’s always stylish. I’m usually very casual and basic person, so this print is my way to make outfit more interesting. I love how it has different textures, it has a bit of glitter, I love the cut, I’m just in love with this top still even though I wore it so much already. I wore my favorite shoes in my collection, so the same shoes from “Trying wallet on chain outfit post” (here).


I had pretty simple jewelry on. I wore my every day gold simple necklace with gold heart pendant on. I also wore gold small hoops, but you can’t really see them because of my hair. Also I wore my every day watch and rose gold bangle. It’s Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch. I wore my furry black backpack from Kylie and Kendall Jenner. I needed to wear this one because it fits my camera and obviously we needed it to take good quality photos. I hate carrying camera when I’m travelling as it is heavy and honestly after a day of carrying camera your hands hurt so much.

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Outfit details:
Dress – Tally Weijl – SIMILAR HERE
Top – Zara W/B Collection – Couldn’t find anything similar
Shoes – Vintage
Backpack – Kendal & Kylie Jenner for Carpisa – SIMILAR HERE
Watch – Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield – HERE

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this outfit blog post. Let me know do you like this outfit? Is it something you could see yourself wearing? Did you ever combine dress with top in same outfit? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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