Rimmel Lasting Soft Color Blush „Santa Rose“ review/recenzija


This is probably the blush that everyone heard about. This is the most popular shade from Rimmel blush collection. It is favorite by a lot of people. So of course I wanted to try it for myself. This is the only blush that I own from Rimmel, I don’t think I’ll be buying more just because I have a lot of blushes. So let’s start with this review.

Ovo je rumenilo za koje su svi definitivno čuli. Ovo je već kultni beauty proizvod i favorit mnogih blogera. Meni je ovo prvo rumenilo iz Rimmela i mislim da neću kupovati više, jer već imam mnogo rumenila u kolekciji.

So packing is really simple and compact. It’s really small and perfect to have on the go in makeup bag. I really like that pattern of this blush is like a British flag, it looks so nice. You get 4 g of product or 0.14 oz. They claim that this blush is natural sheer finish, long lasting and smudge resistant.

Pakiranje je vrlo jednostavno i kompaktno. Vrlo je malo pa je idealno za putovanja. Sviđa mi se da je u rumenilu utisnut motiv Britanske zastave, vrlo simpatično izgleda. Dobijete 4 grama proizvoda. Rimmel tvrdi da ovo rumenilo daje prirodni završetak, traje dugo i ne skida se lako.


This is pretty sheer blush which is good for a lot of people. That means it is pretty hard to go overboard with this blush. You can build it up, but it takes some time. It is pretty long lasting, it stays on like my whole makeup. I don’t have any problem with it disappearing on my skin. I can’t really agree with “smudge resistant” claim. If you touch your face it can pick up this blush and make it look patchy. But as I use setting spray every day, it’s not really a problem for me because it sets my whole makeup so I don’t have problems with makeup smudging.

Ovo rumenilo nije previše pigmentovano, što je dobro za većinu ljudi. To znači da je teško pretjerati sa rumenilom. Možete nadograditi boju ako nanesete više slojeva, ali to opet zahtjeva malo više vremena. Traje dosta dugo, bukvalno sve vrijeme dok nosite makeup. Što se tiče tvrdnje da ga ne možete ukloniti prstima ako se dotaknete po licu, tu se ne slažem. Ako slučajno dodirnete lice možete ukloniti nešto rumenila, pri čemu će izgledati neujednačeno. Međutim ako nosite fiksator šminke ne biste trebali imati taj problem.


The color of this blush is super pretty. It is that perfect peachy shade that goes with every single makeup look. This is probably perfect every day blush just because you don’t really have to worry is it too much, does it go with your eye shadow or lipstick color. Also as it’s not super pigmented you can’t put too much and then spend ages trying to blend it out. This is not a mat blush, it does have some silver shimmer in it which looks really pretty on skin. It doesn’t look shimmery, it just gives that pretty glow. I love to combine this blush with a lot of bronzer because it makes that sun kissed look even prettier.

Boja ovog rumenila je vrlo lijepa i nosiva. Ovo je jedno od onih narandžastih rumenila koji idu sa svakim makeup look-om. Ovo je idealno rumenilo za svaki dan jer će se slagati sa svakim look-om. Također pošto ovo rumenilo nije previše pigmentovano, znači da nećete pretjerati. Ovo nije mat rumenilo, definitivno ima malo šljokica u sebi. Na licu samo daje sjaj, ne možete vidjeti šljokice. Moj omiljeni način da nosim ovo rumenilo je u kombinaciji sa dosta bronzera za savršeni „Sun kissed look“.

I think that this shade is really universal and pretty. I think it is worth buying, because it is really affordable and easy to use. I do recommend it, because I think it is pretty hard to find perfect peachy color blush in drugstore. It is really similar to the Essence Mosaic Blush in shade Kissed by the Sun (review), so if you have that one you don’t need Rimmel blush also. The only difference is that Essence blush is more glowy, but the effect on skin is really similar.

Mislim da je ovo rumenilo vrijedno kupovanja, jer je izuzetno nosivo i lagano za kombinovanje sa ostatkom makeup-a. Ja ga definitivno preporučujem ako ga već niste probali. Efekat koji daje je sličan efektu Essence Mosaic rumenila u nijansi „Kissed by the Sun“ (recenzija). Jedina razlika je u tome da Essence rumenilo daje više sjaja.



That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this review. Let me know did you try this blush before? Do you have any other blush shade from Rimmel that you love? What is your favorite product from Rimmel? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

To je sve od mene za danas. Nadam se da ste uživali u ovoj recenziji. Recite mi da li ste probali ovo rumenilo prije? Da li imate omiljeno rumenilo? Da li ste probali neka druga rumenila iz Rimmel-ove ponude možda? Hvala vam na čitanju. Želim vam lijep dan! xx

12 thoughts on “Rimmel Lasting Soft Color Blush „Santa Rose“ review/recenzija

  1. Such a pretty shade of blush. I actually love shimmery blushes. I feel like it looks more natural on the skin. I wish more people would talk about Rimmel. They used to but it almost seems as if people aren’t interested anymore. Such a shame. Loved reading your review though! xx

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  2. That is a pretty peachy shade and I think it would be perfect for the everyday no makeup makeup look. Def good for the summer to give it a nice glow. I haven’t tried much Rimmel products but I guess this looks promising. Awesome review girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, this is the only product by Rimmel besides lipsticks that I own. They don’t come up with interesting products anymore unfortunately. Today I wanted to get their “Wake me up” foundation, but shade range is so bad here, I couldn’t find any shade that can match me even right now when I’m tanned. xx

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  4. I didn’t try many products by Rimmel also, I just have few of their lipsticks and this blush currently. Would love to try some foundations, but shade range here is really bad, so I can’t find anything that would match me. Thank you. xx

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