Visiting Heidelberg Castle + Comfortable Sporty Outfit post


Today I’ll tell you more about my visit to Heidelberg Castle and let you know which is my favorite outfit to wear when I need to be comfortable and when I know that I’ll be walking a lot. I visited my friend that is currently in Heidelberg and she said that I need to see the castle. So that’s what we did on Sunday. There were a lot of tourists obviously and it was such a fun experience. Castle is huge, super old, but still beautiful.

I won’t be talking about historical aspect of castle, I’ll link Wikipedia page that has a lot of information about it, so if you want to know more about the castle click here. I really enjoyed the visit, it was nice day. It was very windy, but Sun was shining which is the most important. We wanted to have cute little picnic in garden, but the night before it was raining so much so ground was very wet. Even though we couldn’t have picnic we spend a lot of time around castle taking photos, sitting in park and enjoying the sunshine.


Now, let’s move to outfit portion of this post. Whenever I’m travelling I like to wear workout leggings. First of all they are thicker material, so they look so much better on than regular leggings. Second, they are extremely comfortable and they look really good on. Mine are also high waisted which is honestly the best thing ever. I got these from Caliope workout range last year and it was such a good purchase as I always travel in these. I bought the size XS because these are super stretchy, so always go size down in workout leggings. I wore stripy red and white T shirt, because it goes nicely with trainers. This one is from Zara Trafaluc line. I have literally so many T shirts just because they are super comfortable to wear.

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Trainers that I wore are from Nike. This is my favorite style of trainers, I just think they look so nice and chic. I got them 2 years ago and they still look great, because I don’t wear them a lot actually. They are not the most comfortable trainers, but they look good which kinda makes up for it. They are Nike Air Max Thea Premium trainers in University Red shade. I had on my Kendall & Kylie Jenner black furry back pack as it is casual outfit. I also wore Stradivarious denim jacket as it was pretty windy.

Outfit details:
Denim Jacket – Stradivarious – SOLD OUT
Top – Zara Trafaluc
Leggings – Caliope Active
Trainers – Nike Air Max Thea Premium (University Red) – HERE
Bag – Kendal & Kylie Jenner Furry black backpack – SOLD OUT


That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what is your go to comfortable and easy outfit? Do you like to wear workout leggings when travelling? What is your favorite style of trainers? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


24 thoughts on “Visiting Heidelberg Castle + Comfortable Sporty Outfit post

  1. ♥️ cute outfit! I love packing 2-3 pairs of leggings for trips because they take up less space in your luggage than jeans and they are all so comfy. My go to outfit is jeans t shirt and nice sneakers as I feel most comfortable. I am obsessed with castles!! Thanks for sharing. xx

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